the glory of rome n.
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The Glory of Rome PowerPoint Presentation
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The Glory of Rome

The Glory of Rome

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The Glory of Rome

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  1. The Glory of Rome Roman Culture

  2. Preview • Today you will… • See how the Pax Romana led to thriving culture in Rome. • Describe Greco-Roman civilization. • Compare Greek and Roman civilization to today.

  3. Review • What are the three periods of Roman history? • How did the end of the Roman Republic lead to a time of peace? • Describe the connection between Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

  4. The Pax Romana • Definition: • The 200 year period where Roman rule brought peace, order, and unity to the lands that it controlled. • Signs of Peace • Increased trade • Ease of transportation • Flourishing culture

  5. A Greek Legacy • Turn to p. 161 and read the two paragraphs under “Romans Write Literature, History, and Philosophy”. • Roman Practicality • Greeks Lay the Foundation • Romans Build the Building

  6. Roman Literature • Greek Basis? • Virgil • Writer of the epic poem—The Aeneid.

  7. How did the Aeneid connect Greek and Roman culture?

  8. Roman Literature • Satires • Definition: Poems used to make fun of the Roman way of life. • Why?

  9. Popular Entertainment • Greek Basis? • The Colosseum • Definition: A large stadium that served as the center of popular entertainment in Ancient Rome. • The Circus Maximus • Definition: A large race-track in Ancient Rome.

  10. The Colosseum

  11. The Roman Colosseum

  12. The Games • “I attended the games one mid-day hoping for a little wit and humor there. I was bitterly disappointed. It was really mere butchery. The morning's show was merciful compared to it. The men were thrown to lions and to bears: but at midday to the audience.

  13. The Games • There was no escape for them. The slayer kept fighting until he could be slain. "Kill him! flog him! burn him alive," was the cry from the people: "Why is he such a coward? Why won't he rush toward the sword? Why does he fall so meekly?

  14. The Games • ‘Why won't he die willingly?’ Unhappy that I am, how have I deserved that I must look on such a scene as this? Do not, my Lucilius, attend the games, I pray you. Either you will be corrupted by the multitude, or, if you show disgust, be hated by them. So stay away.”

  15. The Circus Maximus

  16. Ben Hur • Video Clip • Why do you think Roman popular entertainment was so brutal and violent? • Compare the games of Ancient Rome to forms of entertainment found today.

  17. Roman Art (compare)

  18. Roman Art • Roman Art • Realistic • Emotional • Mosaic • Definition: A picture made from chips of colored stone or glass.

  19. Modern Mosaic

  20. Roman Engineering • Engineering • Definition: The application of science and mathematics to improve life. • Aqueducts • Definition: Bridge-like stone structures that carried water in Roman cities.

  21. Roman Engineering • Roads • Benefits? • “All Roads Lead to Rome”

  22. Roman Architecture • Greek • Roman • Today

  23. Law and Justice • Read the paragraphs on p. 165 under “New Law Codes Protect the Empire”. • In your notes, list three basic principles of Roman law that are still in use in the United States today.

  24. Review Activity • With a partner… • Scenario: You have been chosen to put together an exhibit about Roman culture for a museum. • You are to pick three artifacts that you would include in your exhibit, explain what they are, and explain why you would pick these items to symbolize who the Romans were as a people.