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Convergent Audiences

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Convergent Audiences When Consumers Become Creators AOL: Minister of Fear New Media Focus on: Speed Delivery Platform Mix Revenue Moving Parts US vs. THEM “Me-Too News” More Noise

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convergent audiences

Convergent Audiences

When Consumers

Become Creators

aol minister of fear http aolsvc news aol com elections article adp id 20040714210209990006
AOL: Minister of Fear
new media focus on
New Media Focus on:
  • Speed
  • Delivery Platform
  • Mix
  • Revenue
  • Moving Parts

attachment involvement

Attachment, Involvement


Meaningful Information

connections consist of
Connections consist of:
  • People
  • Relationships
  • Interactions
  • Participation
  • Involvement

readership institute www readership org

Key News Experiences

  • Looks out for my civic, personal interests
  • Makes me smarter
  • Give me “something to talk about”
readership institute
Readership Institute


  • Create experiences
  • Tweak less, innovate more
media participation involvement
Media Participation = Involvement
  • Story Making + Story Telling
  • Constructing + Deconstructing Stories
  • News “Experiences” + News Stories
  • Civic Participation + Civic News
future news

Future News

Story Making


Story Telling

story making
Story Making
  • Internal: Consuming stories people make
  • External: Making the stories people consume
internal story making
Internal Story Making

How do you

get your news?

internal story making individuals as news aggregators
Internal Story Making: Individuals as News Aggregators
  • Newspapers, Headlines, Photos
  • Radio, TV
  • Internet, Blogs
  • Emails
  • Cell Phones
  • Comedy
external story making citizen created content
External Story Making:Citizen-Created Content
  • Blogs
  • News Exercises
  • Email Correspondents
  • Citizen Journalists
  • HLCMs - Hyperlocal citizens media
future news36
Future News

For Journalists:

Deconstructing Stories

Build the components

that help users

co-author the story

future news37

Future News

News Experiences


News Stories

future news38
Future News

Web site:

  • Not just something you READ
  • Something you DO

involve people by
Involvepeople by:
  • Showing + Telling
  • Knowledge + News
  • Entry Points
  • Telling own Stories
  • Inviting Participation

chinese proverb
Chinese Proverb:
  • I hear and I forget.
  • I see and I remember.
  • I do and I understand.
new news experiences
New News Experiences
  • Blogs
  • Calculators
  • Clickable Maps
  • Searchable Databases
  • Games
  • Web site creation
  • E-Newsletters
  • Choices, Simulations


Clickable Maps


Choices exercises

AOL President Match Quiz

meaningful interaction

Meaningful Interaction

No Noise


Click on "Cool Stuff"

and Batten Awards

kqed s you decide http www kqed org topics news perspectives youdecide
KQED’s “You Decide”
p o v s borders air http www pbs org pov borders 2004 air index html
P.O.V’s Borders/ Air
usatoday com sing my song http www usatoday com life graphics new song flash htm Sing my Song