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Unicenter NSM Debugging Tips & Tricks PowerPoint Presentation
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Unicenter NSM Debugging Tips & Tricks

Unicenter NSM Debugging Tips & Tricks

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Unicenter NSM Debugging Tips & Tricks

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  1. Unicenter NSMDebugging Tips & Tricks Release r11

  2. Abstract The presentation covers Tips and Tricks that may help you overcome a few of the day to day r11 challenges. It is not intended to be a replacement for Customer Support

  3. DIA Cgene I have configured Agent technology to use DIA protocol. How can I verify the communication?

  4. aws_orb DIA communication • On Agent Technology Node1 • Execute cgrecv • On Agent Technology Node2 • Execute cgsend <node1> <message text> <count> • This is to similar to cci send and receive tests

  5. cgsend & cgRecv

  6. Cgene Inquiry

  7. Application Services Catalog The AIS local catalog is corrupted. How can I recreate it?

  8. Recreate AIS local catalog • Createcat Y • Tndaddnsp • Tndmastercat <mastercat server> <logfile name> • tndpublish

  9. Create AIS Catalog

  10. AIS Catalog missing I have installed MDB on a dedicated Server with just WorldView Manager. It is missing AIS local catalog. Why?

  11. AIS Catalog Missing • You must select one provider for the local catalog to be created. • If no providers are selected, Install process determines that there is no requirement for a local catalog.

  12. PathSize NSM install process will compute the estimated size of the System Path Entry based on the components selected. If this exceeds maximum system path entry size, the install process will not continue. Will UMP perform the same test?

  13. System Path Length • Install process verifies the system path length will not exceed maximum allowed when the path is updated for selected NSM r11 components for Install. • If the length is likely to exceed the maximum allowed, the install process will insist on shortening the length or revising list of selected component.

  14. System Path Length

  15. UMP Install • If UMP is installed after NSM install, it does not check if the system path length is likely to exceed. • If it does exceed 1024 bytes allowed, the Agent Technology aws_dsm will not come up. • It will fail with wv rc=28 • If this is the case, you will need to review the System Path entry such that it does not exceed the maximum allowed length

  16. System Path Entry • If you are uninstalling NSM, it is important to take a backup of Path entry. • path >mypath_backup.txt • Unicenter NSM includes the CA Dylan Socket Adapter, which adds a directory to the system PATH similar to the following "C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SHARED~1\Dylan\bin." • If any PATH entries are appended after this entry, when the Dylan uninstall runs it will be unable to remove its PATH entry. Intermittently, it may drop NON NSM entries, which may result in some of Windows Path entries being dropped as well. • This is InstallShield issue

  17. DIA Debug How do I turn on debugging for DIA?

  18. DIA Debugging • Update ukb.cfg and change LogLevel option • Update dna.cfg and change LogLevel option

  19. Update ukb.cfg

  20. Update dna.cfg

  21. Ukb.cfg

  22. dna.cfg

  23. UKB log file

  24. dna log file

  25. DIA UKB How do I display the list of UKB?

  26. diaTools • Launch diatool from • C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CCS\DIA\dia\ukb\bin

  27. UKB List

  28. DIA UKB How do I ascertain the master UKB?

  29. Master UKB • Launch diatool. • Click on Grid Table

  30. UKB Master

  31. Review of Debug LogFile

  32. DIA UKB What is the selection process for the Master UKB?

  33. Master UKB Selection Process • Checks dna.cfg if OverrideSRV option is specified. If so, that will take the precedence • If dna.cfg is not updated, it will then check for SRV record for Master UKB.

  34. OverrideSRV

  35. SRV

  36. SRV Lookup

  37. SRV Lookup

  38. Cgene Inquiry How do I list cgene identifiers?

  39. Cgene Inquiry

  40. MDB How do I debug MDB logging delays?

  41. Logging Delays • Launch IPM, select Log Info. • Click on Headers tab • Review the status field

  42. Log - Header

  43. Log File - Status Description LOGFULL,CPFLUSH The log file is overly full while executing a consistency point (CP). The CP must complete before log space can be released. The status LOGFULL, ARCHIVE can also be displayed. LOGFULL,ARCHIVE The log file becomes full and journaled transactions must be archived to free up log space. When the archiver is done, log space is released. LOG_FULL The log file has reached a limit where all database updates/deletes/inserts are stalled until enough space is reclaimed. The Warning field is also visible.

  44. MDB How do I determine the number of active connections? This is to ensure, it does exceed the maximum allowed, which can then kill Netserver process

  45. Ingres Server

  46. Ingres Client

  47. Ingres Startup I manually started Ingres using ingstart command. This is now preventing Agent Technology from updating the MDB. Why?

  48. WorldView Severity Propagation Service • The Severity Propagation is dependent on Ingres Service. • Agent Technology is dependent on Severity propagation registration. • If Ingres started using ingstart command without using –service option, Ingres service will not start. • This will prevent Severity Propagation from coming up. • Agent Technology will continue to wait for Severity propagation registration.

  49. Resolution • Use ingstart –service option to start the Ingres service as well. • If the Severity Propagation service is not started, then start the service after starting Ingres Service

  50. MDB What housekeeping maintenance should be performed on MDB?