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Westwood Guidance Department Senior College Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Westwood Guidance Department Senior College Program

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Westwood Guidance Department Senior College Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Westwood Guidance Department Senior College Program
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  1. Westwood Guidance DepartmentSenior College Program Monday September 23, 2013

  2. Stressed about college applications? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH64DV3vwgQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-OLlJUXwKU

  3. Important Reminders • Make certain that your academic preparation is adequate for admission • Establish a range of schools in which to apply • Keep up with your studies • Attend meetings with college representatives • Consult college references for information • Plan for campus visits • Register for standardized testing, if appropriate • Review applications • Become familiar with college admissions terms

  4. “Demonstration of Interest”An important factor! • Interview if available • Visit college campuses • Visit college websites • Attend college rep visits

  5. How many applications? Reach Schools Match Schools Safety Schools

  6. Types of Admissions Patterns Traditional Rolling Early Decision Early Action Please check for Individual College Deadlines

  7. Early Admits • Applying early shows that you really want that school. Therefore the college may dip deeper into the early admit pool. Colleges want to lock up quality applicants. • Important – You must be in the required range for your match or safety school

  8. Four “musts” in filling out an application • Start / plan early • Follow directions • Watch deadlines • Allow enough time for writing and revising (Last minute submissions do not show your best side)

  9. Simple but Crucial… Complete application(s) Organize the applications by deadline dates (financial aid deadline may be different) Type or print a clear, neat, clean final form Check for errors! Ask your parents to review the application Provide ample time for processing the application

  10. Guidance has Gone Green! We now use Edocs through Naviance Family Connection for transcripts and recommendation letters. This ensures that materials arrive in the college admissions offices in the timeliest manner possible. http://connection.naviance.com/westwoodrhs

  11. STUDENT CHECK LIST… • Check in with teachers about their letters of recommendation after asking for them in person and through Naviance • Return the Student Information Sheet to your counselor • Return Parent Brag Sheet to your counselor • Return the “Authorization to Release Educational Records” form to your counselor

  12. Continued: • Send official SAT and/or ACT scores directly to colleges via www.collegeboard.com or www.actstudent.org. • Official scores can only be sent this way.

  13. Upcoming Test Dates • SAT (register at www.collegeboard.com) October 5th November 2nd December 7th(offered at Westwood) January 25th, 2014 • ACT (register at www.actstudent.org) October 26th(offered at Westwood) December 14th

  14. To Do List… Everyone MUST register for a Common Application account at www.commonapp.org – this is essential as a link to our Naviance system

  15. Common Application Complete college applications online through www.commonapp.org.

  16. Guidance Senior Checklist Use “Westwood Guidance Department College Application Process” checklist form to ensure that all steps have been taken and deadlines followed for application process.

  17. Who’s responsible for what? The STUDENT is responsible for: • Submitting applications • Requesting SAT or ACT to forward the test scores • Requesting letters of recommendation from teachers both in person and in Naviance • Completing transcript request in Naviance and on paper

  18. WHS is responsible for: • Transcript • School counselor letter • Teacher Recommendations • School Profile

  19. ABC’s of College Planning

  20. Financial Aid ProgramDecember 16th at 7 pm

  21. College Fair at FDU! Chance to meet college counselors at Fairleigh Dickinson University Thursday September 26th, 2013 at the Rothman center. The college fair will be from 6-9pm. Introduce yourself and find out some valuable information.

  22. The Admissions Game An interactive college information program. Monday October 21, 2013 7-9 in Campbell Auditorium

  23. Don’t Double Deposit!! Prevents other students from being taken off a wait list and prevents colleges from predicting accurate enrollment VS. Need to wait for other possible acceptances and continue negotiating financial aid with several colleges.

  24. DEADLINES! Guidance Deadline College Application Deadline • September 30 October 15 • October 1 November 1 • November 1 November 15 • November 11 December 1 • November 29 December 15 • December 6 January 1 • January 10 February 1 *** Student checklist must be completed by guidance deadline in order to meet corresponding college application deadline.

  25. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Go to the Guidance Department Website for links!

  26. Questions? Please feel free to ask questions now or contact your school counselor… • Ms. Debrody araceli.debrody@wwrsd.orgor x2069 • Mrs. Lyons brenda.lyons @wwrsd.org or x2055 • Mrs. Gadaleta jennifer.gadaleta@wwrsd.org or x2071 • Mr. Aiello vincent.aiello@wwrsd.org or x2063

  27. We hope you feel less stressed!