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Comfort II

Comfort II. Product Training. Revised February 2009. Objectives. Learn Comfort, benefits/features Learn to design Comfort system to suit customers requirements Learn how to install, connect Comfort and peripherals Learn how to program, test and commission Comfort. Equipment .

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Comfort II

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  1. Comfort II Product Training Revised February 2009

  2. Objectives • Learn Comfort, benefits/features • Learn to design Comfort system to suit customers requirements • Learn how to install, connect Comfort and peripherals • Learn how to program, test and commission Comfort

  3. Equipment • Training Rig with; • Comfort CP9000 Controller • KP04 LCD keypad • DP03 Door Station+ Ringer • UCM05 • LEM01-M2 • SEM01 Slave Expansion Module • RC01 • Optional (Trainer Kit) • SCS • UCM/GSM • UCM/Cbus • CWM

  4. Handouts • Comfort Resources (Transfer via USB Drive) • Cytech Movie 2008 on DVD

  5. Agenda • Part I - Product Training • Comfort Demo Movie • Introduction to Cytech • Product Introduction and Demo • Key Features • Configuration and Modules • Part II Technical Training • Connections and Layout • Programming • Hands-on Programming Exercise • Testing and Commissioning • Questions

  6. About Cytech • Established in 1995 • Comfort I without keypad produced in 1996, telephone operated system • Keypad KP01 in 1999 • Sold in more than 20 countries • Cytech supplies through distributors and system integrators, does not install or sell to end users. • Cytech Europe – UK Master distributor • Staff of 10 (2008) – mainly in R&D and support. Manufacturing is subcontracted to contract manufacturers

  7. Introduction

  8. What is Comfort? An Intelligent Home System with; • Intruder Alarm System • burglary and fire • Digital answering machine • Home automation system • Controls lighting, HVAC and other home appliances • Telephone Voice Menu • Intercom – Door Station and Keypads • Reminder messages • Time Programs/ Scheduling

  9. Comfort Demonstration • Demonstration of Comfort using Training Rig (with GSM), • Security – arming, disarming, alarm dialout to phone/GSM • Home control Lighting and air conditioner • Door station intercom with keypad • RC01 remote control operation • SCS06 operation • SMS Control

  10. Key Features • Security System • Home Automation • Voicemail • Intercom • Time Programs • Integration • Logic Engine • NOT a plug and play system – requires integration

  11. Security System EN50131/PD6662 compliant (self declaration) Not necessary unless police response is required

  12. Security Modes • 5 Modes • Security Off, Away, Night, Day, Vacation. • Security Off • System disarmed, 24hrs zones still active • Away • Occupants are away • Night • Protects certain allocated zones when occupants are asleep • Day • Doors/windows protected by PIRs are inactive • Vacation • Same as Away but appliances can be switched on/off in a semi-random manner to create the impression of occupancy

  13. Security Zones • Up to 64 Zones of Security • Each zone is assigned a Zone Type to describe its properties, words to announce, and Response

  14. Security Types >Zone Types • 31 Preconfigured Zone Types can be assigned to each zone • Eg Door/Window, Entry Door, Fire, Panic • Determines behaviour in each mode, Alarm type

  15. Alarm Types • 31 programmable alarm types • Intruder, fire, smoke, gas, etc • Dial-out to combination of 8 phones • 20 siren types • Dedicated strobe output • Alarm response to trigger lights or announce message

  16. Comfort Dialer • Dials to 8 phone numbers • Combination of Voice phones, pager, CMS, SMS (with UCM/GSM) • Support 2 CMS numbers, standard formats • Each Alarm type can dial to any combination of 8 numbers • Alarm message • Voice message announces recorded alarm message and alarm type. • Allows access to Comfort • Listen to Alarm History or to disarm • Listen to sounds at home through keypads

  17. Security/Automation Linkage • Programmable Alarm Response • Eg Turn on all Lights on Intruder Alarm • Lighting up fire exit route and switching off air-conditioners during fire alarm • Lighting up areas in house when intruder alarm triggered in away mode to scare intruders

  18. Security/Automation Linkage • Each Zone has On and Off Response • Arming to Away, Night, Day has Response • Responses can have conditions, eg based on Time, If/Then, zone state, alarm state etc

  19. Security/Automation Linkage • Other possibilities: • Switching on the lights near the main door when opening the door at night • Switching off of lights and appliances upon arming to away mode • Triggering pre-recorded messages upon activation of perimeter motion detectors

  20. User Codes • 16 user codes • Answer machine mailboxes for first 8 • Programmable authorisation for each user • Sign-in tamper • 6 incorrect entries cause Sign-in Tamper • Duress alarm • When forced to disarm by intruder. User code +/- 2. Need two entries to confirm duress to avoid unintentional activation

  21. Engineer Menu • Engineer Sign In Option • Default code 6789 to enter Engineer Menu • F0 on keypad must be enabled by user to allow engineer code access • Allows programming via keypad or remote by telephone • Disabled after midnight to prevent unauthorized login • User may also disable it upon completion of programming

  22. Security Safeguards • Duress Code • Provides impression system is disarmed if forced to disarm • Sign In Tamper • Maximum of 6 unsuccessful attempts • Engineer Access Restriction • F0 required on Keypad to allow Engineer Programming • Cancels authorization when system is armed or after midnight each day

  23. Industrial Monitoring • Monitoring of Facilities (eg water, power, temperature, Equipment failure) • Call or SMS to maintenance when alarm triggered – alarms can call to any combinations of numbers • “English Industrial” wordlist available

  24. Home Automation

  25. Home Control Menu • Voice prompts on phone or keypad • Human Voice announcement, many languages available • No need to memorise activation codes • Announces status in menu

  26. Home Control Menu • Programmable into control groups (max 6) • Press 0 for Lights, 1 for Heating, 2 for Home Entertainment • Status feedback possible

  27. Home Control Menu • Quick Reference Card supplied with all Comfort systems

  28. Lighting Control • Control On/Off (not dimming) using TWS modules (lighting relay and current sensor) • Able to control X10 and PLCBus Modules • No specific Dimming module available. Comfort is not a lighting system • For dimming, use external lighting system eg EIB, C-Bus, Ulti, Dynalite, Lutron, X10, Zwave. Comfort does not tie installers or users to a specific lighting system • Comfort is sold by Schneider (some countries) as Minder Pro

  29. X10 Power Line Carrier • X10 two-way capability is built-in • Requires two-way X10 interface module (XM10E or equivalent) • Able to send and receive X10 commands to any X10 Address • X10 commands limited by responses • Received X10 codes can be used to trigger responses • Preset dim function supported • PLC Bus alternative to X10

  30. Clipsal C-Bus Lighting • Requires UCM/C-Bus • Able to use C-Touch to simulate Comfort keypad • Monitoring of zones, Comfort outputs • Control of C-Bus devices • ULTI RF switches can be controlled by UCM/ULTI

  31. KNX/European Installation Bus • Requires UCM/EIB • Able to control Comfort outputs via EIB switches • Control EIB/KNX devices

  32. Dynalite • Requires UCM/485 with RS485 interface • Control of Dynalite lights, scenes (one way, no status) • New Isolated RS485 interface available soon

  33. Ulti RF Switches • UCM/Ulti with antenna is required to control Ulti RF switches • 1 –way only, no status feedback

  34. ZWave RF System • Eg from Merten and ACT

  35. E-Home HDL Bus • RS485-bus based Dimmers, Switches, relays

  36. Other Lighting Options • Rako (RF Lighting) • Lutron • Others being developed

  37. Time Programs • 32 Time programs (Ultra System) • Activation on combination of days of week/holidays and a programmed time of day • User has option to enable/disable the time program • Trigger responses • Lighting control to switch off all lights, heaters, Air-cons • Arm or Disarm Security • Open or close curtains

  38. Responses/Scenes/Events • Comfort Ultra has 1024 Responses or programs that can be used for Scene Control, Time Programs, Zone Responses, Alarm Responses, Cbus/KNX responses, Scene Control Switch Responses etc • Events -> Responses is the key to Comfort’s power

  39. Sunrise/Sunset Responses • Sunrise and Sunset Times defined by City or Longitude/ Latitude • Automatic Daylight saving time change • Sunrise and Sunset Responses • Night Flag at night can be tested by Responses

  40. Reminders • 16 reminders (Ultra II) • scheduled to play at selected time • Combination of day of weeks and holidays • Enabled/disabled by users • Reminder Message is recorded by User • Reminders can also be played on door stations or keypads as warning messages triggered by events eg Motion Detector

  41. Voicemail

  42. Digital Storage • Comfort answers calls after programmed number of rings • User Greeting message is recorded to enable voicemail • Flash memory • Up to 10+ minutes of messages can be stored • Messages stored in non-volatile memory, maintained even during power failure

  43. Mailboxes • 8 personal user mailboxes • Users 9-16 do not have mailboxes • Name can be recorded • Callers can leave messages in the selected mailbox • Instead of individual mailboxes, common mailbox can be set up • Messages can be by callers or from other users • Can also forward to user’s mobile phone.

  44. Intercom

  45. Keypad • Able to intercom to any other keypads or doorstation • Keypads can be Baby Monitors

  46. KP04-SS • Stainless Steel Faceplate by B&S

  47. Door Station • Pressing Doorbell rings phones (RGR04 required) • Talk to visitor at door station using the internal phones • Dials to user in away mode allowing user to talk to the visitor • User able to control a gate or door to let visitor in DS01 DS02

  48. Configuration/Modules

  49. Control Panel CP9000 • 8 inputs and 8 outputs • Programmable zones (31 Zone types) • Outputs can be used to send pulse, IR signals, set On/Off • All I/O protected against voltage surges and overcurrent (resettable fuses) • Battery charger for 12V/7AH – monitors battery voltage

  50. I/O Expansion • Local Expansion – attached to Comfort or Slaves • Slave Expansion – Connected on Comfort RS485 bus • Remote Input/Output (RIO) – connected on Comfort RS485 bus

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