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HP Innovations in Education Grant Program PowerPoint Presentation
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HP Innovations in Education Grant Program

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HP Innovations in Education Grant Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HP Innovations in Education Grant Program
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  1. HP Innovations in EducationGrant Program Professional and Leadership Development For the Malton Technology Initiative (MTI)

  2. Agenda • 8:30 Light breakfast (Room 202) • 8:45 Welcome/Prayer/Introductions • 9:00 Overview of the Grant and Obligations • 9:40 Break • 9:55 Complete the Action Plan • 11:20 Lunch (Drama Room) • 12:00 ISTE Survey and Teacher AEP (Rooms 308 & 312) • 1:00 Hands-on Learning of Technology (Rooms 308 & 312) • 2:00 Next Steps – (Rooms 308 & 312) • 2:30 Homework and Dismissal

  3. From the CEC Anthony Corvinelli, Science /Math/ Technology Consultant 7-12 Dorota Jakubowska, Mathematical Literacy Consultant 7-12 Andy Kwiecien, Technology Consultant Kathy Russell-Kwan, Board Researcher Dwight Stead, Math Literacy Consultant 7-12 John Steele, Chief Information Officer From the Admin Teams Alexis Galvao, Mark Cassar, Craig Serjeant From Schools The teachers!!! Ice-breaker Activity Welcome and Introductions

  4. Research from 2007-2008 shows that students from Malton scored the lowest in the board in many indicators Indicators show that our students come from one of the poorest socio-economic areas of Peel Region Evidence shows that motivation is low for many students “Regional” schools seem to be drawing students from Ascension HP Innovations in EducationGrant. Why Us?

  5. Apply for a HP Innovations in Education Grant so that we can: Bring the latest and greatest educational technology to the Math and Science classrooms of Malton Transform the instructional practices at Holy Cross, St. Rapael’s and Ascension in Math and Science Support teachers in their pedagogical transition Create a cascade of effects that will ultimately lead to improved student attendance, motivation and success in Math and Science Create a collaborative teaching community by co-planning lessons Keep students in this community of excellence What to do?

  6. John Steele submitted a proposal on our behalf HP awarded Malton with just 1 of 8 Grants in Canada, 1 of 40 in North America DPCDSB Program Department infused additional funds You have your HP Tablet PC and a SmartBoard, your students will have HP Netbooks! … and you are on a steep learning curve! We own the Project! The Result?

  7. HP ISTE – International Society for Technology Education DPCDSB Teachers Admin – Principals, VP’s, Superintendents, CIO Consultants ICT Department Who is involved in this project?

  8. Provide funding and technology – $9 million worldwide Role of Each?HP

  9. ISTE- International Society for Technological Education Provides Teacher Training and Support Provides a Mentor for 1 year – Susan Brooks-Young and Kevin MacGillvray Is a conduit for release of funds from HP Gathers data submitted by each grantee team and relays it to HP Supports each grantee team with its Action Plan Makes recommendations to HP for Grant extensions/renewals Role of Each?

  10. ISTE continued Is a conduit for release of funds from HP Hosts conferences for Grantees You are now a member of ISTE … Go to www.iste.org and http://pds.iste.org username: your board email and password is changeme You are entitled to Professional Development provided by ISTE based on what your technological and teaching needs currently are. These needs will be discovered today when you complete your initial NETS teacher survey Role of Each?

  11. Teacher must participate in both teacher and student research (Pre, Mid and Post reporting period): A) Essential Conditions School-wide or District-wide Survey B) NETS-T self-assessment survey C) NETS-S student survey. (A and B will be done today!) Teachers must build their own TAP (Technology Action Plan), which will be used to create their ALP (Annual Learning Plan) Role of each? TEACHERS

  12. Teachers must use technology effectively in their classrooms Teachers must collaborate to develop lessons that feature technology and share! Teachers help develop the multi-year action plan – to be done today Teacher participate in and make use of ISTE resources (online, paper, mentors, webinars) Role of each? TEACHERS

  13. Support teachers with their TAP/ALP Be creative in allowing PD for grantees Participate in creating the Grant Action Plan Gather, collate and assist in submitting research to ISTE Others? Role of each? ADMIN

  14. Support teachers in delivery of curriculum with the new technology Support teachers with their TAP/ALP Participating in PD for grantees Participate in creating the Grant Action Plan Gather, collate and assist in submitting research to ISTE Others? Role of each? CONSULTANTS

  15. Support teachers with the new technology You should know those involved: John Steele, CIO Julian Menezes (Technical Support Specialist HP tablet PC) Ed Hudson (Manager: Data) ICT help desk and your school tech person You should know how to use the ICT help desk since all issues should have a heat ticket created (for a variety of reasons). “HP tablet” Role of each? ICT

  16. Questions/Comments? I think that …

  17. We will review what’s in the plan that Barry and Dwight drafted in August We will collaboratively complete the plan now The final plan is due by September 30th Let’s get started….. Working on the Action Plan

  18. Complete the survey! Remember, your honest answers here will determine how much ISTE funding you will receive for professional development. So you may want to be “economical” with your answers. You can complete the NETS-T survey now online…. ISTE Survey – NETS-T

  19. Complete your TAP/ALP based on your goals for the MTI Your TAP/ALP

  20. http://dpcdsb-mti.wikispaces.com/ Science teachers will go to 308 Math teachers will go to 312 Elementary teachers can shuttle between the two rooms You will have opportunities to practice with the Smartboards try pre-made notebooks files Explore the Gizmos site Hands-On Time

  21. Student NETS-S surveys Monthly meetings Small group sessions (teachers of math, science, a specific grade, 8&9 teachers, …) Virtual sessions using Adobe Connect What changes would you like see made to the image? (Send “bugs” to Julian Menezes) Your “Homework” is on the wiki Questions/Comments NEXT STEPS

  22. HP Innovations in EducationGrant Program Professional and Leadership Development For the Malton Technology Initiative (MTI)