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get to know more about photovoltaic solar power n.
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Get To Know More About Photovoltaic Solar Power PowerPoint Presentation
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Get To Know More About Photovoltaic Solar Power

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Get To Know More About Photovoltaic Solar Power
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Get To Know More About Photovoltaic Solar Power

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  1. Get To Know More About Photovoltaic Solar Power Many times you might have heard about photovoltaic cells in the solar power industry. But have you ever tried to know what they mean and what role they play in power generation. If not, you can get to know a lot right here about them. Commonly known as PV, photovoltaic refers to an array of cells made of photovoltaic materials that are meant to transform energy form sun into direct current of electricity. In present times, the materials which are typically used for photovoltaic solar power generation include polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, copper indium sulphide, cadmium telluride and microcrystalline silicon. Due to the continuously rising demand for renewable sources of energy, there has been tremendous advancement taken place in the domain of photovoltaic arrays and solar cells manufacturing. Production of electric through the process of photovoltaic is known to being doubled in every 2 years for almost a decade now; the average rise is 48% every year. As an outcome, a Photovoltaic Manufacture for its production is the fastest growing energy tech in the world nowadays. Almost 90 percent of this enormous energy generation using photovoltaic manufacture refers comprises of grid-tied electrical systems. This kind of installation could be done right on the roof or ground-mounted. The one built into the roof is called Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). Due to advancement in technology and increased production, photovoltaic solar power generation cost has been on a reformist discount since the manufacturing of the original solar cells were formed. Nowadays, net metering along with financial incentive has encouraged the installation of solar PV installations in different regions of the world. The most sought after definition of photovoltaic is that it refers to a technique employed in production of electrical energy by changing solar radiation to electricity by making the use of solar cells. In order terms, photovoltaics refer to energy directly from the sun. Photovoltaic effect is

  2. actually photons of light beating electrons into a higher energy state in order to produce electric power. Almost every photovoltaic device is a kind of photodiode. Solar cells are primary meant to produce direct current electric power from the sun's radiation. The electricity thus produced can be utilized to power devices or recharge battery. The real-world use of photovoltaic originally was to run spacecraft and orbiting satellites. However in recent time, the larger number of photovoltaic modules is appropriate to grid-based power generation. An inverter is required in this case to change the DC to AC. A relatively lower market is in place for off-grid power, to run boats, give electricity for remote inhabitants, electric cars, recreational purpose etc. Contact us:- Company : Emmvee Solar Systems Private Limited Address: #13/1, International Airport Road, Bettahalasur Post, Bengaluru - 562 157, India Phone: +91 8043233511 Email: Web Site: