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BAAF – June 5, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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BAAF – June 5, 2008

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BAAF – June 5, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BAAF – June 5, 2008
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  1. BAAF – June 5, 2008 1) Cancellation of Travel Card Program 2) P-Card Changes 3) Draft Policy on Non-Employee Travel

  2. Cancellation of Travel Card Program April 24, 2008 - Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) implemented a new policy for travel cards. Policy implementation wouldrequire the addition of administrative personnel and other resources to operate the card program. • Must use state-wide program currently provided by American Express. • Cardholders and approvers (supervisors) required to attend training. • Cards cannot be used for any personal expenses. • Cardholders must reconcile card purchases monthly and retain all statements and receipts for seven years. • UGA would need to monitor card usage and motivate cardholders to make payment on past due balances.

  3. Cancellation of Travel Card Program HB 1113 Places Cardholders in an Environment of Significant Exposure and Risk Example: Using the state issued travel card to pay for personal items that are not business expenses is personal use of the card and is a direct violation of HB 1113.

  4. Cancellation of Travel Card Program • UGA does not want to place cardholders in a position of potential employment termination and criminal penalties. • The travel card program is closing effective June 25, 2008. • 421 cardholders are being notified by letter to the address on file with Bank of America. • Administrative Memo distributed to campus June 5, 2008. • Questions or need assistance with closing your card? Contact Jennifer Collins or (706)542-2786.

  5. P Card Changes • UGA has a strong culture of fiduciary responsibility. • UGA has a history of effective and appropriate use of P-Cards. • UGA units demonstrate a high level of review and approval of P-Card purchases as is evidenced in audit reports. • UGA should continue to view P-Card as a viable and efficient means for purchasing. • UGA will need to modify some of our current practices to meet the requirements of the changes promulgated by DOAS, BOR and HB 1113.

  6. P Card Changes • Multiple P Card Changes Effective July 1, 2008 • Campus wide discussions with key fiscal personnel in May and June 2008. • Revised P Card Manual - To be delivered to campus June 16, 2008 • Revised Manual to Include FAQs from these campus wide meetings will be available online. • Open Forums to discuss P-Card Changes • June 16, 2008 2-4pm SLC Room 148 • June 18, 2008 9-11am SLC Room 148 • Additional Open Forums with Campus in July and August. • Training for Department Heads-Early Fall 2008.

  7. Draft PolicyNon-Employee Travel BOR is circulating a draft policy that outlines payment of non-employee travel for: • students, • consultants, • and individuals applying for jobs at institutions.

  8. Draft PolicyNon-Employee Travel • Per BOR, each institution must develop a policy which addresses non-employee travel and specifically the provisions for payment of travel for job applicants. • BOR Options for payment of job applicant travel: • Travel expenses paid through contract with external search firm. • Establish “quid pro quo”. Applicant should provide a service to the institution such as a presentation on applicable subject matter. Consideration provided to the candidate for this service is the payment of travel expenses. • Pay travel expenses for job candidates from Foundation funds.

  9. Draft PolicyNon-Employee Travel UGA’s non-employee travel policy will also address requirements for paying non-employee travel to “official guests” who travel to UGA to participate and collaborate in academic and research related activities. Payment of travel in these cases must be documented to establish the direct benefit received by UGA. This arrangement will represent a “quid pro quo” scenario between the official guest and the University.

  10. Draft PolicyNon-Employee Travel The UGA Policy will: • Outline the allowable circumstances for payment of non-employee travel. • Identify appropriate funding sources for non-employee travel. • Identify applicable payment methods. • Define required approvals, procedures and forms. • Be issued in June 2008. Departments should take steps to ensure non-employee travel payments are appropriately documented.