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Relationship Essay

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Relationship Essay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Relationship Essay. Sample Introduction (helpful for structure, but not 2012 topic). Attention-Getter. The famous philosopher Ovid once said that “We can learn, even from our enemies.” .

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relationship essay

Relationship Essay

Sample Introduction

(helpful for structure, but not 2012 topic)


The famous philosopher Ovid once said that “We can learn, even from our enemies.”

In fact, it is often one’s enemies that force a person to overcome a difficult challenge. Sometimes, only because a person faces an enemy does he/she realize his/her fullest potential. For example, if Harry Potter had never been challenged by Lord Voledemort, Potter would have never realized how talented of a wizard he really is.

General Info: Relationship

This stimulating aspect of a relationship between enemies is what makes their relationship important. Likewise, in the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” the characters Rainsford and Zaroff are good enemies for each other, since they each push the other to perfect their hunting skills. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford, a well-known hunter, is put to the test by Zaroff, a man of more years of experience than Rainsford. After telling Rainsford that he will be the quarry, Zaroff arms Rainsford with only a knife as a weapon, and gives him three days in the jungle to fend off his attacks. Rainsford’s intellect, shrewdness, and composure are tested through their three-day battle of wits. In the end, Zaroff’s challenge is lost as Rainsford outwits his opponent and wins the battle.

Summary of story

Thesis: Title, relationship, and traits

Through the short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” Richard Connell illustrates that a healthy enemy relationship is both challenging and equally matched.

relationship essay1

Relationship Essay

Sample Body Paragraph

(This follows 2012 topic)

Because of his relationships with others, Doodle’s brother was able to learn many valuable lessons about himself.

Topic Sentence: Trait, relationship type, and benefit/explanation

One lesson Doodle’s brother learned is that he shouldn’t do things for his own pride, but that he should do them to help others. After he teaches Doodle to walk, he wants to show the whole family Doodle’s accomplishment. Everyone praises him for helping Doodle, and he begins to cry realizing that he “did it for [himself]…that Doodle walked only because [he] was ashamed of having a crippled brother” (Hurst 599).

Supporting detail #1: summaryand quote

Explanation of supporting detail

Because he cries, the reader gets the sense that Doodle’s brother understands right and wrong and that his reason for helping Doodle should not be because others will thank him.

Another lesson Doodle’s brother learns is that dreaming of the future gives people hope.


When Doodle and his brother visit Old Woman Swamp they often talk about their futures. Doodle dreams of living in the swamp and playing all day long with his family by his side. Doodle’s brother realizes that “this wouldn’t work out, but the picture [Doodle] painted was so beautiful and serene that all [he] could do was whisper Yes, yes” (Hurst 599).

Supporting detail #2: Quote

Explanation of supporting detail

Although Doodle’s brother is old enough to understand that they wouldn’t live like this in the future, he doesn’t want to ruin Doodles dream of the future. He learns that having hope is important for everyone.


Finally, a third lesson Doodle’s brother learns is that even though he is sometimes embarrassed by or fights with Doodle, deep down inside he loves him.

When the storm hits and Doodle falls behind, Doodle’s brother goes back for him, finds him lifeless on the ground, and “begin[s] to weep…the tear-blurred vision in red before [him] looked very familiar” (Hurst 604).

When he starts to cry, he shows his sorrow and love for his brother. All the cruelty he demonstrated was only annoyance at his situation; underneath that, he had nothing but love for his brother.

Supporting detail #3: Quote

Explanation of supporting detail

Clincher: lessons from relationship

In the end, Doodle’s brother learns that he should help others, that he should help keep hope alive, and that he will forever and always love his brother.

relationship essay2

Relationship Essay

Sample Conclusion

(how to organize)

(make sure it isn’t word for word)

Restate thesis using differentwords

(summarize first character’s relationship and the lessons he learned unique to that relationship)

Summary of body paragraph one

In addition…

(summarize the second character’s relationship and the lessons he learned)


Summary of body paragraph two

General discussion ofrelationship

(broaden to an understanding of why we have relationships, what we hope to gain, or lessons that others can learn based on the stories/relationships in life)

The famous philosopher Ovid was right: Rainsford learned a lot from his enemy. (this works with the current intro)

Hook to intro