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  1. Tuberculosis Group: Kansas university Maria Monzon, Lizeth Bautista, Aransa Balderas Nancy Martinez

  2. What is TB • Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that is caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis.

  3. WHERE DOES TB EFFECT US? • Tuberculosis effect us in the lungs and the tissue or organ of the body but the most main part that TB effect us is the lungs.

  4. TB DIAGNOSIS • The most commonly used diagnosis tool for TB is a simple skin test. • A small amount of PPD Tuberculin is injected just below the skin of your forearm. • if you have a hard ,raised red bump means you’re likely to have TB infection. • The size of the bump determines weather the test results are significant.


  6. Long terms of prognosis for most treated patients with TB is generally good • with appropriate treatment it can cure more than 90% of TB patients. • Patients with TB require treatment with multiple drugs for several months. • Most people improve after a few weeks of using special treatment which is drugs. • But the TB bacteria are still active in their bodies

  7. TB CURE • TB can be cured with special kind of drugs that are given for at least six months, sometimes as long as a year • The drugs that cure TB are: • Isoniazid (INH) • Rifampin (RIF) • Ethambutol • Pyrazinamide.

  8. HOW TB IS SPREAD? • Tuberculosis is an airborne disease, and can be caught by breathing in the air that an infected person has contaminated through: • Breathing • Coughing • Talking • Singing • Sneezing • Laughing

  9. WAYS TO PREVENT TB • Ways to prevent TB is to be spending a short period time with people who have TB • Also examine every one in your family to make sure they don’t have TB • get shots to prevent TB • Also if you are healthy and do exercise you have less chase of getting any disease like TB.

  10. WAYS TO PREVENT PART 2 • These are the way to prevent TB • Adequate • Exercise • Enough rest and sleep • Balanced diet • Avoidance of smoking and alcohol • Breathing fresh air • Also avoiding cough or sneezing directly at a person

  11. HOW DOES TB AFFECT THE CELL • When a person breathes in the TB bacteria it goes in side their body • Then the macrophages which is the blood cell surrounds the bacteria • sometimes it could kill the TB bacteria but sometimes it can’t and the TB bacteria multiplies into more. • To be continue in the next slide……

  12. HOW DOES TB AFFECT THE CELL PART 2 • Then the bacteria uses the macrophages as a transportation and spreads more • When the TB bacteria grows more it causes symptoms and then if it grows more through out the years the person might get active TB

  13. TB MAP

  14. REFERENCES The websites we got information about TB • • • • • • • • • The map I got from google images

  15. Thank you for watching 