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Agenda. What is Ministerial Advising What skills do advisors need What training does DoD provide What is it like: Transit to theater Activities of the Advisor How do we measure success . Two advisor programs: Ministry of Defense Advisors (MODA)

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  • What is Ministerial Advising
  • What skills do advisors need
  • What training does DoD provide
  • What is it like:
    • Transit to theater
    • Activities of the Advisor
  • How do we measure success

Two advisor programs:

  • Ministry of Defense Advisors (MODA)
  • (Claudia Munoz 703.614.2433. )
  • - Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
ministerial advisors
Ministerial Advisors
  • Initial focus on Afghanistan.
  • Program designed to forge long-term, relationships that strengthen a partner state’s defense ministry. (In Afghanistan includes Interior)
  • Program matches senior DoD civilians with partner-identified requirements and provides backfill funding to experts’ parent organizations
  • Deployments for up to 2 years under auspices of the Civilian Expeditionary workforce.
  • While deployed, advisors exchange expertise with foreign counterparts in similar defense specialties.
  • FY12 NDAA authorized global deployments.
ministry of defense advisors moda
Ministry of Defense Advisors (MODA)
  • “Part of the transition [in Afghanistan] is going to be not only to transition the military to accept the responsibility of pro-viding security, but it’s also going to be the transition for the Afghan government to be able to maintain that.”

— Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

July 2011

  • “The MoDA program strengthens U.S. defense reform efforts in key countries and improves the preparation of DoD civilian advisors for such missions.”

— Quadrennial Defense Review 2010

what is advising
What is advising
  • Ministerial Advising
    • Build institutional capacity to sustain the force
    • Supports key functions:
      • Defense Policy and Strategy
      • Personnel and Readiness Management
      • Civil-Military and Interagency operations
      • Doctrine, Training, and Education
      • Acquisitions and Procurement
      • Logistics and Infrastructure Management
      • Health Care Administration
      • Facilities Engineering and Infrastructure Management
      • Staff procedures and administration
  • Operational and Tactical advising
    • Build skills of the force itself
what skills do ministerial advisors need
What skills do ministerial advisors need?
  • Mastery of an institutional function (SME)
    • Budget, facilities, manpower, logistics, S&P
    • Staff administration and procedures
  • Strong leadership
  • Communications
  • Cultural, historical and economic awareness
  • Civility
  • Courage
  • Situational Awareness
  • Patience and self restraint with persistence
  • Dogged focus on results
  • Disciplined energy
  • Flexibility
  • Basic language capability
what training does dod provide
What Training Does DoD Provide?
  • CEW and MODA
  • Class room
    • Culture
    • Country Familiarization
    • Language
    • History
    • COIN
    • Nation Building Concepts
    • Personal Security
    • Capstone Exercise
  • Field
    • Scenarios
    • Weapons
    • First Aid
  • Admin and physical aspects

OSD DARI Instructor


Senior Advisors, NTM-A/CSTC-A

(Civilian advisors typically work for one of the Colonels)

typical advisors day
Typical Advisors Day
  • 0730: head to Ministry
  • 0900: Ministry day begins
  • 1800: return to base camp (Eggers)
  • 1900: internal meetings, RFIs, paperwork
  • 2200: approximate end of work day

Six days a week. Friday remain on camp half day due to Islamic Holy Day.

advisor s typical activities

Advisor Mission: Assist Afghans become self reliant, self sufficient.

Advisor’s Typical Activities
  • Meeting with counterpart
  • Meeting with counterpart’s staff
  • Assist in problem solving
  • Assist in capacity building
  • Assist counterpart in communicating
  • Information conduit between host and coalition staffs
  • Travel with counterpart
  • Moving around city/country
  • Security awareness
  • Internal Coordination, Meetings and Briefings
  • RFIs
  • Personal administration
ministerial development stage s
Ministerial Development Stages
  • CM4: We do it
  • CM3: We do it, with Afghans
  • CM2: Afghans do it, with us
  • CM1: Afghans do it, without us
  • Progression is Similar to flight school
    • Ground training
    • Student right seat observing
    • Student left seat flying
    • Student solos
    • Student = pilot
how progress is defined and measured
How Progress is Defined and Measured

Capability Milestone Projections

CM-1B Testing Phase


CM Rating

CM 3







Last Updated: 06 Oct 11

POC: LT Cauthen 237-0002



…respecting your elders is still important.

(Kind old gentleman, a “tea guy” in the MoI)


… some people might not last too long.

(Former DM CN DaudDaud, killed by Taliban)


(0-6) 2-Person Rooms

Living standards are better than you’d expect in a combat zone.

(Swamp 2, Camp Eggers)