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Senior Design Module Last revised 8/17/12 PowerPoint Presentation
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Senior Design Module Last revised 8/17/12

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Senior Design Module Last revised 8/17/12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Senior Design Module Last revised 8/17/12. Outline . EPICS can be used to fulfill the BSEE, BSCmpE , CS, and MDE Senior Design requirements. This module will address: Verification process & requirements What is design? Mechanics & software support Importance

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Senior Design


Last revised 8/17/12


EPICS can be used to fulfill the BSEE, BSCmpE, CS, and MDE Senior Design requirements. This module will address:

  • Verification process & requirements
  • What is design?
  • Mechanics & software support
  • Importance
  • Questions
reminder registration for senior design
Reminder: Registration for Senior Design
  • The new myPurdue system allows for self-registration, and currently does not check for prerequisites for courses.
  • All schools require that certain prerequisites be fulfilled before completing a capstone or senior design course.
  • That means that myPurdue will allow you to register for senior design even if prereqs have not been met.
  • Therefore, it is important that have you have an approved plan-of-study or check with your academic advisor if you are deviating from the plan to confirm that participation in a senior design course this semester (EPCS or any course) will fulfill your requirements.
abet senior design
ABET & Senior Design
  • ABET is the organization that accredits Engineering and Technology programs. Beginning with “EC 2000”, there was a focus on outcomes in which:
    • ECE adopted Program Outcomes for the BSEE and BSCmpE degrees
    • Each course adopted Course Outcomes
  • The ECE Senior DesignOutcomes form the basis for the required outcomes for: ECE 402, 477, and EPCS 411/412.
  • There is a common Senior Design Project Description for all ECE Senior Design Courses.
  • The ECE Senior Design Outcomes are also approved for CS and MDE students.
senior capstone design requirements
Senior (Capstone) Design Requirements

The requirements for Senior Design consist of two parts:

  • Significant design experience on a suitable project
  • Satisfaction of course outcomes by each student: A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements associated with at least 3 credits of EPICS taken over 2 or more semesters will …(see next page)
senior design course outcomes
Senior Design Course Outcomes
  • an ability to apply material from their discipline to the design of community-based projects
  • an understanding of design as a start-to-finish process
  • an ability to identify and acquire new knowledge as a part of the problem-solving/design process
  • an awareness of the customer
  • an ability to function on multidisciplinary teams and an appreciation for the contributions from individuals from multiple disciplines
  • an ability to communicate effectively with audiences with widely-varying backgrounds
  • an awareness of professional ethics and responsibility
  • an appreciation of the role that their discipline can play in social contexts
senior design outcomes rubric
Senior Design Outcomes Rubric
  • Satisfaction of Outcomes will be assessed by advisor and EPICS administration using the Senior Design Outcomes Rubric:

verification process
Verification Process

Students will demonstrate that they have met the two requirements for Senior Design (significant design experience on a suitable project and satisfaction of course outcomes by each student) by the following two-semester verification process:

required senior design documentation
Required Senior Design Documentation:

Senior Design Project Proposal:

Individual report that must be submitted during a Senior Design (SD) student’s first semester:

  • Each 1st semester SD student will complete an Individual Senior Design Project Proposal that has been approved by their advisor.
  • If it is a continuing project, the project description can build on previous semester’s report, but must identify the role that the individual student will complete on the project, including specific deliverables.
  • Senior Design Project Proposals will be reviewed and returned with comments and/or concerns by Week 8.
  • Template posted in Forms: Project Proposal
  • Completed forms should be posted in Senior Design folder of student’s team folder on the Share Point Server (SPS).
required senior design documentation1
Required Senior Design Documentation:

Senior Design Project Descriptions:

Must be submitted by each project on which there are second semester senior design students.

  • Drafts of the project description should regularly be submitted to advisor for review throughout the second semester (certainly by week 9).
  • The Senior Design Project Description draft will be one of the items presented at the second semester Senior Design meeting with the Senior Design Committee.
  • Must used template posted in Forms: Project Description
  • If it is a continuing project, the Project Description can build on previous semester’s report. However, the current version of the Project Description should accurately reflect what work was completed prior to the student’s activity on the team, what was completed during the student design experience.
required senior design documentation2
Required Senior Design Documentation:

Senior Design Project Descriptions, continued:

  • Final approval of Senior Design Project Description must be completed by week 14/15 by advisor(s). This final version should describe the work completed on the project, and not the work that will be accomplished in the future. It should distinguish work completed by previous team members from the work completed by the Senior design students submitting the Project Description.
  • Final forms should be posted in Senior Design folder of student’s team folder on the Share Point Server (SPS).
  • For ECE students, approved copy is submitted with final grades and reviewed by EPICS andECE Senior Design Advisory Committee
required senior design documentation3
Required Senior Design Documentation:

Individual Outcomes Matrix (OM)

Each student has a matrix that is maintained over the 2 senior design semesters.

  • Records how/when each outcome is fulfilled
    • Student records the outcome by indicating what was done; includes reference to report, software, and/or pages in notebook where it is documented.
    • TA must approve to indicate that referenced work in matrix can be located in notebook or SPS.
    • Advisor must approved that each outcome has been satisfied and at what level (unacceptable, marginal, acceptable or excellent).
  • Template posted in Forms: Outcome Matrix
  • Rubric describing unacceptable, marginal, acceptable, or excellent work: Senior Design Rubric
  • Completed forms should be posted in Senior Design folder of student’s team folder on the Share Point Server (SPS).
  • Review should be done periodically throughout the semester
  • All outcomes must be satisfied by the end of the 2nd semester.
important definitions
Important Definitions

There is sometime a question whether particular work is appropriate design work. To help discern the type of work that is being completed, we have included definitions of the following1:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Reproduction

[1] Horenstein, M.N. (1999). “Design Concepts for Engineers,” Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, pp. 21 – 24.

definitions of analysis design and reproduction
Definitions of Analysis, Design, and Reproduction:

Analysis: If only one answer to the problem exists, and finding it involves using mathematical/computational models or tools, then the activity is probably analysis. Examples of analysis are simulating the response of a circuit using circuit simulation tools, conducting an experiment to obtain data, or deriving simple equations of motion to determine expected forces.

definitions of analysis design and reproduction1
Definitions of Analysis, Design, and Reproduction:

Design: If more than one solution exists, and if deciding upon a sutiable path demands creativity, choice taking, testing, iteration, and evaluation, the activity is most certainly design. It can include analysis, but it also must involve at least one of these other elements.

definitions of analysis design and reproduction2
Definitions of Analysis, Design, and Reproduction:

Reproduction: Process of recreating something that has already been designed. For example, copying oscillator circuit from an electronics book and substituting resister values to set the frequency is an example of reproduction, not design.

more information about design
More information about Design

Please keep in mind that “Design” is a complete process from the origin of the project idea through the deployment and maintenance of the project. It includes specification development, conceptual design, detailed design, etc. More information about the EPICS Human Centered Design Process can be found at:


These links will be updated during the semester.

outcome design documentation ethics and social context
Outcome Design Documentation – Ethics and Social Context

Information regarding the documentation of Outcomes (vi) and (viii):

  • It is expected that Senior Design Students attend both the Ethics and Social Context lecture(s) and the Ethics and Social Context skill sessions as part of the documentation for these outcomes.
  • More information about the lecture(s) and skill sessions to be provided.
  • The skill sessions will be posted in myEPICS when scheduled.
outcome design documentation
Outcome Design Documentation

Additional information about the documentation of Outcomes (i), (ii) and (iii):

  • It is expected that Senior Design Students author at least one Design Record each semester as part of the documentation for these outcomes.

A Design Record is a (short) report of one aspect of design that has been completed regarding your project. This includes analysis completed, details of the decision-making that could be applied to other projects, etc.

outcome design documentation1
Outcome Design Documentation

Examples of topics of Design Records:

  • Circuit simulation
  • CAD modeling of project
  • Safety calculations
  • Experimental measurements
  • Design rational: Why did you choose a particular design approach, algorithm, etc.
  • Component selection: Why did you choose a particular component?
outcome design documentation2
Outcome Design Documentation

One section of the Senior Design Report refers to the Design Process and asks you to indicated how it is incorporated into the project:

“Description of how the engineering design process is incorporated into the project. Reference must be made to most of the following fundamental steps of the design process: establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation.”

You may refer to the steps of the EPICS Human-Centered Design Process, which include the above steps.

outcome design documentation3
Outcome Design Documentation

In Section (e) of the Project Description, you are asked to give a summary of how realistic design constraints are being incorporated into the project. These constraints should be addressed within the following phases of the EPICS Human-Centered Design Process:

  • Project Specification
  • Project Conceptual Design
  • Project Detail Design

Accessing the SharePoint Server

Completed documents must be posted on the SharePoint Server to be reviewed and approved.Information about accessing Sharepoint, creating and editing documents can be found: addition, templates of the Outcome Matrix, Project Proposal, and Project Descriptions can be found on the Guidelines and Templates for Teams and Individuals page.

three warnings
Three Warnings
  • You are responsible for paying attention to how you are doing with respect to the senior design requirements
    • Appropriateness of project
    • Your role on the project
    • OutcomesDiscuss concerns with your TA, advisor, and/or EPICS Assistant Academic Administrator
three warnings cont
Three Warnings (cont.)
  • Falsifying information – and in particular, signatures – on the Outcomes Matrix constitutes cheating. Your outcomes will not be approved. You will not be able to use EPICS to fulfill your senior design requirement.The SharePoint Server’s Revision Control System allows us to track changes in the documents.
three warnings cont1
Three Warnings (cont.)
  • If you don’t meet the senior design requirements, you won’t graduate.
where to get help
Where to Get Help
  • ABET requirements:
    • Your TA and advisor(s)
    • ECE Administrator and EPICS Education Administrator: Dr. Carla Zoltowski
    • MDE Administrator and EPICS Director: Prof. Bill Oakes
    • Assistant Academic Administrator: Mr. James Huff
  • Senior Design Link on the web:
  • SharePoint Server operation:
    • Your TA
    • Guy Martin–

Please make sure that you can answer the following questions. If not, you should review the material in this module for the information.

  • What document is used to demonstrate that an individual student’s planned role on a project is appropriate for senior design?
  • What two major documents are used to demonstrate the Senior Design requirements have been satisfied?
  • How many of the outcomes must be satisfied at the end of the two semester period?
questions continued
Questions, continued
  • Does each Senior Design student on a project team need to submit a separate Project Description?
  • Who needs to approve the outcomes in the Outcome Matrix?
  • True/False: I must achieve at least a “marginal” grade in all outcomes to pass.
  • Where should the completed documents be posted/stored?
  • True/False: The Senior Design requirements must be fulfilled in order to graduate.
questions continued1
Questions, continued
  • True/False: Only work in the “Detailed Design” phase will count towards my senior design requirements.
  • What am I expected to present at the First Semester Design Committee meeting?
  • What am I expected to present at the Second Semester Design Committee meeting?
  • How many Design Records am I expected to author during my two semester Senior Design experience?