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Welcome to China

Welcome to China

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Welcome to China

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  1. Welcome to China

  2. Where is China? This is China We live here, in the United Kingdom
  3. Some of the countries surrounding China include India, Thailand and Japan
  4. Visiting China If you wanted to visit China, how do you think you would travel to get there? How long do you think it would take? The flight from England to China would take 10-11 hours.
  5. The Chinese Flag The red colour symbolises revolution. The big star represents communist party (which rules China) and the smaller stars represent the people of China.
  6. China Facts In China, the colour red symbolises joy and good fortune. Red will be seen when celebrating special occasions in China. What colour do brides wear in England? Can you guess what colour they might wear in China?
  7. Chinese New Year Do you know when we celebrate the New Year in England? How do you celebrate it? Chinese New Year is on a different date each year, but is normally in January or February. This year, it was held on the 3rd February and it is the year of the rabbit.
  8. Chinese Food Chinese food is very popular in England. Have you tried some? What is your favourite?
  9. People in China do not use a knife and fork to eat. Do you know what they use?
  10. Religion in China China is a country with a great variety of religious beliefs. The four main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Chinese Folk Religions
  11. Religion In ChinaThis pie chart shows you the different religions in Hong Kong. Which is the most popular religion?
  12. The Great Wall of China What do you know about the great Wall of China?
  13. The Great Wall of China facts It was built over 2000 years ago by the first Chinese Emperor , Qin Shi Huangdi, to stop people from invading China.
  14. More facts He built it using slave labour. Peasants, criminals and captured enemies were made to build the wall. They were not paid for their work. It was a dangerous job. Rocks fell on people. Some died of exhaustion and disease. There is an old Chinese saying, "Each stone in the wall represents a life lost in the wall's construction.
  15. Building of the wall continued for thousands of years after the first emperor’s death. The Great wall of China is now 6400 kilometers (4000miles) long It would take about 8 months to walk along the entire wall.
  16. It is so big, it can even be seen from space
  17. Looking After the Wall The Great Wall of China is becoming shorter and shorter day by day due to the natural erosion and human activity. People should stop taking bricks from the wall for private use, stop cutting through the wall to build other things and stop dropping litter along the wall
  18. Building The Great Wall of Upshire We are going to build a great wall. Each child will make one brick, which tells us what is special about them. We will put all our bricks together to make a wall.
  19. Take a walk along the great wall
  20. Pop QuizTest your knowledge Who first started building the great Wall of China? The First Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdon. Why was it built? To stop armies invading from other countries. Which people worked on building the great wall? Criminals, peasants and captured enemies.