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Demeter and Persephone. Alice Chiu. Activity One: Role Plays (Based on the Reading) Activity Two: Greek Myths and Everyday Speech Role Plays. Olympic Gods. Cast in the story (1/2). Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. Persephone, Demeter’s daughter.

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  • Activity One:Role Plays (Based on the Reading)

  • Activity Two:Greek Myths and Everyday Speech

Cast in the story 1 2 l.jpg
Cast in the story (1/2)

Demeter, the goddessof the harvest

Persephone, Demeter’s daughter

Hades, the god of the underworld; Persephone’s husband

Cast in the story 2 2 l.jpg
Cast in the story (2/2)

Zeus, the ruler of all the gods

Apollo, the god of the sun

People are talking about demeter l.jpg
People are talking about Demeter

  • Two farmers are standing by their fields. They are grateful when they see Demeter walking in the distance. One farmer describes Demeter, saying, “________.” The other agrees and replies, “________.” They wave at Demeter and yell loudly together, “________!”

Hades and persephone l.jpg
Hades and Persephone

  • Hades, the god of the underworld, was riding over the earth. Suddenly, he saw Persephone. He was attracted by her and acclaimed, “________.” Then he fell in love with her at first sight. He asked Persephone, “________?” Not wanting to leave her beloved Mom, Persephone said, “________.”

Persephone in the underworld l.jpg
Persephone in the underworld

  • After taken into the underworld in Hades’s chariot, Persephone was _____ and _____ all the time. The underworld was like a great cave that went on forever, all _____ and _____. Persephone cried very often and she made a wish every day, “________.”

Persephone and apollo l.jpg
Persephone and Apollo

  • After losing Persephone, Demeter raised a cry of alarm. She loved her daughter so much that she said, “________.” She searched and searched for Persephone, but in vain. One day, she met Apollo, the god of the sun. She asked him, “________?” Apollo gave her the answer, “________.” Demeter became very sad.

Zeus demeter and hades l.jpg
Zeus, Demeter and Hades

  • When Zeus, the ruler of all the gods, saw Demeter become so depressed and the earth cold and bare, he told Demeter, “________.” Demeter was happier, and then she said, “________.” She hoped that she could get her daughter back as soon as possible. Zeus also gave an order to Hades, saying, “________.” Loving Persephone so much, Hades answered, “________.”

Hades and persephone12 l.jpg
Hades and Persephone

  • Then Hades had an idea, he gave Persephone a _____ fruit. He lied to her and said “________.” Persephone believed Hades and ate part of the fruit. Soon she realized the trick and said to Hades “________.” No matter how angry she was, she had to stay in the underworld with him for part of the year.

Demeter and persephone13 l.jpg
Demeter and Persephone

  • When Persephone returns from Hades, Demeter was very _____. She makes spring come and flowers bloom. She tells her daughter, “________.” Persephone is happy to see her mother, but she tells her, “________.” Feeling sad, Demeter says, “When you are not with me, ________.” This is why the earth is cold during the winter.

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End of Activity One

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The Greek Myths and Everyday Speech

Phrases from the myths l.jpg
Phrases from the Myths

  • Are the Greek myths relevant today? Consider the extent to which characters from Greek mythology appear in everyday speech.

  • Resources: Windows to the Universe,

This is a herculean task l.jpg
This is a Herculean task.(艱鉅的任務)

  • A huge or heroic task is said to be Herculean. This is in honor of the Greek mythological hero Hercules.

This is a sisyphean task l.jpg
This is a Sisyphean task.(無效的任務)

  • This term is named for Sisyphus, who paid eternally for his crimes by rolling a rock uphill. Every time it reached the top, it rolled back down again and Sisyphus had to start over.

He s got a midas touch l.jpg
He’s got a Midas touch.(他能夠點石成金。)

  • This means that the person has the gift of profiting from whatever he does. Midas was a legendary king, who had the power to transmute whatever he touched into gold.

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That sure is a titanic ship.


  • Something huge in size or power is said to be titanic. The Titansare 12 divine children of sky and earth in Greek mythology, with great size, strength, intellect, importance, etc.

That is a procrustean effort l.jpg
That is a Procrustean effort.(削足適履)

  • A Procrustean effort forces evidence into a theory when it doesn’t fit, just as Procrustes violently adjusted his prisoners to fit their bed.

An atlas is a book of maps l.jpg
An Atlasis a book of maps.(地圖集)

  • A book of maps gets its name from Atlas, the Titan who supported the heavens on his shoulders.

He s got my achilles heel l.jpg
He’s got my Achilles’ heel.(他抓到我的致命傷。)

  • An Achilles’ heel is a small fault or weakness in a person or system that can result in its failure. The Greek warrior Achilleshad been magically protected in all except that part of his body.

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End of Activity Two

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