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Why learn German??. Die ewige Frage ! The eternal question!. Germany is a major economic force in the world. It is the 5 th strongest economy (following the US, China, Japan, and India) It is the largest export nation in the world after China

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Why learn german

Why learn German??

Die ewigeFrage!

The eternal question!

German is an important business language

  • Germany is a major economic force in the world.

    • It is the 5th strongest economy (following the US, China, Japan, and India)

    • It is the largest export nation in the world after China

  • Speaking German leads to employment advantages.

    • German companies account for 700,000 jobs in the United States, and US companies have created approximately the same number of jobs in Germany.

    • There are many German companies right here in the Bay Area.

  • In the high-tech industry, Germany is the second most important region in the world – the Bay Area is the first.

German is an important business language

German is spoken widely in europe around the world

German is spoken widely in Europe & around the world

German is spoken by many well known personalities

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (native of Austria)

  • Sandra Bullock (her mom is German) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz3hKaGh1xo&feature=related

  • Leonardo diCaprio (his grandma is German) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzZZ3r7qfsY&feature=related

    • Bill & Chelsea Clinton, Kim Cattrall, Natalie Portman, The Pope, Renee Zellweger, Roger Federer, Sigourney Weaver, Ted Koppell, Heidi Klum, Vladimir Putin, Lucy Lawless, and many more!

Germanis spoken by many well-known personalities

German @fhs

  • Small class sizes

  • High pass rate on the AP German exam year over year

  • High scores on the National German Exam every year

    • The NGE looks great on college applications!

  • Foothill has maintained an exchange with a high school in Eastern Germany since 1992.

    • FHS German students will spend 4 weeks in Germany in June 2011!

  • German classes at FHS celebrate culture!

    • Oktoberfest, St. Nikolaus Day, Christmas, Carnival, and Easter.

    • German class parties include tasty and authentic German food!

German @FHS

German fun facts

  • 32% of Europeans can converse fluently in German

  • German is the second most common language in the Internet – English is the first!

  • German helps you with English!

    • German and English are closely related languages

    • This makes German vocabulary easy to learn, and learning German grammar helps you understand English grammar better!

  • The German Academic Exchange Service offers many scholarships for university study in Germany, and Germany is a great place to spend a semester or a year abroad!

    • Great for future engineers, musicians, chemists, businesspeople, archeologists, physicists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, historians…

Germanfun facts

Famous people

  • Albert Einstein

  • Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Sigmund Freud

  • Steffi Graf

  • Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

  • Günter Grass

  • Rammstein

  • The Scorpions

  • Xavier Naidoo

Famous people


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