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Shooting For The Stars!

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Shooting For The Stars!. To understand what A* learning looks like in lessons and in assessed work To be introduced to how teachers plan for potential A* students To undertake some A* learning . Qualities of an A* student.

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shooting for the stars

Shooting For The Stars!

To understand what A* learning looks like in lessons and in assessed work

To be introduced to how teachers plan for potential A* students

To undertake some A* learning

qualities of an a student
Qualities of an A* student

Inside the person write qualities of an A* student when they are in school.

On the space outside write qualities of an A* student when they are outside of school.

what do teachers expect from a students
What do teachers expect from A* students?
  • A student that is motivated to achieve for themselves
  • Conscientious about their work and mistakes
  • Proactive in their learning
  • Active outside of school- wider understanding of the world
  • An enthusiastic learner in lessons
  • Using understanding from other subjects
use a case study to describe the responses to a tsunami 9 marks
Use a case study to describe the responses to a tsunami (9 marks)
  • Tsunamis are big waves that hit the coastline. They are caused by earthquakes under the water which creates a big wave. The impacts of this are that many people can die if they don’t see the wave coming and houses can be destroyed. If houses get destroyed in the short term people won’t have anywhere to live and they will be poor. Crops and agriculture will also be destroyed which is a negative economic impact…
  • The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 was a result of the Indo-Australian Plate subducting beneath the Eurasian Plate creating an earthquake measuring 9.1 on the Richter Scale. The subsequent tsunami waves caused widespread destruction in 20 countries. The immediate responses to this were that rescue teams were overwhelmed by the number or people and size of the disaster. Internationally the community started to provide money such as the UK government promising £75 million with an additional £100 million from the public which was spent of providing aid. In the long term …
  • In 2004 an earthquake caused a sunami to strike thailand. this killed up to 200,000 people and left millions homeless. the responses were that people in other countries started to give money which could then be spent on giving people food, water and shelter. months later they then started to rebuild houses for all of the people made homeless. since the tsunami they have built a warning system to let people know when a sunami could strike therefore stopping them happening again…
two examples
Two examples
  • Read through the mark scheme and the two examples.
  • Which answer is more successful? Why?

1) Another way the headline is effective is because of the word “armada” in the headline. Like the Spanish Armada these jellyfish are like a terrorising army wanting to conquer and get rid of anything in its way. This is effective because later in the text it talks about how these jellyfish are like a “plague” to the people of Tokyo. A plague and an army both cause sorrow and destruction throughout large areas, so this reiterates the danger of the jellyfish.

2) One way the headline is effective is because it gives the jellyfish a name, “armada”. By giving the jellyfish a name, it makes it sound almost human, and gives the article a playful tone, and suggests the Japanese people see the jellyfish like they would see a pet.

how do we plan for a students
How do we plan for A* students?
  • Student X has a minimum grade of an A and an aspirational grade of an A*.
  • She is articulate and has original, creative ideas.
  • She does struggle with timing under the pressures of exam timing.
  • One-to-one conversations and personalised tips about balancing the need for DETAIL with the need to give ENOUGH POINTS.
  • Strategic group and pair work. She reinforces her own strengths by sharing them with others and is able to learn from others too.
  • Differentiated tasks, e.g. Accuracy stations and presentations.
  • Student Y had a minimum grade of a B and an aspirational grade of an A.
  • He was conscientious about his learning, always catching up and asking if he didn’t understand something.
  • He also struggled with timing in exam conditions and would write too much.
  • Strict timing for exam questions both inside and outside of school.
  • ‘Lead in a Recap’ starter activities where he would check the understanding of other and make them expand on answers.
  • Asking him to elaborate on what other students had said in class to develop explanation skills and added detail.
discussion how can you help at home
Discussion: How can you help at home?
  • Conversation – talk about their school work with them. Conversations about topical issues are important, too.
  • Help them develop their cultural and historical awareness.
  • Provide as much reading material as possible and encourage them to read – newspapers, books, magazines… it all helps!

On your post-it note, write one thing you will do as a result of this session.