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Geo-Historian Project

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Geo-Historian Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geo-Historian Project. Davey Elementary 5 th Grade Goff, Mostov 03/15/2012. QR Download. Before we begin, if you have not done so already, please feel free to download a QR reader to your cellular device. Below are a few example of great applications; KAYWA Reader Nokia Reader

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Geo-Historian Project

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    1. Geo-Historian Project Davey Elementary 5th Grade Goff, Mostov 03/15/2012

    2. QR Download • Before we begin, if you have not done so already, please feel free to download a QR reader to your cellular device. Below are a few example of great applications; • KAYWA Reader • Nokia Reader • i-nigma Reader • Lynkee Reader


    4. Introduction • The Geo-HistorianProject is an initiative from Kent State University’s Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET), aimed at educating K-12 students to become local historians who create digital content for an audience that transcends the walls of their classrooms.

    5. Introduction • It is based on our work in the areas of ubiquitous computing and mobile learning that focuses on the use of mobile technologies to break down the barriers between schools and the world around us. • Student-created, digital, and local historical content will be available online and freely accessible by way of wireless mobile devices and QR codes (2-dimensional bar codes) that will be placed in relevant community locations.

    6. Basic Framework • Over the course of one month, students conducted research on 18 historical sites surrounding the city of Kent. • In addition to completing this research, students also received instruction in regards to digital story telling as well as gained experience working with the Microsoft program Photo Story.

    7. Basic Framework • Once completed with their research, students combined their new found knowledge of historical artifacts and information and created a digital story using the Photo Story Software. • In the final stage of our project, student’s work was consolidated into a single QR code and placed at the individual locations in which they researched. • .

    8. 1. Historical Research The Way it Works Your Digital Story 2. Story Writing 3. Narration QR Code 4. Audio/Video Editing

    9. Basic Framework • These QR codes may be accessed by any visitor by simply scanning the bar code with their handheld device or smart phone instantly connecting them to our students’ presentations

    10. The Way it Works A tourist visits the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Depot in Kent, Ohio He scans a QR code from a marker at the depot with his mobile phone. A digital story about the depot is downloaded to the phone.

    11. Basic Framework

    12. Presentation Example

    13. Student Testimonials

    14. You will be able to access our full curriculum as well as see examples of student work. The Geo-Historian Website

    15. Any questions or comments? • Please feel free to contact any of the following individuals. • Mark van ‘t Hooft(; 330-672-5996) • Thomas McNeal(; 330-672-9722) • Sean Mostov( • Christine Goff ( Thank You