unit 7 for the glory of sports l.
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Unit 7 For the Glory of Sports

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Unit 7 For the Glory of Sports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 7 For the Glory of Sports Part 1 Warming up 1)hemisphere: the top or bottom half of a globe 2)Melbourne: a seaport in Australia 3)Munich: a city in Germany 1)Paris 3)1932 4)Berlin 6)Tokyo 7)1972 1-d 2-a 3-g 4-b 5-f 6-e 7-c 1)charter:

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part 1 warming up
Part 1 Warming up
  • 1)hemisphere:
  • the top or bottom half of a globe
  • 2)Melbourne:
  • a seaport in Australia
  • 3)Munich:
  • a city in Germany
  • 3)1932
  • 4)Berlin
  • 6)Tokyo7)1972
  • 1-d
  • 2-a
  • 3-g
  • 4-b
  • 5-f 6-e
  • 7-c
  • a document/ a constitution
  • 2)ideal:
  • very high and positive standards
  • 3)IOC:
  • International Olympic Committee
  • 4)Lausanne:
  • a city in West Switzerland
  • The islands of the southern, western, and central Pacific Ocean, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. The term is sometimes extended to encompass Australia, New Zealand, and the Malay Archipelago.
  • 大洋洲
6) poster:
  • a large sheet of paper, usually with a picture and writing, publicly announcing
  • 7) medal:
  • an award shaped in a circle
1) in general

2) Paris

3) 23 June 1894

4) Swiss city

5)English and French



8)six years









c vocabulary
C. Vocabulary
  • Winter Games: Olympic Games held in winter. Athletes compete on the events like skating, skiing etc.
  • a time period usu. with a character
  • The Eisenhower era in the U.S.A was an era of peace and prosperity.
host v n
host: v.&n.
  • China will be the host country of Olympic Games in the of 2008.
  • Beijing will host Olympic Games in the of 2008.
  • abide by:
  • to act in accordance with; to be faithful to sth.
  • to abide by the rules/ a promise/ an agreement
  • a short sentence or a phrase which states a basic belief of a nation or an organization
  • The motto in the US dollar says “in God we trust”.
while listening
While Listening
  • Read the following questions. See if you can give answers to them then listen to the tape and write down the key points for each question.
answers to the questions
Answers to the questions.
  • 1. first held/ Olympia / Greece
  • 2. approx. 2 weeks
  • 3. 1924/ since then/ same year/ Summer/ after 1992/ between
  • 4. five continents/ blue, black, red, yellow, green, white/ national flag
5. flame/ ancient Games/ modern Games/ 1928/ symbol / perfection & victory / Olympia
  • 6. yes/ no money/ only medals
  • 7. display/ host country/ flame lit/ flag raised/ Olympia oaths/ opened by monarch or political leader
  • 8. faster, higher, stronger
part ii sydney 2000
Part II. Sydney 2000
  • Training focus: numbers
  • Pre-listening questions
  • 1. Did you watch Olympic Games Sydney 2000?
  • 2. What impressed you most?
  • 3. How many gold medals did Chinese delegation win?
  • 4. Do you know how many countries and athletes took part in OGS 2000?
  • 5. In how many events did the athletes compete?
  • 1. trampoline:
  • a sheet of strong fabric attached by springs to a frame, used by gymnasts for jumping high into the air to do somersaults
4. triathlon: An athletic contest in which participants compete without stopping in three successive events, usually long-distance swimming, bicycling, and running.
  • 三项全能
  • related word: pentathlon 五项全能 decathlon 十项全能
while listening24
While listening
  • A. Listen to the first part of a report on the Olympic Games in Sydney. Focus on some numbers and dates and the relevant information.
  • Key:
  • new_page_1 Listening.htm
  • The second part of the material is about a family in which three members compete in the same race. Listen to it and decide whether the statements are true or false according to the material you are going to hear
  • Key: 1. T 2. F 3. T 4 F 5. T
part iii news from the olypics
Part III. News from the Olypics
  • A. Figthing Against Drug use
  • Pre-listening discussion
  • 1. Why do you think some athletes use performance-improving drugs at the Olympic Games? What punishment do they get if they use drugs in the competition?
  • 1. hormone:
  • a chemical from body organs that stimulates activity in the living systems
  • 荷尔蒙, 激素
  • 2. urine:
  • liquid waste from the body 尿
while listening28
  • What you are going to hear is the news about fighting against drug use in the world of sports. At the first listening focus your attention on the main ideas of the material. At the second listening, supply the missing information in the exercise.
  • new_page_1 Listening.htm
b vocabulary
B. Vocabulary
  • cornstarch:
  • 玉米面或粉
  • break down:
  • separate sth into small pieces; disintegrate
  • 分解
  • Sugar and starch are broken down in the stomach.
pre listening questions
Pre-listening questions
  • What was the Olympics in Sydney called?
while listening32
While listening.

At your first listening, focus on the main idea of the material. Get the answer to the pre-listening question. At you second listening, please complete the exercise.


new_page_1 Listening.htm

post listening

Why was the Olympics in Sydney call the first environmental-friendly game?

part 4
Part 4

Go over the words and expressions that have been learnt in this unit.