Saving the world one sheet of paper at a time
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Saving the World: One Sheet of Paper at a Time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sphere of Influence. Sphere of Influence. Saving the World: One Sheet of Paper at a Time. Before We Begin…. Some terminology: Side : 1 printable surface Sheet : 1 piece of paper, which has 2 sides Ream : Packet of paper, normally 500 sheets

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Saving the world one sheet of paper at a time

Sphere of Influence

Sphere of Influence

Saving the World:

One Sheet of Paper at a Time

Before we begin
Before We Begin…

Some terminology:

  • Side: 1 printable surface

  • Sheet: 1 piece of paper, which has 2 sides

  • Ream: Packet of paper, normally 500 sheets

  • Case: Box of paper, normally 10 reams or 5,000 sheets

  • Tree:

noun – a plant having a permanently woody main stem or trunk, ordinarily growing to a considerable height, and usually developing branches at some distance from the ground

From the world of campus services

From the world ofCampus Services

Campus wide paper use
Campus-wide Paper Use

Amount of basic copier & printer paper distributed by Printing Services over the last 12 months:

  • Sheets: 7,760,000

    This translates to:

  • Cases: 1,522 cases

  • Avg Homes: 4.3 homes

  • Trees (12” DBH): 285 trees

Campus wide paper use1
Campus-wide Paper Use

PCW = Post Consumer Waste, the recycled part of recycled paper

Type of copier & printer paper used at Carleton:

  • In 2003 the ratio was 15% recycled / 85% virgin

  • In 2004 the ratio was 29% recycled / 71% virgin

  • In 2005 the ratio was 70% recycled / 30% virgin

    In the last 12 months:

  • 96% was recycled paper containing 30% PCW

  • 4% was virgin paper

Campus wide paper use2
Campus-wide Paper Use

Unfortunately, PCW costs more…

Financial consequence of making recycled paper with 30% PCW the default:

  • + $4,000 expense for past 12 months

    Potential financial consequence of making 100% PCW recycled paper the default:

  • + $14,347 (approx) expense for next 12 months

Paper use in copiers
Paper Use in Copiers

  • Total copier volume steady around 7 million sides every 12 months for past three years

  • Dramatic decline in copier volume of labs/public copiers over past three years:

    • 2004 labs/public copiers volume was 83 cases

    • 2005 labs/public copiers volume was 37 cases

    • 2006 labs/public copiers volume was 21 cases

  • Total cost of copying (Leases, Service, Paper):

    • $310,000 in FY 2004 - cost per side = 4.4 cents

    • $301,000 in FY 2005 - cost per side = 4.3 cents

    • $273,000 in FY 2006 - cost per side = 3.7 cents

From the world of student computing

From the world ofStudent Computing

Student lab printing
Student Lab Printing

Looking at the last 12 months for 16 printers located in 12 public lab spaces:

  • Sides Printed: 2,899,817

  • Sheets consumed: 1,449,909

  • 4 printers in the library represent 53%

  • Represents 19% of distributed paper

  • Student printing supply costs:

    • Toner: $44,617

    • Paper: $8,515

    • Maint. Kits: $3,625 (based on rec. cycles of 200,000 pages)

    • Equipment: $7,650 (averaged from 4 year cycle)

    • Total: $64,407

Student lab printing1
Student Lab Printing

Printing at the Libe – A Look at Trends:

  • In the summer of 1998, a new printer was purchased

  • In the summer of 2002, it was retired having printed750,000 sides

  • Average of 187,500 sides per year

  • Replaced by a total of four printers

  • All four printers were retired summer 2006 having printed4,300,000 sides between them

  • This represents 1 ream of paper for every Carleton student, faculty and staff member – just in the library!

  • Average of 1.1 million sides per year

Student lab printing2
Student Lab Printing

Why the increase?

  • eReserve

    • Makes class readings available online

    • Students print their own rather than copy from original

  • Increased number of journals, periodicals etc. which are available online

    • Students each print a copy rather than read from one original

    • Or they print original versus copying from original

  • “Hey, free printing!”

Campus wide printing
Campus-wide Printing

Printing totals across campus for the last month of Fall Term 2006:

  • Academic: # Printers: 97Sides printed: 155,200 Avg per printer: 1,600

  • Administrative: # Printers: 111Sides printed : 459,564 Avg per printer: 4,140

  • Student: # Printers: 16Sides printed : 345,655  35 Cases Avg per printer: 21,603

  • TOTAL:# Printers 224 Sides printed : 960,419Avg per printer: 4,287

Reducing amount of printing
Reducing Amount of Printing

There are several efforts in place and under way to try to help reduce the amount of printing:

  • In the public labs, Duplex has been the defaultsince Spring 2003

  • Limit the number of copies printed to 5(self-regulated)

  • Investigating a Print Management solution

  • Investigating the use of Multi-Function Devices (MFD)

    More on these last two points coming up…

From what s next in the world

FromWhat’s Next?in the World

What s in the pipeline
What’s In the Pipeline?

  • Next Summer Printing & Mailing Services will be replacing 40 of our 60 copiers with MFDs and ability to print from your computer to most of these devices

    • MFD = Multi-Function Devices, combining copier, printer, scanner and FAX machine

  • Evaluating and selecting a Print Management Solution

    • A system which helps us monitor and better control printing

    • Initially used for tracking only

    • The institution may choose to set quotas and charge

    • The system can be tied to OneCard

  • Recycled Paper conversations on campus are continuing with various groups

From your world

From Your World

Why is this important to you
Why Is This Important to You?

  • What can anyone do with all this information?

  • You're just one person – this is a College problem, right?

  • Why should you care?

  • What do you do if you care but are overwhelmed by the size of the problem?

Why is this important to you1
Why Is This Important to You?

Care because you are a citizen…

  • of the global community

  • of the local community in which you live

  • of the Carleton community

  • of your departmental community

    …and you are a steward of those communities

  • Your sphere of influence begins with YOU

Why is this important to you2
Why Is This Important to You?

  • Care because if you don't the problems will just get bigger and harder to solve

  • The problem is on the table

  • It's too big for any one person,but not for all of us to tackle together

  • We can start figuring out what to do at Carleton together

Why is this important to you3
Why Is This Important to You?

What’s in it for us..?

  • Better understanding of our part in the bigger picture

  • More control over our own lives

  • A measure of control over our work environments

  • Creative ideas for where we go from here

    Can we make a difference?

    Can we make a better community?