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Pele- Tale Of The Volcano Goddess PowerPoint Presentation
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Pele- Tale Of The Volcano Goddess

Pele- Tale Of The Volcano Goddess

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Pele- Tale Of The Volcano Goddess

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  1. Pele- Tale Of The Volcano Goddess as it’s seen by Luka, Ana and Dule of the “Speak Up” English Language School

  2. Pele, the Volcano Goddess by Ana Pele was the beautiful but tempestuous Goddess of Volcanoes. She had frequent moments of anger. She was both honoured and feared. She could cause earthquakes by stamping her feet or volcanic eruptions and fiery lava by digging with her Pa’oa, her magic stick. Pele had a long and bitter argument with her older sister, Namakaokahai. The fight ended up forming the Hawaiian Islands.

  3. Pele – the Goddess of the Volcanoes by Dule Kauai Island was the first Island that Pele worked on. When she finished, her sister attacked her and left her to die. Kauai Island Oahu Island Diamond Head But, Pele recovered and fled to Oahu Island, where she dug the Diamond Head and a few other fire pits. After that, she left a mark on Molokai Island before travelling…. Molokai Island

  4. the Haleakala Crater , …southeast toMaui where she created when her sister found out that she was alive and they had a battle there. After the fight, she went to create the on the big Island of Hawaii. Mauna Loa Volcano Pele’s final pit was the Halemaumau Crater on the summit of the where, it’s believed, she still lives. Kilauea Volcano

  5. Namakaokahai,the Goddess of the Sea by Luka Namakaokahai is Pele’s older sister and she lives in the Pacific. She’s all in blue, like the sea. She was jealous because Pele, the Goddess of the volcanoes, was both honoured and feared. She was mean. She didn’t respect her younger sister. She was evil, because she tried to destroy her sister. She didn’t like her forming of the volcanoes. She was attacking Pele, by sending waves to her volcanoes. Pele Namakaokahai believed that she could kill her sister but it wasn’t true. She realised that she could never crush her sister’s indomitable spirit. The fights ended up forming Halemaumau Crater, the final and eternal fire pit. Pele battles Namakaokahai