geographic services presents 2014 spring conference call n.
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Geographic Services presents: 2014 Spring Conference Call

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Geographic Services presents: 2014 Spring Conference Call - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COMMUNITY ENGINEERING CORPS . MEMBERSHIP. ASCE FOUNDATION. SOCIAL MEDIA. Geographic Services presents: 2014 Spring Conference Call . MEMBERSHIP. ASCE FOUNDATION. SOCIAL MEDIA. COMMUNITY ENGINEERING CORPS . Geographic Services presents: 2014 Spring Conference Call .

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geographic services presents 2014 spring conference call1





Geographic Services presents:2014 Spring Conference Call


The Community Engineering Corps is an alliance of:American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Engineers without Borders – USA (EWB-USA)

what does ce corps do
What Does CE Corps Do?
  • CE Corps provides engineering services to underserved communities in the USA
  • We do not
    • Fund projects
    • Construct projects
    • Work on non-engineering projects
how does ce corps work
How Does CE Corps Work?
  • We work with communities who have asked for our assistance
  • We rely on volunteers from the three collaborating organizations to give their time and expertise
  • Our work is based upon mobilizing chapters or sections of ASCE, AWWA or EWB-USA to work on projects
project process
Project Process
  • A community completes an application for a new CE Corps project
  • The application is reviewed by CE Corps staff and/or volunteers for acceptance as a CE Corps project
  • A Section applies to be matched with the community /project
  • The community and Section agree on a scope of work and develop an engineering services agreement
volunteer opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Sectionscan work on individual projects
    • Project must be an official project
    • Section has been approved to work on the project
  • Individualscan work in the quality management system
    • Application Review Committee (ARC)
    • Technical Review Committee (TRC)
  • Please go to our temporary webpage at
  • Or to
  • Contact CE Corps
fundraising the basics
Fundraising: The Basics

Fundamental principle of fundraising: People give to people!

Establish a sponsorship committee, and develop sponsorship opportunities

Assign dollar amounts to opportunities based on visibility and value to sponsor- not the cost of the event

Develop a prospect list, and identify the right person to make the ask

Thank your donors again—and again—and again!

defining you case for support
Defining You Case For Support

And always remember… thank your donors again – and again – and again!

  • Describe your cause or case
    • Relate it to your community
    • Demonstrate it as real
  • Convince the donor that the cause is worth supporting
  • Explain how the funds will be used
  • Create a sense of urgency
how we can help
How We Can Help
  • Provide fundraising plan guidelines
  • Distribute best practices documents
  • Share fundraising and stewardship examples
  • Give feedback on your


  • Answer questions and

act as a sounding


foundation staff
Foundation Staff
  • Christine Williams, CFRE
      • Executive Vice President
        • (703)295-6346
  • Elizabeth Vander Leeuw
      • Senior Manager, Annual Giving
        • (703)295-6461
  • Natalie Zundel
      • Senior Manager, Major Gifts
        • (703)295-6347


An ASCE Membership Champion…

Motivated to make a difference in growing the profession

A catalyst, creating & encouraging strategic thinking of membership growth

At the epicenter of member recruitment & retention activities


The Starting Lineup Begins With You…

  • Our Goal?
  • EVERY Membership Chair enrolls as a Membership Champion
  • At least ONE Membership Champion in each Section and Branch
  • At least ONE Membership Champion in every local civil engineering firm
  • At least ONE Membership Champion who will hand the Champions baton to the next volunteer

Join theTeam…

marcia boyd

The Scoreboard (membership metrics)

  • The HUDDLE (sharing best practices)
  • Mini-Camp (strategy & goal development)
  • Champions Center (online resources)
  • Pizza Party Reimbursement (financial assistance)
  • Champions Awards (Most Valuable Champion)

Tools and Resources Include:

Program Manager

We listen to your feedback on the health of your membership, then cook up recommendations to help you succeed


Marcia Boyd


2014 member referral drive
2014 Member Referral Drive

  • In addition to individual prizes, FIVE CASH GRAND PRIZES will be awarded in August for:
    • Top Recruiter
    • Top Region
    • Top Local Section/Branch
    • Top Younger Member Group
    • New Member
  • Contact: Angelica Sullivan
  • 703-295-6066
  • February 1 - August 1, 2014
  • From a personal recruiting portal:
    • Refer members
    • Check out prizes
    • Get recruitment tips
    • Monitor your recruitment progress
    • Keep an eye on the completion
membership listing access
Membership Listing Access
  • Need access? No longer need it and wish to relinquish? Update your account status! Simply…
  • Go to
  • Select the option that pertains to what you’re looking for
  • Read and agree to the rules
  • Fill in the required information about yourself
  • Click “Submit”
  • Your request will be processed within 2 weeks

Get the type of access best suited to your needs…

strategies up close
Strategies Up Close

24 Hr. Access to Three Sources

  • Champions Web Page

FTP Membership Data is a detailed listing of all members in your Section/Branch.

Ways to Engage Members

  • Welcome new members
  • Celebrate and engage Life Members
  • Engage Younger Members
  • Promote Section membership
  • Promote Institute membership
  • E-Workbook (RR1)

  • FTP Handbook for Database Use

promoting asce fellow membership
Promoting ASCE Fellow Membership

In the Presentation

Staff Contact: Rob Goldberg

  • Phone: (800) 548-ASCE (2723) ext. 6289 or +1 (703) 295-6289
  • Fax: (703) 295-6335
  • E-mail:
  • Online:
  • What it means to be an ASCE Fellow
  • Why you should consider applying
  • How do you know if you qualify to apply
  • You are ready to apply – here’s how
  • Questions and Answers
asce a socially active society
ASCE: A Socially Active Society
  • ASCE social media channels are platforms used to promote civil engineering and the professional development of civil engineers.
  • To maximize effectiveness, social media marketing efforts should be aligned with key business and organizational goals.
tips tricks
Tips & Tricks
  • Social media users are barraged on a daily basis with information from friends, brands, and organizations. That’s why it’s so important to give followers content they love.
  • Create a balance of promotional and value-based content.
tips tricks1
Tips & Tricks
  • Social media followers = potentially reached customers/members. Just because we post doesn’t mean they’ll see!
    • The more users engage, the more likely they are to see a post
    • Content development cycle: listen & learn, engage & converse, analyze & alter
how to get started
How to Get Started
  • Check out ASCE’s social media site:
  • Download the Social Media Playbook for tips on how your Section or Branch can leverage social media.
  • Fill out a social media request formor email to start a conversation with ASCE’s social media team. We’ll be able to help determine if social media is the right communications tool for you!
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Geographic Services presents:2014 Spring Conference Call