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Welcome to 1 st Grade! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 1 st Grade!

Welcome to 1 st Grade!

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Welcome to 1 st Grade!

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  1. Welcome to 1st Grade! First Grade Teachers: Mrs. Bracken/Mrs. Goldan - Room 109 Mrs. Stone– Room 111 Mrs. Murray – Room 110 Mrs. Frendak– Room 503

  2. Meet the Teachers From left: Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Goldan, and Mrs. Bracken

  3. Curriculum Overview 1. Shared Reading • In Shared Reading, the teacher reads aloud and models the use of reading strategies while students observe or join in. The students sit in a whole-group gathering area. • Our shared reading program, Journeys, integrates social skills and allows the students to think, pair and share. • Vocabulary is taught every week and displayed in the classroom. Students can then refer to words in their writing or center time.

  4. 2. Literacy Centers, WIN, and Guided Reading • According to Fountas and Pinnell, guided reading is an instructional setting that enables the teacher to work with a small group of students to help them learn effective strategies for processing text with understanding. The purpose of guided reading is to meet the varying instructional needs of all students in the class. • WIN time will be designated for a review of skills and small group or one on one instruction. • Centers are a review of skills. Some of our literacy centers are: Writing Computers Listening Big Books Word Work Pocket Chart Library Poetry `

  5. 3. Word Study/Spelling • Word study is a combination of phonics, spelling, and vocabulary instruction. Based on individual needs, students may be working with other first grade teachers. • Students utilize tile boards, whiteboards, and word family books to reinforce skills. • Students work with partners to sort, problem solve, form hypotheses, predict outcomes and test them. D. We begin with a review of letters and sounds. There will be new sight words introduced each weekalong with spelling words.

  6. 4. Writing • Writing Workshop – A writing workshop consists of a mini-lesson where we generate ideas through literature and model the writing process. Students write, the teacher confers with students, and students share their writing with the class. • Our “Writing Community” produces classroom books along with writing responses throughout the year. • Handwriting Program / Zaner Bloser • Each student has a folder that contains a sight word book, writing samples, and journals that will be utilized during writing workshop. Throughout the year, many samples will be placed in a writing portfolio which will be sent home at the end of the year.

  7. 5.Math (Envisions 2.0 ) • Whole group instruction • Each lesson begins with hands on manipulative work to introduce skill • Guided practice is completed as a whole group • Independent Practice • To conclude each lesson, there’s problem solving and a journal response

  8. 6. Social Studies (McGraw Hill) • Where We Live • Groups and Families • People at Work • Scholastic News 7. Science (Scott Foresman) • Simple Machines and Magnets • Sky • Weather • Plants

  9. Assessments 1. There will be different assessments given throughout the year. • Whole group – Students will have to listen and follow along with the teacher. • Small group – During guided reading time or a 1-on-1 assessment with teacher. • Sight word and spelling skills will be assessed throughout the year. Spelling lists will be provided for reference and practice. • Upcoming test dates will be posted on the google calendar at the beginning of the week. 2. Homework • Some homework will be double sided. • Most nights students will have Math and Language Arts. • Guided Reading books will be coming home nightly. Please read with your child, sign log, and return bag to school daily. • It is imperative in 1st grade, for parents to be active participants when students complete homework. Directions will need to be read, concepts reinforced and homework should be checked for completion.

  10. Special Classes • Art • Music • Library • Physical Education • Health • World Language

  11. Important Information • Throughout the year, there may be a time where plans change or a family emergency arises unexpectedly during school hours. Please, contact the main office for dismissal changes and they will contact your child’s teacher. • If your child is going to be absent, contact Lori Frable, our school nurse. • Please provide a small, healthy snack daily including a drink. It is helpful to pack snack separately from their lunch items. • Teachers Email addresses: • / • • •