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Goddess. By: Miss Willard. The Fairest of Meanest of Them All. Powerful, beautiful, immortal versions of humans Did things human women do Marriage Affairs Kids Fought and made up with husbands and lovers Often resented powerful males. Queen Hera. Protector of marriage (except her own)

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By: Miss Willard

the fairest of meanest of them all
The Fairest of Meanest of Them All
  • Powerful, beautiful, immortal versions of humans
  • Did things human women do
    • Marriage
    • Affairs
    • Kids
    • Fought and made up with husbands and lovers
    • Often resented powerful males
queen hera
Queen Hera
  • Protector of marriage (except her own)
  • Zeus’ wife and sister; daughter of Rhea and Cronos
  • Girlhood, matrimony, motherhood, widowhood
  • Depicted sitting on a thrown = noble
  • Mother of Ares, Hebe, and Hephaestus
    • The latter, she bore on her own for revenge on Zeus’ giving birth to Athena all by himself
the widow
“The Widow”
  • An ironic epithet that refers to the frequency with which Zeus cheated on her
that no good man of hera s
That no good man of Hera’s
  • Always seeking revenge
    • Callisto = turned her into a bear
      • Before Callisto’s son could kill her as a bear, Zeus snatched her up and saved her life
        • The constellation = Big Bear
  • Origin of the Festival of Wooden Statues
    • Zeus’ ploy to win Hera back
more revenge
More Revenge
  • Alcmena = Heracles = “famous because of Hera
    • Milky Way
    • Crazy Heracles
    • Made up in Death
aphrodite fertile femme fatale
Aphrodite, Fertile Femme Fatale
  • Goddess of Love and Beauty, born from the foam formed from a drop of Uranus’ blood that fell into the sea when Cronos mutilated him.
  • Good and bad
    • Seductive charm
    • Desire for children
    • Capacity for deception
most popular
Most Popular
  • In charge of sexuality and reproduction
  • Brides
  • Prostitutes
  • Poets
the love triangle
The Love Triangle
  • Married Hephaestus
    • Ugly
    • They didn’t get along
  • Truly loved Ares
  • Her son, not the one born from chaos
  • Cupid
    • Used him to shoot certain “targets”
  • Human man that Aphrodite immediately fell in love with
    • Sent him to the Underworld with Persephone for safekeeping
      • Persephone fell in the love with him too!!
zeus to the rescue
Zeus to the rescue
  • Autumn and winter = Persephone
  • Summer and spring = Aphrodite
    • Helped Persephone cope because she had to spend the autumns and winters in the underworld
adonis continued
Adonis continued
  • Loved to hunt
  • Aphrodite = huntress
  • His battle with a Boar
    • Killed him
    • Kissed him as he died
      • Blood on ground = anemones, or windflowers
mother nature demeter
Mother Nature, Demeter
  • Earth goddess = didn’t live on Mount Olympus
  • Made the grain grow in the fields
  • Sometimes called the Unnamed Maiden
    • Unlucky to name such a powerful goddess
  • Daughter = Persephone
  • Hades wanted her
    • Zeus helped trick her
      • Narcissus
        • Snatched her up and took her to the underworld
          • Persephone = mad
      • Gave her a pomegranate to eat while she was there to remember him by
      • Eat in the underworld = spend 6 months there
seasons continued
Seasons continued…
  • Demeter = upset
    • Mourned when daughter was gone = no plants grew = fall and winter
    • Happy when daughter was with her = Blooms everywhere = spring and summer
the virgin goddesses
The Virgin Goddesses
  • Look but don’t touch!
  • Artemis
    • Men wanted but could never have
  • Athena
    • Most known virgin
    • Parthenon
      • Parthenos = virgin
    • Too powerful, too impressive, too scary
the real g i jane
The real G-I Jane
  • How Athena came to be:
    • Zeus and Metis
      • Feminine abstractions
      • Didn’t really want Zeus
      • Gaia told him that after she bore his daughter, she would bear a son that would overthrow him
      • Zeus swallowed Metis, baby and all
      • Athena gestated in his head, and then out she came, armor and all!
        • Athena = Hephaestus
goddess of war
Goddess of War
  • Always armed
  • Shield with the head of Medusa on it
  • Zeus’ aegis
    • Poncho made of goatskin with a fringe
      • Impervious to any weapon
        • Zeus’ lightning
  • Aegis Combat System
    • Warships with radar, computers, rapid fire guns, guided missiles, etc.
  • Tried music
    • Didn’t like her cheeks all puffed out
    • Marsyas, son of Olympus, picked them up
    • He and Apollo had a contest
  • Pops up occasionally in the Odyssey
  • Helps Perseus kill


the pretty huntress
The Pretty Huntress
  • Artemis = Apollo’s twin sister
  • Daughter of Zeus and the Titan, Leto
    • Of course, Hera was mad
  • Goddess of the hunt
    • Always had bow and arrow
    • Watched over young animals
  • She presided over women’s transitions
    • Virgin to woman
    • Woman to mother
  • Ironic
    • She protected women
    • But also brought them sudden death
    • As did Apollo for the men
comes in a lot of flavors
Comes in a lot of Flavors
  • Complicated = worshiped for different things in different places
  • Feminine verses Masculine
  • Sometimes known as the goddess who pulls the moon across the sky every night
    • Moon goddess aka Selene
ok i ll just have to kill you
OK, I’ll Just Have to Kill You
  • Not a goddess to cross
  • Revenge = swift and straightforward
    • Niobe = 7 sons and 7 daughters
      • Bragged about it = better than Leto
      • Artemis killed all daughters
      • Apollo killed all sons
        • Now who’s better?
ok i ll just have to kill you cont
OK, I’ll Just Have to Kill You, cont.
  • Acteon
    • Hunter with dogs
    • Accidentally saw Artemis
      • Bathing in a pond
    • She turned him into a stag
    • His own dogs tore him apart
  • Callisto - a different version
    • Didn’t like to see female counterparts lose their virginity
hestia goddess of good fire
Hestia, goddess of good fire
  • Firstborn of Cronus and Rhea
  • Goddess of the hearth
but what is a hearth
But what is a hearth?
  • Center of the home
    • Families made daily offerings
    • Like saying grace
    • New members were initiated by rituals around the hearth
      • Brides
      • Babies
      • Slaves
  • Each city had a public hearth dedicated to her
a few more grammatically feminine
A Few More (Grammatically Feminine)
  • Strife (Eris)
    • Powerful actor in human affairs
      • Bad = wars
      • Good = free enterprise
  • Victory (Nike)
    • Temple in Athens
    • Often had wings, except in Athens
    • Athena
  • Wisdom (Sophia)
    • Feminine abstraction turning up as Greek divinity
goddess groups
Goddess Groups
  • Minor goddesses appear in teams
    • Muses
    • Graces
    • Fates
    • Furies
  • The number of three
  • Nine of them
  • Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne = memory
  • Handled artistic endeavors
  • Poets and artists depended on them
  • Sculptors used them for subjects
  • Polyhymnia – the sponsor of hymns to the gods
  • Urania – the muse of astronomy
  • Calliope – the muse of epic poetry
  • Thalia – the muse of comedy
  • Terpsichore – the muse of choral singing (lyrical poetry) and dancing
  • Clio – the muse of history
  • Euterpe – the muse of flute playing
  • Melpomene – the muse of tragedy
  • Erato – the muse of poetry not accompanied by dancing, specially love poetry, hence her name
  • Inspiration
  • “Tell me, Muse, about a man of many ways…”
  • Three graces
  • Daughter of Zeus and Eurynome, the daughter of the Titan Oceanus
  • Brought grace and beauty everywhere they went
  • No party was complete without them
  • Closely associated with Aphrodite
  • Aglaia – the grace of splendor or radiance
  • Euphrosyne – the grace of joy and mirth
  • Thalia – the grace of good cheer and flowering
  • Liked poetry, singing, and dancing
  • Performed at divine weddings
  • Made flowers grow, especially roses
  • Another trio
  • Daughter of Zeus and Themis (or of Night)
  • Decided the course of every person’s life from birth to death, by spinning thread
  • Clotho (spinner and twister) – she spun the thread. She was depicted as a beautiful young woman.
  • Lachesis (the Lot Caster) – She determined the course of a person’s life. She was a middle-aged woman, like the mother.
  • Atropos (the Unyielding one) – this dreaded lady cut the thread with her scissors, ending the person’s life. She was an old hag.
  • Piece of string = Important!
  • Fate = when one will die
  • Doesn’t determine what happens in the meantime
  • Hector, Trojan warrior
  • Olympian gods = powerless against them
    • Zeus tries to save favorite heroes
    • Athena and Hera won’t let him upset the natural order of things
  • Born same as Aphrodite
  • Sometimes depicted with snakes for hair
  • Punished those who incurred miasma
    • Killed relatives
    • Slaughtered people in temples
    • Murdered a host
  • Also protected beggars
  • Assured the natural order of things
    • The birthright of eldest son
  • Some say many, others say THREE
    • Tisiphone
    • Allecto
    • Megaera
  • Filled in gaps where human law failed
the end