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Steps in PowerPoint Movie Making PowerPoint Presentation
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Steps in PowerPoint Movie Making

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Steps in PowerPoint Movie Making - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steps in PowerPoint Movie Making. One or Two members on this project only You will embed a video you create using Why do we make movies?. F un, fun, fun Encourages team work Fosters critical thinking Cultivates creativity Promotes long term learning.

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steps in powerpoint movie making

Steps in PowerPoint Movie Making

One or Two members on this project only

You will embed a video you create using

why do we make movies
Why do we make movies?

Fun, fun, fun

Encourages team work

Fosters critical thinking

Cultivates creativity

Promotes long term learning.

Expands digital literacy

Broadens higher level thinking skills

  • Use STAR behaviors at all times with this class:
    • Before you create, think:
      • Is it necessary?
      • Is it true?
      • Is it kind?
      • Will it hurt anyone?
      • Will it improve on the world?
first assignment
First Assignment

You are to select one of the STAR goals and create a teaching PowerPoint for first graders.

You must include


Create a PowerPoint to introduce the STAR behavior.

  • Select one photo of the school or key images from our collection of photos; organize them; add basic captions and commentary about concepts in notes; explain what is unique about this our school and this program.
  • Present to the group as a PowerPoint, and post on a class web site. Students can “read” about the different inventors or scientists and compare them.
  • You may create a short movie using Xtranormal text to movie to imbed in the PowerPoint or still shot movie making. The movie must be related to the positive behavior.
  • This is for first graders, make it fit their level of learning.


How to work together to create and produce a great digital story.

  • Telling a story on your own is one kind of challenge. Telling a story with a group presents its
  • own opportunities and challenges. An empowering digital storytelling learning project typically
  • follows a cooperative creative learning process with the following phases:
  • Day 1 – Day 3:
    • Brainstorm.
    • Collect/sort/decide which ideas to pursue.
    • 3. Select the project/story, and develop a plan to execute it using a 3x5 index card.
    • 5. Select and distribute individual tasks that feed into the final outcome (such as directing
    • the project, doing interviews, researching images, and the initial drafting of text). For an
    • overview of the different roles in creating a movie idea.
    • 6. Research.
  • Day 4- Day 5
    • 7. Create a storyboard ( one for the PowerPoint and one for the video)
    • 8. Build the basic digital story, create.
    • 9. Revise/edit.
  • Day 6 – 10:
    • 10. Polish.
    • 11. Proof. Make sure that every word and every image is perfect so the audience can enjoy
    • your presentation.
    • 12. Share (live and digitally). Post to your school’s web site.
    • 13. Evaluate.
practice t hese skills in powerpoint

Practice These Skills in PowerPoint

Embed a video clip into a Power Point presentation

Add music to one or more slide in the Power Point presentation

The final page will list your resources(where you got the information)


Student Team Agreement –

No more than two students per group

Name _______________________________________

Name _______________________________________

Subject of film: ________________________________ (STAR Behaviors for First Grade)

  • Please read EACH of the following; Initial each showing that you understand completely.
  • We will include only school appropriate material in our movie. If I am unsure if something is inappropriate I will ask an adult.
  • We will work together as a team throughout this entire project. Each member of our group will fulfill all of his/her responsibilities to make this project outstanding.
  • We will cite all borrowed material that is not ours, including items like images, graphics, audio, music, lyrics, etc. This means keeping track of it all through the project.
  • Our movie will deliver a clear positive message and will be cohesive; all media will be related; there will be a clear beginning and end.

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You may not begin without turning this paper in to Mrs. Nichols.