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Down to Earth Gardening & Removal PowerPoint Presentation
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Down to Earth Gardening & Removal

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Down to Earth Gardening & Removal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Down to Earth Gardening & Removal
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  1. Down to Earth Gardening & Removal Initial client action plan By diana maclean

  2. Benchmarking Hire the Gardener Landscape Maintenance & Snow Removal

  3. Benchmarking Trevor Smith Landscapes

  4. Benchmarking Christine’s Touch Gardening Ltd.

  5. Analysis of Benchmarking So far I’ve noticed that the bigger landscape/gardening company websites are focused on the finished product and getting the job done right, and do have useful tips for visitors/potential clients. The smaller companies have a focus on personal, friendly service while neglecting to include a gift economy for their clients/visitors. Gift Economy would be a huge stickiness feature for this line of work, it seems there are not many companies who have taken advantage of this idea, and if they have they haven’t done it in a very appealing, natural way.

  6. Deliverables • Produce and Validate Code • Graphics • Photos/Gallery (before & after?) • Horizontal 6 item menu system • Prototypes • “Green” gift economy tips section

  7. Communication Plan Keep in touch with Client by phone and email, always following up with a summary email. Speak with the same person regarding all site development plans etc. and cc any other parties.

  8. Implementing Changes to the Project Refer to the statement of scope first, if there is an item that needs to added, discuss with client about duration creep and increase in budget, or discuss the option of finishing the project as planned, and then adding any other changes within a secondary project, once the first one is completed. Notify all stakeholders of any changes by cc’ing them in an email.

  9. Charter Down to Earth Gardening has the perfect opportunity to position themselves as a company that provides a tailored, personal gardening service while being productive, knowledgeable, and geared for “green” solutions (natural, chemical free) whenever possible. Striking the right balance between a results focused site and a friendly-service focused site while providing a gift economy might be difficult to achieve without trying to look like its shooting for too many angles. This might be even more challenging if the client insists on making ex. beautiful gardens the one main focus. Potential clients are all around, looking for new landscape/gardening/snow removal companies to replace their existing one that they are not happy with. Potential clients can also be new to the neighborhood and are looking for an environmentally conscious company to maintain their gardens. This is the right time for Down to Earth to get their name out there in time for spring clean ups and planting, and promote the company with the website during the winter to garner future clients.

  10. Statement of Scope

  11. Statement of Work • Produce code • Validate code • Design: Template Page layouts Menu layout Colour Font Banner Firt Footer Research: Benchmarking & Analysis Edit: Photos & Images

  12. Work Flow Protocol I will work in a 2-phase spiral model. Duration: 6 weeks TOT: 60 hours

  13. Work Breakdown Study

  14. Work Breakdown Study (cont.)

  15. Risk Management

  16. Risk Management (cont.)

  17. Budget

  18. Budget (cont)

  19. Budget (cont.)

  20. The End!