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Charter & Leona 101 NTA August 1, 2012

Charter & Leona 101 NTA August 1, 2012. Objectives . PWBATD knowledge of charter schools by discussing their preconceptions of charter schools with elbow partner and answering the anticipatory set questions.

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Charter & Leona 101 NTA August 1, 2012

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  1. Charter & Leona 101 NTA August 1, 2012

  2. Objectives • PWBATD knowledge of charter schools by discussing their preconceptions of charter schools with elbow partner and answering the anticipatory set questions • PWBATD comprehension of basic charter school information by answering a small questionnaire at the end of my presentation

  3. What is this? And what does it have to do with Charters?

  4. Charter Schools • What are public perceptions about charters? • Historically what were the perceptions of charters from the public and the educational status quo? • What are the facts? • What were the first things you heard about charters? • Take off the cone of shame

  5. New Amsterdam (later New York)

  6. A Charter is: Noun Adjective That which can be leased or hired for exclusive or private use: a charter boat for deep-sea fishing. Done or held in accordance with a charter: a charter school. • A document, issued by a sovereign or state, outlining the conditions under which a corporation, colony, city, or other corporate body is organized, and defining its rights and privileges. • A document defining the formal organization of a corporate body; constitution: the Charter of the United Nations. • Authorization from a central or parent organization to establish a new branch, chapter, etc.

  7. 2 Basic Facts about Charters • First is that they will operate as autonomous public schools, through waivers from many of the procedural requirements of district public schools. • These waivers do not mean a school is exempt from the same educational standards set by the State or district. • The second is that charter schools are accountable for student achievement. • In 2009, 12.5% of the over 5000 charter schools founded in the United States were closed for reasons including academic, financial, and managerial problems.

  8. Each state sets its own laws For example: If you can’t beat them join… • Some state charters are issued through the public universities (Michigan) • Some states have created independent boards to which applicants apply for the charter (Arizona) • Even districts once outraged by charters have begun to open charters as a means of competing (ala Peoria)

  9. Each State creates its own Laws

  10. Charters in Arizona • 1994 was the year the Charter school legislation was passed • Currently • 455 Charter Schools are open and serve 94,000 students • Arizona has 12% of the nation’s charter schools

  11. Arizona Accountability • In Arizona charters are approved by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools • They oversee all charter renewals and reauthorizations; as well as approve new charters. • This is not to be confused with the voluntary Arizona State Charter association • Schools are still then responsible for their accreditation; this is not guaranteed

  12. The Leona Group • Serves approximately 20,000 students nationwide • 7,000 in Arizona • The Midwest region • 31 Schools • Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana • Florida • 4 schools • Arizona • 23 schools ( 16 high schools and 7 elementary schools)

  13. The Leona Group • Began in Michigan in the 1990’s • Cesar Chavez Academy • Operates now in five states • Opened West Phoenix High and Sun Valley High School in 1997

  14. Leona’s Philosophies • Every child can and will learn, regardless of ethnicity, economic or educational disadvantage • We must demonstrate student academic growth for all of our kids. • Student learning is more likely to happen for teachers who build constructive, positive relationships with their students. • Schools should look like the community and serve the community – no cookie cutter programs

  15. Leona Philosophy Old School New Schools Schools Again all Leona schools are different; they share the same DNA, but like siblings each is different. This was done on purpose Principals should be free to change the school to meet the needs of the students

  16. Leona’s Teachers • The teacher is the most important ingredient • A student’s success is tied to the relationship • Teachers are professionals; they must look the part • Business professional culture: (wear a tie)

  17. Site and Leona Resources • ELL support: ELL Coordinator on campus and ELL Department at Leona • Special Education Support: Site Director and Special Ed Services Department at Leona • Academic Support Services: Site Curriculum Coach and QSI Department at Leona • Technology: Support@leonagroup.com • Or call 1-888-IT-LEONA (888-485-3662) • Maintenance: School Leader or Asst. Leader and Maintenance Department at Leona • Grants: School Leader and Coach and Competitive and Entitlement Grants Department at Leona • HR resources: Office Manager and HR Department at Leona

  18. www.leonagroup.com Visit the website for more information Or email if you have further questions Dan.mccloy@leonagroup.com

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