the life of a country doctor s son n.
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The Life of a Country Doctor’s Son

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The Life of a Country Doctor’s Son - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Life of a Country Doctor’s Son. Sara Torbert Mrs. Hollers 9 th Lit/Comp, 1 st Period 7 April 2014. This picture represents my grandfather in a nutshell. He loved playing checkers with us, and he would always let my sister (pictured above) win. . Introduction to Mr. Elder.

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the life of a country doctor s son
The Life of a Country Doctor’s Son

Sara Torbert

Mrs. Hollers

9th Lit/Comp, 1st Period

7 April 2014

This picture represents my grandfather in a nutshell. He loved playing checkers with us, and he would always let my sister (pictured above) win.

introduction to mr elder
Introduction to Mr. Elder
  • Phillip Mahlon Elder (named after his uncle from Sanford, Florida)
  • Age: 96
  • Place of residence: Winder, Georgia
  • Great-grandfather of 6 great- grandchildren
  • Nicknames throughout life include: “Hoop,” “Philco,” “Phil,” “Mr. Elder,” and his favorite, “Granddaddy”

This picture is from our first Easter living together with Granddaddy. He appears tall and sophisticated, and he looks much younger here than I remember.

childhood interview
Childhood – Interview
  • “The house [Phillip] was born in is still there in Jefferson across from the cemetery on Highway 129 going from Jefferson to Athens. There were no paved roads then” (Elder).
  • He remembers that there was a well at the back of the house that they used to draw water with a rope and bucket to carry to the house. He also remembers having “a chicken house and an outhouse with no indoor toilet.”
  • At school, Granddaddy’s teacher “saw that [he] was left-handed, and she tried to get [him] to write with [his] right hand.” He claims that it did not work; he still writes with his left hand.
  • Granddaddy grew up with five brothers, and although his daddy was a doctor, he wanted his sons to grow up as farmers.

Granddaddy at his old home in Jefferson, Georgia. It was eventually torn down; this was his last picture with the home.

jobs careers in life interview
Jobs/Careers in Life - Interview
  • Phillip remembers, “The first money I ever made was picking cotton just out of town. I picked all one Saturday and was paid 25 cents. I lost it going home. I started early with financial troubles!”
  • Later, after his father’s death, Granddaddy learned how to farm from his Uncle Ira. He remembers having a cow, chickens, a hog, and a big garden. He states, “We made a living at home and did not have to buy much. I had to quit school to do all this.”
  • He started Elder’s Cleaners in 1957 with his brother, Paul. He declares, “Paul made more profit in the deal, and I did all the work” (Elder’s Cleaners is still in business in Winder, Georgia today; it holds its original name.)

This image represents the first job Granddaddy had. He was proud of his hard work even though he lost the money he earned.

marriage interview
Marriage- Interview
  • Preacher John Wood married Granddaddy to Zelma in 1931. They moved into a two room apartment.
  • The couple had Frances, my grandmother, on April 2, 1935.
  • “We went on several bus tours. We went to New Orleans, the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, The World’s Fair in Nashville, and the Loretta Lynn Ranch all before I got too old to travel.”

I chose this photo of my family with Granddaddy in the house he built with Zelma because we would not exist without his marriage to Zelma!

research topic colon cancer interview
Research Topic-Colon Cancer - Interview
  • In June of 1985, Phillip had a colostomy operation.
  • “I didn’t know what they were talking about” when the surgery was mentioned, “but I wish they would’ve told me that they were going to rearrange my stomach and intestines.”
  • While in the hospital, a doctor commented on the amount of cards Granddaddy had in his room, and he responded with “Yes, sir, I have lots of friends, and I have outlived all my enemies.”

I chose this photo because Granddaddy loved to receive letters in the mail, and he discussed this fact when he mentioned his time in the hospital.

life lessons interview
Life Lessons - Interview
  • “I am bald and gray. I got store bought eyes, store bought teeth, and don’t dance like I used to. And I have some advice for the younger generation: Eat right. Drink right. Think right. Live right.”
  • “Never hurry and never worry, and you will live to a ripe old age.”
  • “Also, keep your house locked. It won’t keep out thieves, but it will keep from making thieves out of honest people.”

I chose this picture because Granddaddy mentioned his appearance and life as an aging man (check out the walker), but he still tries to stay to stay young.

conclusion reflection
  • Review the issues you researched and discussed.
  • What have you learned from this unit?
  • What is the significance or importance of researching and interviewing a senior citizen?
  • Justification for photo
work cited
Work Cited

Elder, Phillip. Personal Interview. 7 Apr. 2014.