my love for the game of football n.
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My love for the game of Football

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My love for the game of Football - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My love for the game of Football. By: Will (Hitman) Flowers. Fitzgerald High School. My Freshman And Sophomore year I played at Warren Fitzgerald High School on 9 mile and Ryan. I played Q.B. and S.S. . Freshman Year.

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my love for the game of football
My love for the game of Football

By: Will (Hitman) Flowers

fitzgerald high school
Fitzgerald High School
  • My Freshman And Sophomore year I played at Warren Fitzgerald High School on 9 mile and Ryan. I played Q.B. and S.S.
freshman year
Freshman Year
  • My Freshman Year I was the only 9th grader on Junior-Varsity everybody else was 10th and 11th graders. The 9th graders Played on the freshman team. I threw for 19 touchdowns and ran for 8. I was also known as one of the hardest hitters on defense, I had more forced fumbles then I could count. My number was 3.
hit man
  • The thing I do the best on the football field is hit people hard. That is the reason I play football. It helps me to get my anger out. After a while people on my team decide my nickname should be Hit Man.
sophomore year
Sophomore Year
  • My Sophomore year I was the only 10th grader on varsity. Mostly everybody I played with my freshman year on Jv was watching me from the sideline. There was only one 11th grader on defense (#2 in the picture) and 3 11th graders on offense.
shoulder injury
Shoulder Injury
  • Week 2 into my sophomore year I received an injury that almost ended my career. I ripped 3 ligaments in my shoulder and to make it even worst I still never missed a game because of it. I waited until the season was over to go see a doctor.
ecorse high school
Ecorse High School
  • After my sophomore year I transferred to a school named Ecorse. Its Downriver next to Allen park and river rouge.
toe injury
Toe Injury
  • Right before the first game of my junior year I broke my toe in a 7on7. It still did not keep me from starting at L.B. sometimes you just have to be tuff and suck it up.
junior year
Junior Year
  • My Junior year at Ecorse they switched my position to L.B. and S.S. I made second team all-conference with 40 solo tackles, 57 overall tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions.
  • After your second concussion you are suppose to stop playing football for good. Its bad for your health and can cause a brain tumor or just plain brain damage. I have had 3 concussions since I started playing High School football, And I'm still playing my hardest.
senior year expectations
Senior Year Expectations
  • My senior year at Ecorse I expect to at least double my junior year stats. They switched my position to W.R. and L.B.
expectations after h igh s chool
Expectations After High School
  • In College I would be playing my original position. S.S. or F.S. I want to go to the University Of Tennessee. I have ben wanting to go there ever since I was a little kid.
university of tennessee
University Of Tennessee
  • The University Of Tennessee has ben my college of choice since I was about 6 years old. I use to dream about playing Basketball for the team, but now I dream about having #0 playing S.S for the volunteers defense. They are a perfect fit for me. They are in the S.E.C which is the best hardest hitting conference. The way Tennessee runs their Defense is the way I Started Learning how to play safety.
football tradition
Football Tradition
  • My dad was a running back when he played football. I did not pick up his speed. He ran a 4.3 40 yard dash, I run a 4.7. At first I didn’t want to play football but he made me play because it was a good way to release anger harmlessly and I had a bad anger problem. I think my son will also play football because my dad side of the family has a bad anger problem and he will be able to release that threw football.
little league
Little League
  • I started playing football when I was 9 years old. I played for the Detroit Dragons. Over the years I got to play with a lot of good football players. Some of them I got the chance to play with on the next level (High School). A lot of former Detroit Dragons Became apart of the Ecorse Red Raiders, Like Kyle Dinkins, DeSean Dinkins, Davion (Freeze) Freeman, Mike Jones, Deionta Bruton, and Jervonie Martin.
my player info
My Player Info
  • 6’1 Listed as a super athlete by max preps.
  • 185 pounds
  • 4.7 40 yard dash
  • 285 bench press
  • 31” vertical
positions i have played
Positions I have played
  • I have played every single position on the football field. For the Dragons I played Q.B, W.R, C, G, T, TE, DT, DE, S, and Corner. For Fitzgerald I Played Q.B, W.R, R.B, F.B, KR, K, S, Corner, and I Kicked Field Goals. For Ecorse I Played W.R, L.B, S, and T.E.
my favorite nfl football player
My Favorite NFL Football Player
  • My Favorite Football Player is Brian “Weapon X” Dawkins. I try to play my game similar to his. He is a hard hitting safety that can also cover and catch interceptions.
my favorite n f l team
My Favorite N.F.L Team
  • My Favorite Football team is the Baltimore Ravens. They are known for playing excellent defense and having some of the hardest hitters in the league all on the same squad.
my favorite college player
My Favorite College Player
  • Tyrann Mathieu (#7) is my favorite college player. He is known for making big plays and Interceptions. He was expecting to be only the second defensive player ever to win the Heisman. Deion Sanders was the first.
my favorite college team
My Favorite College Team
  • My Favorite college team is the Miami Hurricanes.
hardest recent football hit
Hardest Recent Football Hit
  • The Hardest Recent Football Hit In The NFL is when Reggie Bush was decleated by Sheldon Brown.
greatest recent display of athleticism in football
Greatest Recent Display Of Athleticism In Football.
  • The greatest recent display of athleticism is when Jerome Simpson of the Cincinnati Bengals did a front flip over a Cardinals linebacker to score a touchdown.
top 10 browns ravens players of all time
Top 10 Browns-Ravens Players Of All-time
  • The Ravens Are my Favorite Team. Ray Lewis Is My Favorite Linebacker, And Ed Reed Is My Second Favorite Safety.
my favorite before g ame p ump u p music
My Favorite Before Game Pump Up Music
  • Remember The Name- Fort Minor