jawad khaki corporate vice president microsoft corporation windows networking communications l.
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Pervasive Collaborative Computing

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Jawad Khaki Corporate Vice President Microsoft Corporation Windows Networking & Communications. Pervasive Collaborative Computing. IPv6 Summit San Diego CA June, 2003. Introduction. Networking Trends Pervasive Collaborative Computing The “Dream Network”

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Presentation Transcript
jawad khaki corporate vice president microsoft corporation windows networking communications
Jawad Khaki

Corporate Vice President

Microsoft Corporation

Windows Networking & Communications

Pervasive Collaborative Computing

IPv6 Summit San Diego CA

June, 2003

  • Networking Trends
  • Pervasive Collaborative Computing
    • The “Dream Network”
    • New Engaging Communication Experiences
    • Next Generation Device Ecosystem
  • Next Generation Windows®
networking trends enterprise
Networking Trends: Enterprise
  • Climate
  • >99% of PCs are networked in US large and medium organizations
  • 75M PCs WW in large organizations; 55M PCs WW in medium organizations
  • Tablet PC and laptops growing over 21% of total PC sales. By 2005 80% will have built-in wireless interface. Cell phones, PDAs important but second to mobile PCs
  • IT Pros focus on efficiency and value; Business decisions targeted at customer satisfaction
  • Public WLAN-Hotspots grow to a forecasted 120,000 WW by 2007
  • Technology
  • IP infrastructure becoming central to office networks
    • Steady investment in IP-based phone systems, replacing PBX: $7.5B in 2006
  • Widespread wireless LAN adoption: 24% of LORG offer onsite wireless access
    • Security and standards are challenges
  • Gigabit networking is forecasted to grow substantially: $8.9B WW spending in 2006
  • VPN economical solution for remote access
  • Empowering employees to work anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Information access
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Source: 2002 MSFT PC Tracker; Frost & Sullivan (2002), TeleAnalytics May ’02, Gartner Dataquest (July 2002)

networking trends small business
Networking Trends: Small Business
  • Climate
  • About 1/3 of US small businesses are networked
  • Dial-up is dominant. 25% of US small businesses have broadband connectivity
  • 45M WW small businesses. 145M PC WW install base. PC churn is slower than in enterprise
  • Overall, small business tends to be very pragmatic about technology investments
  • No IT staff makes channel partners critical for advice, implementation and maintenance
  • Technology
  • Peer-based networking is very important
  • Reliable, ease-to-use, integrated solutions are essential
  • Mobility growing within small businesses
  • Wireless LANs promise convenient deployment and an affordable option
  • Real-time communications and CRM have great potential
  • Small businesses need to share.
      • Files
      • Peripherals
      • Internet Connection

Source: 2002 MSFT PC Tracker; MS study 2002, AMI October 2001

networking trends home
Networking Trends: Home
  • Climate
  • Substantial opportunity for growth in Home market: Only 1 of 6 HHs WW own a PC
  • 227M home PCs WW: Makes up 44% of entire WW PC install base
  • 64% of US HH have Internet connection. 75% use dial-up is connection method
  • Home networking still in embryonic stages. 1/3 of US HH have multiple PC. Only 10% are networked.
  • Broadband adoption is hindered until end-users are convinced of the value to migrate from dial-up
  • Technology
  • Too much choice, lack of prescriptive guidance and complexity are barriers to adoption
  • Wireless LANs promise convenient deployment and an affordable option
  • Security and content concerns
  • Distributing entertainment experiences within the home will drive future home networks
    • Quality of Service is essential. Interesting device integration scenarios
  • The Home PC is moving out of the den and into the living room.
          • Digital Entertainment
          • Multi-Player Gaming
          • Rich Communications
          • Working from home

Source: 2002 MSFT PC Tracker; Frost & Sullivan (2002), TeleAnalytics May ’02, Gartner Dataquest (July 2002)

windows evolution
Windows® Evolution


CumulativeWW PC Shipments (millions)


“Digital Decade”

Windows XP +



“Internet Wave”

Windows 98, 2000



“GUI Wave”

Windows 3.1, 95



“PC Wave”










Expands the digital horizon…

Personal Computing

Personal Digital Assistants


Web Services

Web Services

Consumer Electronics


Business Equipment



The Connected World


Redefining the way we


the vision
The Vision

“Pervasive Collaborative Computing”

  • Dream Network
  • New Engaging Communication Experiences
  • Next Generation Device Eco-system
dream network
Dream Network

What is our dream?

  • Easy-to-use, always available, secure, scalable

Ubiquitous Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

  • IPv6
  • XML/SOAP-based web services

A Network that is more than just a data conduit

  • Integrated data, voice, video leading to new digital experiences
dream network11
Dream Network

Always on, high bandwidth connectivity redefine where people work and get services

People and businesses online and available more

Socializing and productivity will blend

Converged communications infrastructure

Demand for next generation infrastructure products: IPv6, web services, peer-peer, network devices

Opportunities for new network services

  • IPv6 deployment
    • The chicken and the egg dilemma
  • Trustworthy computing
  • Mobility across diverse networks
  • CPU & memory bandwidth need to drive multiple gigabit pipes
  • Enhancing today’s protocols to scale/adapt to these bandwidths

Smart integration of networking technologies (i.e. wireless/wired)

Protection against security threats

Smarter applications that deal with unreliable and costly wireless networks

Implementation that scales from low-speed networks to multi-gigabit LANs

ipv6 progress
IPv6 Progress



Windows has the necessary support for IPv6 applications today!

new engaging communication experiences
New Engaging Communication Experiences

Real-Time Communications (RTC)

  • Instant messaging, voice, video
  • Real-time game play / collaboration


  • Project workspaces solving a goal
  • Sharing your files with other people

Content Distribution

  • Concert, company meeting, class
  • Distribution of product updates

Collaborative Communications

new engaging experiences
New Engaging Experiences
  • Behavior changes with communication & entertainment
  • Richer online presence – my content is always available
    • Privacy – data protection
    • Reliability still a concern
  • Big Brother concerns magnified
  • Productivity improvements
    • Remote participation
    • Better, richer collaboration
  • Empowerment to share and monetize content easily
  • End-to-end connectivity
  • Trustworthy computing
  • Pervasive wireless & broadband
  • Overcoming existing myths
    • NATs offer network security
    • Peer-to-peer bad, costly, etc.

Requires symmetric broadband

Applications must leverage IPv6

Privacy issues must be resolved

Protection against attack needed

Put user in control

the even more essential pc
The Even More Essential PC

Cell Phone




Digital Video Camera


Phone &







Auto PC


…moving from numbers and text to sights and sounds

  • PC will become a vital part of everyday life
  • PC will enhance all communication experiences

HiFi Audio




  • PC will become the center for personal information, digital memories, and entertainment
devices growth and excitement
Devices: Growth and Excitement

Digital TV

5.8M WW Installed Base

179% Growth in 2002

GSM Subscribers

684M WW

April 2002

Online Listening to Music

42M WW Internet Users

19% Growth in 2002

Digital Cameras/


73M WW Households

44% Growth in 2002

Broadband Adoption

60% South Korea

15% North America in 2002

DVD Players

78M WW Households

109% Growth in 2002

Sources: Photofinishing News-2002, Lyra Research-2002, Gartner Dataquest-2002, eBrain Market Research-2002, Roper Reports-2002, Microsoft Internal Research-2002, Cahners In-Stat-2002, Pyramid Research-2002, GSM.org, Source-Point 2002, In-Stat/MDR 2002, Morgan Stanley 2002

device and media ecosystem
Device and Media Ecosystem

Digital convergence is …

  • Breaking down barriers between sectors
  • Bringing worlds together




next generation device ecosystem
Next Generation Device Ecosystem
  • Goes beyond traditional PC peripheral
    • New consumer experiences and solutions
    • Assumes network connectivity for device
  • More than a device, solution focused
    • E.g., Not a projector, whiteboard or telephone but the complete electronic meeting room
  • Manageable, configurable, very low TCO

Connecting Devices


Tablet PC: Connected!

universal plug and play upnp
Universal Plug And Play (UPnP)
  • Device interoperability architecture
    • Dynamic Discovery Protocol
    • Standardized Descriptions
    • Programmatic Control
    • State Change Notifications
  • Universal Plug and Play Forum
    • Industry consortium to define standards-based device implementations
    • www.upnp.org
upnp momentum
UPnP Momentum
  • Broad industry support for UPnP
    • 555 forum members
  • 13 working committees
    • Networking Infrastructure, Consumer Electronic Devices, Home Automation, Mobile Devices, …
  • More devices in market every day
  • Windows® fueling the new device wave
next generation device ecosystem24
Next Generation Device Ecosystem
  • Increased relevance & demand for connected appliances/devices
  • New meaning to “It has to work” and customer support
  • Exploit devices/PC synergy
    • Smarter devices enhance the PC
    • PC enhances devices
  • Industry cooperation needed to realize scenarios

Ubiquitous, easy to use networking

Outside the box thinking to exploit convergence opportunity

End-to-end scenario design

  • IPv6 is the coin of exchange
  • Authorization and authentication
    • Integration with existing infrastructure
    • Operation in absence of infrastructure
  • Quality of service essential for convergence
the next generation windows
The Next Generation Windows






thank you
Thank You.

Your potential.

Our passion.