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Unit 8 Sports PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 8 Sports

Unit 8 Sports

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Unit 8 Sports

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  1. Unit 8 Sports Language Study

  2. Review Sport Events: Badminton soccer table tennis gymnastics football basketball Expressions: What’s your favorite sport? Are you interested in…? I prefer … to … I would rather watch it than play it.

  3. Word Study ●shooting diving speed skating wrestling weightlifting V + ing ●Greece Athens motto event competitor athlete medal torch

  4. 1. It is a country where the first Olympic Games took place. Greece 2. It is one of the races, competitions, etc, in a sports program. event 3. It is a person, or a team, competing with others. competitor 4. It is a sentence, or a group of words taken as the guiding rules in the Olympic Games. motto 5. It is an event, aiming and firing with a gun. shooting

  5. 6. It is an object that carries a flame. torch medal 7. It is an award granted to the top athlete. 8. A person who takes part in the Olympic Games is called… athlete Well Done!

  6. Interview Expression Report My partner’s favorite sport is… He/She likes it because it is … I like …and… while my partner prefers… What’s your favorite sport? Why do you like it? I like … and…, which do you prefer,…or…?

  7. Beijing will hold the 29th Olympic Games. The 29th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

  8. Grammar The Future Passive Voice 1. They will plant more trees in the future. →More trees will be planted in the future. 2. They will improve the environment in the city. →The environment will be improved in the city. Sentence Pattern S + will be done + when/where/(by whom)

  9. Attention “by them” cannot be omitted in some cases. Example: The people of Beijing will plant more trees. →More trees will be plantedby the people of Beijing.

  10. Exercise Task 1. Turn the following sentences into the Future Passive Voice. 1. They will build a new bridge over the river. A new bridge will be built over the river. 2. They will plant tens of thousands of trees in Beijing. Tens of thousands of trees will be planted in Beijing. 3. They will pay more to the athlete. The athlete will be paid more.

  11. Task 2. Look at the pictures and make sentences, using the Future Passive Voice.

  12. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

  13. People of different races will be invited to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games.

  14. A new football stadium will be built for the coming Olympic Games.

  15. Task 3. Change the following sentences into questions, using the Passive Voice. Example: Beijing will hold the 29th Olympic Games in the year 2008. When will the 29th Olympic Games be held in Beijing?

  16. They will build many new sport venues for the Beijing Olympic Games. What will be built for the Beijing Olympic Games? 2.John will carry the Canadian flag at the opening of the Olympic Games. By whom will the Canadian flag be carried at the opening of the Olympic Games? 3. The government will spend almost 100million Yuan on this programme. How much money will be spend by the government on this programme?

  17. writing What will our life be like in the year 5000?

  18. In my opinion, our environment will be greatly improved in the future. Robots will be used to do different jobs for us. Maybe a scientific research base will be built on the Mars by them so that we can know more about other planets and the universe.

  19. Review Words & expressions Greece Athens Event Competitor Motto… What’s your favorite sport?… Skill:V + ing Grammar The future Passive Voice S + will be done + when/where/(by whom)

  20. Thank you!