Innovations in education
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INNOVATIONS IN EDUCATION. CULVER-STOCKTON COLLEGE CANTON, MISSOURI. Culver-Stockton College. Small – 850 students Rural – Canton has a population of 2,500 Liberal Arts with a mix of professional programs Co-educational Church affiliated Private College

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Innovations in education




Culver stockton college
Culver-Stockton College

Small – 850 students

Rural – Canton has a population of 2,500

Liberal Arts with a mix of professional programs


Church affiliated

Private College

Business programs are available in the classroom and online

Change factors
Change Factors

Small private liberal arts colleges must reposition themselves

Educational marketplace is changing

Stakeholder (students and employers) expectations have changed

Change in mission statement
Change in Mission Statement

  • Previous mission statement:

  • Culver-Stockton College is a four-year residential, coeducational community in affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) committed to educational excellence, personal development and integration of liberal arts with professional preparation

New mission statement
New Mission Statement

  • The mission of Culver-Stockton College is to provide students of promise a superb education within an active learning community founded upon integrity and the best values of faith and the human spirit.

Change in mission statements
Change in mission statements

Previous statement described the college and its commitment

New statement focuses on responsibility of the college toward the student

New mission
New Mission

  • Redirected the purpose of the college

  • Empowered the faculty

  • Thoughts and ideas outside the box

  • New curriculum in every program

  • Administration and Board of Trustees support


  • Every major changed its curriculum

  • Delivery system changed

Exp @ csc

  • New curriculum has a name

  • EXPerience

  • EXPlore

  • EXPect

New delivery system
New delivery system

  • Two 15 week semesters in two sessions

  • 12 week session for 12-14 credit hours

  • 3 week session for 3-4 credit hours

New sessions
New Sessions

  • 12 week sessions are more traditional classes

  • Breadth versus depth

  • Case studies

  • Discussion

New sessions1
New Sessions

  • 3 week sessions

  • Flexible schedules (39 hours required)

  • Longer class periods

  • Experiential classes

  • Travel opportunities

  • Guest speakers / longer Q and A sessions

  • Internships

More changes
More changes

  • Foreign language opportunities encouraged

  • Using Rosetta Stone

  • Two languages in the classroom

  • Others in the lab / self paced

  • Allows a small college to offer a myriad of languages

Change in common experience
Change in Common Experience

  • Multi -disciplinary seminar now required

  • Must be junior or senior to take class

  • Capstone of Common Experience (general education)

  • Develop critical thinking skills and advanced writing skills

Professional internship
Professional Internship

  • Experiential

  • Now required in Business Division

  • Can be done in any session

  • Internships work well in 3 week session


  • Each major is now required to have a capstone

  • Expected to be experiential in nature

  • Business Strategy class

Ble business leadership exchange
BLE: Business Leadership Exchange

  • Successful business leaders

  • Share experiences

  • Interact with students

  • 3 week sessions allow for more time together

Online program
Online Program

  • Connected Campus

  • Online degree completion

  • Adult students of promise

  • Articulation agreement with two community colleges

  • Upper class teaching assistant

Academic and cultural events
Academic and Cultural Events

  • Part of the college curriculum for many years

  • Recently revised

  • Now includes BLE

  • Reflects wider definition of cultural events

Freshman year experience
Freshman Year Experience

  • Writing intensive and student success course

  • Taught across the curriculum

  • Common summer reading

  • Individual topic for each class

  • Common activities

  • New Director of FYE coordinates program


  • Travel abroad program

  • Business Division – China and Capitals of Europe

  • Corporate Experience

  • Global Business

  • Business Ethics

New friends ethics class in mexico
New friends: Ethics class in Mexico