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Islam Submission to God Map of World Religions The Mosque: A place of Worship The Mosque: A place of Worship The Mosque: A place of Worship The Mosque: A place of Worship The Qur’an (The Koran) Central Sacred Text of Islam Written in Arabic 114 Chapters, called Surahs

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Submission to God

the qur an the koran
The Qur’an (The Koran)
  • Central Sacred Text of Islam
  • Written in Arabic
  • 114 Chapters, called Surahs
  • Read from Right to Left
  • Divine dictation: Cannot be translated
  • Prophet of Islam
  • Born in Mecca
  • Revered by Muslims as symbol of piety
  • Insisted on worship of one God (monotheism)
the first pillar shahada
The First Pillar: Shahada
  • There is one God
  • Muhammad is God’s messenger
  • Must pray in direction of Mecca
  • Muslims must pray five times a day
    • Dawn
    • Noon
    • In the afternoon
    • In the evening
    • At sunset
the third pillar zakat

The Third Pillar: Zakat

Must donate to charity

the fourth pillar sawm
The Fourth Pillar: Sawm
  • Fast during Holy Month of Ramadan
    • Ninth month of Islamic calendar
    • No food or drink from sunrise to sunset
    • No alcohol or tobacco all month
  • End of month celebration: Eid-al-fitr
the fifth pillar hajj
The Fifth Pillar: Hajj
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Must make at least once in lifetime
other islamic practices
Other Islamic Practices
  • No pork products
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • Males are circumcised
  • Polygamy is allowed by law, but not commonly practiced
  • Cannot lend money for interest
  • “Beautiful Writing”
  • Decorate public buildings
  • Honor the Quran
islamic art
Islamic Art
  • Very little use of people in art
  • Many animals and patterns
  • Prayer rugs important
islamic architecture
Islamic Architecture
  • Basic needs for a mosque: large covered space for praying
  • Towers with minarets
  • Muezzin calls followers to worship
  • Community gathering place
dome of the rock jerusalem
Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)
  • Completed 691
  • Octagon building with golden dome
  • Mosaics/later tiles inside
  • Centered around a rock
    • The place where Muhammad ascended to heaven
    • Where Abraham bound Isaac (Ishmael)
    • Adam died and buried
  • Destination of the hajj (pilgrimage)
  • Birthplace of Muhammad
  • Forced to flee the city
  • Fled to Medina
  • Returned to Mecca convinced people
  • Qa’aba/Kabba (cube) focal point
    • Footprints of Abraham
    • Tomb of Ishmael
mosque of damascus
Mosque of Damascus
  • Damascus, Syria
  • Roman temple  Byzantine church
  • Mosaics & marble
  • Flowing water
mosque in cordoba spain
Mosque in Cordoba, Spain
  • Muslims arrived in Spain in 700’s
  • Mosque designed to rival Damascus
  • Many columns supporting arches
  • Mosaic workmanship
  • Christians drove from Spain 1492
taj mahal india
Taj Mahal, India
  • Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife dies
  • Mumtaz Mahal’s mausoleum
  • Completed 1647-1652
  • Polished white marble
  • Inspired by Koran’s paradise
  • Minarets, domed tomb, reflecting pools
  • Symbol of India
islamic star patterns
Islamic star patterns
  • Lack of humans depicted
  • Mathematical inspiration