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Know More about Universal Power Cords PowerPoint Presentation
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Know More about Universal Power Cords

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Know More about Universal Power Cords - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know More about Universal Power Cords

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Know More about Universal Power Cords 


A universal power cord is used to transfer power between different

devices. They are often used in place of lost or damaged power cord, as

they're a cheaper option in comparison to buying a replacement power

cord from a device manufacturer. A universal power cord can be kept

as a convenient spare alternative in case one of your regular cords fails.

The most common type of universal power cord is a simple connector

designed to run from the wall outlet to the adapter that supplies your

device with the lower voltage that it needs.

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considerations the first thing you need

Considerations ​The first thing you need to remember about universal

power cords is that they're not quite as universal as you'd hope. There

are different types of such cords available in the market, all with

varying characteristics. It's important to be sure that a cord will be

suitable for powering the device that you plan to run from it.

After-market power cords often fit less suitably or perform less reliably

than the ones that come with the device when you first buy it. This isn't

really surprising — the manufacturer of a laptop or a VDU knows the

exact specifications of the device, the cord will be used with, so they

can fine-tune their power cords for best performance. ​Universal power

cords​, in contrast, must be able to cope with a lot of varying conditions;

a degree of compromise is, thus, inevitable.

Types Although the actual electrical connections are the same across

different types of cords, the shape of the housing may make it tricky to

push the connector into place. Take a look at the power cord you're

replacing and compare it with the one you're planning to buy. The

connector that plugs into your printer, adapter or other device may be

straight or right-angled; it's a good idea to use a similar connector, as

the cable may otherwise be subjected to additional stress. You can find

universal power cords with an additional power outlet at the end,

which plugs into the wall; this isn't strictly necessary but it allows you to

plug more than one device into the same outlet.

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other features power cords come in male

Other Features ​Power cords come in male and female types. The

female type is far more common but the male type, which has prongs

rather than sockets, is sometimes used. A power cord may come with a

fused plug; this is a good safety feature, but beware of cords with

low-rated fuses that will blow if you try to use the cord with anything

too power-hungry. Another major feature that's often overlooked is the

length. If your new cord is too short, it may not reach where you want it

to go; too long, and it can become an untidy trip hazard. The coiled

cord can also produce electromagnetic interference. The price of a

universal power cord will tend to reflect its quality; since they all look

very similar, it may be tempting to buy the cheapest one in the store,

but this can prove to be a faulty choice later. Thus, spending a little

more on a cord that will resist wear and tear is a good investment.

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