u s foreign policy through the great war n.
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Annexation of Hawaii

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Annexation of Hawaii - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. Foreign Policy through the Great War. Annexation of Hawaii. Quick Write.

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quick write
Quick Write

Why did the United States transition from isolationism to internationalism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? What were the effects of this transition on the nation? After reading primary and secondary source documents on late nineteenth and early twentieth century domestic and foreign policies, write an essay that examines the causes of U.S. internationalism and explains the effects on the United States. What conclusions or implications can you draw? Support you discussion with evidence from the texts.

  • Write your first reactions to the task prompt
  • Add some notes of things you know about this issue.
  • Turn to your “shoulder partner” and discuss your answers
  • Turn to your “face partner” and discuss your “shoulder partner’s” answers
  • Be prepared to share your group discussion with the whole class
annexation of hawaii
Annexation of Hawaii
  • Read and annotate the documents
  • Look for:
    • Economic importance of Hawaii
    • Military importance of Hawaii
    • American businessmen and missionaries in Hawaii
    • Pearl Harbor Naval Base
    • Deposing of Queen Liliuokalani
    • Congressional action resulting in Hawaii’s becoming an American territory
what drives one nation to conquer another
What drives one nation to conquer another?
  • Discuss this question with your face partner
  • Turn to your shoulder partner and discuss you face partner’s answers
  • Be prepared to share your group discussion with the class