Unicef involvement in psm case of ethiopia
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UNICEF involvement in PSM – Case of Ethiopia. PSM Consultants Briefing Seminar. Copenhagen 30 Jan. – 2 Feb. 2005. Overview. History of UNICEF involvement in PSM UNICEF capacity for PSM assistance Challenges faced by partner counties Nature of UNICEF assistance

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Unicef involvement in psm case of ethiopia l.jpg

UNICEF involvement in PSM – Case of Ethiopia

PSM Consultants Briefing Seminar


30 Jan. – 2 Feb. 2005

Overview l.jpg

  • History of UNICEF involvement in PSM

  • UNICEF capacity for PSM assistance

  • Challenges faced by partner counties

  • Nature of UNICEF assistance

  • Impact of UNICEF assistance

  • Critical success factors

  • Remaining challenges

Unicef supplies l.jpg
UNICEF Supplies

  • UNICEF procures vaccines for 40 per cent of children in developing countries (2.5 billion doses a year)

  • UNICEF is the world’s largest buyer of mosquito nets (15 million nets in 2005)

  • UNICEF procures New ACTs - effective medicines against malaria ($7.6m in 2005)

Unicef supplies5 l.jpg
UNICEF Supplies

  • UNICEF has procured 40 million packets of Oral Rehydration Salts in 2005

  • UNICEF currently delivers antiretroviral medicines to 44 countries ($33.5 million in 2005)

  • During 2005, UNICEF reached around $7.7 million worth of test kits.

Slide6 l.jpg

UNICEF Supplies

  • During 2005, UNICEF played key role in emergencies

  • UNICEF has stock of ARVs in Copenhagen for emergencies.

Role of unicef supply division l.jpg

Oversee UNICEF’s global procurement and logistics operation.

Ensure that high quality, good value supplies reach children and their families quickly.

Maintain the highest ethical standards for procurement.

Provide technical support to UNICEF offices and Procurement Services customers globally.

Share procurement know-how with development partners.

Innovate to find ever-better supply solutions for children.

Role of UNICEF Supply Division

Country office presence l.jpg
Country Office Presence

  • Active Procurement activities in support of Governments and NGOs

  • In-country logistics, for all commodities

  • Capacity building in programming and supply management

  • Partnership building

Slide9 l.jpg

UNICEF partner

constraints in PSM

The supply management framework12 l.jpg
The Supply Management Framework

Location of constraints

in the Supply Cycle

  • Definition of Responsibilities

  • Identification of Coordination

  • Mechanisms

  • Integration of Existing

  • Institutions & Programs

Selection l e



Case of ethiopia l.jpg
Case of Ethiopia

  • Long procurement lead time (average 84 weeks)

  • Forex transfer difficulties

  • Serious constraints in distribution system

  • Preparedness of treatment sites

  • Limited HR capacity

General characteristics l.jpg
General Characteristics

  • Inaccurate quantification information due to poor LMIS

  • Non optimum drug availability => waste and expiration

  • Non-systematic inventory control management systems

  • Inadequate storage facilities

  • Limited transport for distribution of drugs

  • Non-optimum demand for commodities

Ethiopia unicef involvement l.jpg
Ethiopia UNICEF Involvement

  • Procurement services

  • Forex “transfer facilitation”

  • Overhaul of in-country logistics system (in process)

  • Assistance with commodity distribution

  • Technical Assistance to FMOH in logistics management

Slide16 l.jpg

Ethiopia UNICEF Involvement

Product quality, batch no,

Shelf life monitoring,

Environ. control, etc


Registration, Quality &

Order verification

Selection, Quantification

Suppliers, Quality Monitoring

Delivery Times



Usage Evaluation

Slide17 l.jpg


support making a difference

Performance delivery of products l.jpg
Performance – Delivery of Products

Results for ethiopia l.jpg
Results for Ethiopia

  • More than 3 million treatments of Artemether-Lumefantrine to all regions of Ethiopia

  • Forecasting & procurement– 600,000 P. falciparum malaria cases to be treated in 2005-6

  • Largest distribution of ITNs in Ethiopian history (3.5m nets)

  • 1.8m RDTs distributed in 2005

  • $ 6 m ARV procured and delivered in 6 mths

  • System overhaul

Critical success factors l.jpg
Critical success factors

  • Technical expertise within the procurement team

  • Country specific intervention

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Interpersonal and inter-institutional working relationship

  • Communication and information sharing: SD-CO; CO-MOH; partner-partner

  • Clear plan for in-country logistics

  • Periodic review of PSM plans

Remaining challenges l.jpg
Remaining challenges

  • Human resource shortages

  • Weak health system and capacity in procurement

  • Capacity building plan for in country logistics

  • Hands on PSM support

  • Financing mechanisms