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Welcome. Building Coordinators Network. Building Coordinators Network. Meeting Agenda Campus Master Plan Updates – Rod Lehnertz UI Recycle Improvements – Valerie RiChard Campus Outdoor Warning System – Bruce McAvoy Building Access Controls – Dan Heater

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Building coordinators network l.jpg


Building Coordinators Network

Building coordinators network2 l.jpg
Building Coordinators Network

Meeting Agenda

Campus Master Plan Updates – Rod Lehnertz

UI Recycle Improvements – Valerie RiChard

Campus Outdoor Warning System – Bruce McAvoy

Building Access Controls – Dan Heater

Facilities Condition Assessment – Ann Rosenthal

Campus master plan updates l.jpg
Campus Master Plan Updates

Rod Lehnertz

Director, Campus & Facilities Planning

Campus master plan updates4 l.jpg
Campus Master Plan Updates

A Look Inside…

Campus Master Plan

Ui recycle program improvements l.jpg
UI Recycle Program Improvements

Valerie RiChard

Associate Director, Operations & Maintenance

Landfill Waste 4532.18 tons 78%

Refuse Recycled 1271.56 tons 22%

Total Refuse 5803.74 tons 100%

Ui recycle program improvements7 l.jpg

Current Environment

Community Engagement

Requests from students, faculty and staff

Reduce UI’s environmental footprint

Comprehensive Program

Desk to Dock

Materials Recycled

Opportunities for Efficiencies

UI Recycle Program Improvements

Ui recycle program improvements8 l.jpg
UI Recycle Program Improvements

UI Recycling Task Force

  • Composed of students, faculty, and staff

  • City of Iowa City

  • Major service units

  • UI Purchasing

Ui recycling task force l.jpg
UI Recycling Task Force


Individual ResponsibilityCommunity EngagementReducing Carbon Footprint“Green” InitiativesStudent, Faculty & Staff Recruitment

Short term committee goals

Explore opportunities to:

  • Expand collection of recyclables

  • Reduce UI waste sent to the landfill

  • Report to VP’s Phil Jones & Doug True.


Energy Conservation


Green Activities

Ui recycle program improvements10 l.jpg
UI Recycle Program Improvements

Improvement Initiatives

  • Initiate Outdoor Plastics Collection

  • Expand Indoor Plastics Collection

    - Health Sciences Campus Pilot

  • Increase Paper and Cardboard Collection

Ui recycle program improvements11 l.jpg

Recycling Containers

Funding and Grants


Coca-Cola Bin Grant

Iowa DNR P2 Intern Program

UI Recycle Program Improvements

Solid WasteAlternativesProgram

APPLICATIONSeptember 2007

Ui recycle program improvements12 l.jpg

Reducing waste sent to the landfill

Recycle planning




UI Recycle Program Improvements

UI Waste Characterization Study

The UI field guide

for conducting



Slide13 l.jpg

UI Recycle Program Improvements

The Tent Event!

30 – 60 Samples Needed!

Key to Waste Sort Process:

W = Waste

R = Recycle

O = People (Green)

Plastic Bags of Waste

Waste Sorting Tables

Fall 2007








Outdoor tent in high visibility location

Ui recycle program improvements14 l.jpg


UI Recycle Program Improvements

Campus all hazards warning system l.jpg
Campus All-Hazards Warning System

Bruce McAvoy

Public Safety

Campus all hazards warning system16 l.jpg
Campus All-Hazards Warning System

  • Initially the system was in response to the Tornado in April 2006, to provide better severe weather notification coverage to the UI Campus

  • Can be used for more than just severe weather, but for “all-hazards” (chemical release, violent incident, etc.)

  • Has the capabilities to transmit “live voice” from a central location

Campus all hazards warning system17 l.jpg
Campus All-Hazards Warning System

System Components

  • 5 “siren” towers

    All solar powered, radio activated, installed on 55 ft. steel poles, and are expandable to 10 cells

    • Parklawn (10 Cell Tower)

    • Banks Field (8 Cell Tower)

    • Boyd Law (6 Cell Tower)

    • Melrose & Morman Trek (6 Cell Tower)

    • Oakdale Campus (6 Cell)

Campus all hazards warning system18 l.jpg
Campus All-Hazards Warning System

System Components, continued

  • 3 siren encoders

    • UI PD Emergency Communication Center

    • UI PD Command Vehicle (Explorer)

    • Portable Kenwood Handheld Radio

  • Remote receivers (VA-2000)

    Receives alerts issued from UI PD via warning system; text messages in place of recorded messages and has “live voice” capabilities.

Campus all hazards warning system19 l.jpg
Campus All-Hazards Warning System


  • During severe weather events when other sirens in Johnson County are activated

  • At the direction of the UI leadership during other events


  • “Silent tested” every week

  • Functional testing first Monday of every month

Campus all hazards warning system20 l.jpg
Campus All-Hazards Warning System

When you can combine an all-hazards outdoor warning system with voice capabilities and a text messaging mass notification system, you can reach over 99% of your campus during an emergency situation.

James Lee Witt

Former FEMA Director

Building access control project l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

Dan Heater

Director, Operations & Maintenance

Building access control project23 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

Where We Are Today


How We Got Here

Building access control project24 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

Right to the Point!

We have selected:

American Magnetic Access Group


As Our Building Access Software/Firmware Manufacturer to provide a de-centralized Access Control System

Building access control project25 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

We have selected:

Security Equipment, Inc.


As the selected AMAG Access Control System reseller, installer, and integrator.

As a manufacturer’s qualified integrator SEI can provide fully integrated access control, CCTV, fire, intercom, lock hardware and security systems.

Building access control project26 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

How Did We Get Here?

  • Through the hard work of a campus-wide

    cross-functional team with members from:

Building access control project27 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

Cross-functional team charged with selecting a new card access and security control system:

  • Public Safety

  • Vice President of Research (Animal Care)

  • Information Technology Services

  • College of Engineering

  • University Housing

  • Purchasing

  • Facilities Management

Building access control project28 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

Initially the team evaluated 10 Access and Control Monitoring System manufacturers.

Through evaluation and by applying a points grading system the team narrowed the list to three manufacturers: AMAG Technology, Lenel Systems, and Software House.

Building access control project29 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

AMAG, Lenel and Software House representatives were invited to campus for a presentation of their systems software/firmware technical and functional characteristics.

After extension review, analysis, and end-user testing: AMAG and Lenel were selected as having acceptable solutions for our ACMS needs.

Building access control project30 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

  • Acceptable manufacturers were narrowed to:

    • AMAG Technology

    • Lenel Systems International

  • An RFP was sent to seven integrators

  • Security Equipment Inc, was selected and will provide AMAG control technology

  • Contract is being awarded to SEI

  • Madison Street Services Building will serve as the pilot project

Building access control project31 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

  • Creating a Secure Campus

    Is a shared responsibility and is being led by the UI Police Dept., Facilities Management, and Academic and Research Departments.

    Through the collaborative efforts of these key stakeholders an Access and Security Strategic Plan is being developed.

Building access control project32 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

The Plan is addressing three key objectives:

Risk Assessment



Within these key objectives there are up to 14 key strategic points.

Access security strategic plan l.jpg
Access & Security Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan is being developed and will address:

Access Control Administration

Security and Risk Assessment

System Installation Standards

Issuing and Controlling Cards and Keys

Integrating Employee Databases with Control System

Security System Monitoring

Service and Support Business Model

Installation and Conversion Plan

Building access control project34 l.jpg
Building Access Control Project

  • Additional Information and Training Session

    FM, Operations and Maintenance will be providing an opportunity in Mid-December for Building Coordinators to attend a more detailed informational training session on Building Access Control Systems and the Access and Security Strategic Plan.

Facilities condition assessment l.jpg
Facilities Condition Assessment

Ann Rosenthal

Associate Director, Operations & Maintenance

Facilities condition assessment37 l.jpg
Facilities Condition Assessment

  • Initiated: February 2004

  • Consultant: ISES Corporation

    Stone Mountain, GA

  • Scope: Identify the conditions of our facilities, quantify the deficiencies, and provide a database of the information.

Facilities condition assessment38 l.jpg
Facilities Condition Assessment

What’s in it for the Building Coordinator?

  • Definition of building-related terms

  • Information for college/departmental space planning

  • Tools for decision-making

  • Upcoming Workshop

  • Fall/Winter 2007

Facilities condition assessment39 l.jpg
Facilities Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Needs Index

Deferred Maintenance + Capital Renewal + Plant Adaption

Facility Replacement Cost

Facilities condition assessment40 l.jpg
Facilities Condition Assessment

Web Interface to information on your facility…

Facilities condition assessment41 l.jpg
Facilities Condition Assessment

Provides the Institution…

  • Common Language

  • Total-Cost-Of-Ownership Decision Making Model

  • Board Policy Changes on Stewardship

  • Project Impact Examples

    • Art Building Phase II

    • Chemistry Renovation

    • Old Music / Seashore Hall