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Microsoft Atlas Part 1: The Microsoft Ajax Library PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Atlas Part 1: The Microsoft Ajax Library

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Microsoft Atlas Part 1: The Microsoft Ajax Library
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Microsoft Atlas Part 1: The Microsoft Ajax Library

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Microsoft Atlas Part 1: The Microsoft Ajax Library Presenter: Tim Kremer

    3. Ajax Timeline Microsoft invents it IE in 1998 OWA, MSDN take advantage Google popularises it Google Maps Web 2.0 explodes Flickr Digg YouTube (the newest!)

    4. Why is Web 2.0 difficult? JavaScript apps are difficult to develop Poor debug tools

    5. Many Popular Libraries Prototype JavaScript extension library, and crux of many of the open-source offerings. built on top of prototype Dojo toolkit rich client-side UI library built on top of prototype Google Web Toolkit server side java libraries that emit javascript and html Component Art Server controls and update panels for ASP.NET Microsoft Atlas - **This presentation** Many more:

    6. Problems with the landscape Most existing libraries are: Incomplete Some improve on the javascript structure Some do cool UI effects Some on client side Some tied to a particular server technology Cant be used with each other

    7. 3 Parts of Atlas Client Side Stuff **this presentation** Server Side Stuff Atlas Control Toolkit

    8. Briefly - Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Server Extensions Server Controls Script Manager Update Panel Server side equivalents of UI controls Server Control extensions Server Extensions Web Services Bridge JSON serialiser Javascript proxy generation Bridge files (*.asbx) to connect via the server to external web services. **Awesome for mashups!! Application Services Bridge User authentication (using membership service) User data storage (using profile service)

    9. Briefly - Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Toolkit Overview Official Link: Project Source on Codeplex: Join the open community effort!

    10. The Microsoft Ajax Family Formerly codenamed Atlas Client-side framework Server side extensions Atlas Control Toolkit New Official Names, Sept 2006: Microsoft Ajax Library **this presentation** Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Extensions Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Toolkit

    12. Microsoft Ajax Client Library More than just Ajax: Cross-Browser Framework Extends Javascript to a rich OO model Components, Events, Actions Imperative or Declarative programming paradigm Control Binding Control Extensions & Behaviours Data Binding Not just for ASP.NET More efficient AJAX calls using JSON

    13. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Browser Compatibility Browser Compatibility Layer Supports IE Mozilla Safari Opera (in the works)

    14. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Script Core - Rich OO model Your client-side script supports: Inheritance Interfaces & Abstract classes Namespaces Enumerations Delegates

    15. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Base Class Library Useful types: StringBuilder Debug Event IDisposable Other Support: Serialisation for JSON Authentication integration with the server counterpart Profile integration with the server counterpart Abstractions: Abstractions for XMLHTTP WebRequest WebResponse Further Abstractions for invoking WebMethods Aspx pages Web services any server class

    16. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Client-side Programming Models Traditional Imperative Code And/or Declarative XML-script mark-up called Atlas Script

    17. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Components, Events & Actions Components Components are reusable, self-describing types Common components include: Controls Includes visible UI Controls (eg. ListView, VEMap) and non-visible controls (eg. Timer, Counter) Behaviours Pre-written functionality to attach additional semantics to existing controls (eg. drag/drop and hover behaviours) Validators Like Behaviours, but allow you to define validation rules for input controls

    18. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Components, Events & Actions Events Components can raise events. Events can have Actions attached to them. (eg. An event could be raised when a property changes on the component) Actions Actions allow performing work, by calling Component methods or setting properties in response to events

    19. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Control Bindings Control Bindings Bindings allow wiring up components to transfer property values from one component to another. Transformations can be called in the process, and methods can also be invoked. <span id="label2">Empty</span> <input type="text" id="textBoxInput" /> <script type="text/xml-script"> .. <textBox id="textBoxInput"/> <label id="label2"> <bindings> <binding dataContext="textBoxInput" dataPath="text" property="text" /> </bindings> </label> ..

    20. Control Extensions & Behaviours Control Extensions exist to add interesting functionality to simple html or asp controls Client Side Extenders Eg. AutoCompletion Server Side Extenders Eg. AutoCompletion

    21. Microsoft Ajax Client Library Data Binding Atlas provides a rich set of data controls using familiar html templates: Variety of DataBound Controls ListView DataNavigator ItemView Paging Control Additional Client-side behaviours Sorting behavior Variety of Data Sources DataSource DataTable XML Data Source uses XPATH on the client side for filtering!! This is a whole topic of its own, and ripe for future usergroup presentations.

    22. Essential Tools IE powertoy from Microsoft HTTP debugging proxy. Inspect traffic, set breakpoints, and fiddle with requests Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar View & manipulate Browser DOM, Caches Highlighting & labelling of html elements Validate CSS, HTML, Links

    23. Real World Web 2.0 Property Search Using: Atlas (mostly client-side with service calls) Virtual Earth SQL Server ASP.NET .NET multithreaded rich client for spidering properties.

    24. Questions?

    25. Future Atlas Presentation Topics: Client-side Data Binding Client-side Authentication + Profile Server Control Creation Web Services Bridge for Mashups Gadget Creation

    26. Thank you!