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Southeast Asian Literature PowerPoint Presentation
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Southeast Asian Literature

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Southeast Asian Literature
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Southeast Asian Literature

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    Slide 1:Southeast Asian Literature

    Philippines, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thailand, Burma, Laos

    Slide 2:Introductions Role of Literature in the community that reads them Different Genres Themes Highlights from the different countries

    Slide 3:Topics of Discussion

    Roles Literature is Education Literature is Hope Literature is a subversive act

    Slide 4:Literature is Hope

    Even in hopelessness there is hope (Prof. Grant Olson) Poem (Burma) Lets Go to Tahiti Short Story (Vietnamese) To Live Novel (Philippines) Noli Me Tangere Writers hope to bring the spirit of reform into all spheres of life

    Slide 5:Literature is Education

    Living History Gives a voice to the people Conveys quality of life Geography - Rural vs. Urban Shows people land and relate to it

    Slide 6:Demonstrate in Culture Shows how complex everything is Pictures ethnic conflict

    Slide 7:Literature is Education

    Explores relationship between Men and Women and identifies gender role Political Power and its corruption

    Slide 8:Literature is a Subversive Act

    A medium for change Writers and Readers alike join in the act Promotes Social Responsibility and Social Consciousness

    Slide 9:Genres

    Traditional Oral Literature- Folktales, Proverbs, Riddles, legends Religious Narratives and Literature- Buddhist Codes and verses, Jataka Tales Narrative Poetry - Epic Stories

    Slide 10:Non-narrative Poetry - songs, love poems etc. Historical Novels Contemporary Literature - novels, short stories, poems,

    Slide 11:Themes

    Animals and Forest Supernatural/Mythical Beings and their journeys Gender Roles

    Slide 12:Strong Familial Relationship, loyalty and Identity, Ethnocentricity Prostitution Rural vs. Urban

    Slide 13:Poignancy of Love Relationship Wheels of Fate Importance of Reciprocity Struggles between humanity and poverty

    Slide 14:Strength of Human Character Political Corruption Nationalism and anti-colonialism

    Slide 15:Other themes

    Fortune Telling Karma, Justice, Responsibility and Retribution Nature, Society, and Humanity uniting together

    Slide 16:Sadness of life River is life and society the will to love

    Slide 17:Philippines

    Literature based on expressive Culture epics myths legends, tales riddles, proverbs and rituals balagtasan

    Slide 18:Philippine Epics

    Cultural Values and Universal Themes of Epic Poetry Miraculous birth of the hero his precocious strength magical powers

    Slide 19:herculean deeds extraterestial journeys to the underworld and sky world his death and resuscitation

    Slide 20:Epic of Romance Epic of Migration

    Slide 21:Vietnam Literature

    Rich, varied expressing over the centuries. Depicts humor, realism, and irony of the Vietnamese people

    Slide 22:Themes

    Oriental Philosophy - a system that harmonizes the natural and social world that includes humanity in the center uniting with nature and society.

    Slide 23:Oriental Philosophy discovered not only the three directions of time (past, present, future) but also a 4th direction - the direction of spiritual life.

    Slide 24:Oriental Philosophy that Influence Vn Literature

    Buddhism Confucianism Taoism - that is mainly a combination of folk beliefs and high regard of nature Animism (10th Century - where strong winds, the waters, and the mountain were worshipped

    Slide 25:Principal Tenets of this 4 Oriental Philosophy

    Nature and society and humanity unite with one another in a harmony of beauty. The link of human generations and thousands of living creatures never ends. (Phuc Cu De, 1999)

    Slide 26:NONE turns HAVE - NONE means endless, boundless, immense, infinite, numberless in moving and changing movements and the developing process of everything.

    Slide 27:HAVE is not simply possessive in meaning but it means the limitation of changing and the developing process ofeverything. (Phuc Cu De, 1999)

    Slide 28:Man = Great Universe = Great Nature and Society Nature, Society, and Humanity Unite with one Another in a harmony of beauty. The link of human generations and thousand of living creatures never ends.

    Slide 29:Genres

    Anonymous Literature (Oral) Legends Proverbs Songs that depicts aspects of traditional society

    Slide 30:Folk Literature (17th and 18th century) Fables Satirical and narrative poems Verse Novels

    Slide 31:Verse Novels first verse has 6 feet 2nd verse has 8 feet 6th character of the second verse rhymes with the last character of the first verse these novels are recited and sung from village to village

    Slide 32:Texts indicate chinese influence, chinese characters (Tom language) and chinese conception of literary style

    Slide 33:Modern Literature - texts are evidence of realism as a repurcussion of 30+ of war it also shows a literary dichotomy created by the partition of Vietnam in 1954. Through literature, writers hoped to bring the spirit of reform into all spheres of Vietnamese life.

    Slide 34:Thailand

    Religion Jataka Tales a.k.a Aesops Fables Fate and Karma Buddhist Concepts of Merit and Demerit The Theme of Rice - gather as much as you need for one day

    Slide 35:Indonesian

    Ramayana - The Journey of Rama Purpose: To conquer evil with good Important Notions: Meditation, Power of Language, Hierarchy/caste

    Slide 36:Laos

    Secular texts - much richer than religious texts popular and classical lietrature are well known at all levels of society although authors names are unknown and texts are undated and undatable 1. Stories, legends and poem of oral tradition are satirical in tone Stories called sysva have strong moral and education content

    Slide 37:3. Tales that comment on the naivety of the peasantry, the greediness of the wealthy and the demands of the royalty 4. Judicial stories which include commentaries on ancient Lao codes 5. Historical Legends - e.g. History of Khun Purom which recount the legendary migration of the Tai Peoples from China to Luang Prabang

    Slide 38:6. Poetry that are predominantly Buddhist and inspired to the licentious 7. Classical Lao Literature - written in prose and verse form, lenghty and not original. Themes include handsome priest, the heroin is a beautiful princess and the antagonist a demon. There is also a Lao version of the Ramayana

    Slide 39:Burma

    Buddhism Anti-government, expose of government corruption