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History of our Lyceum

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History of our Lyceum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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History of our Lyceum . The school that gave birth to our Lyceum was founded in October 1922 .

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history of our lyceum
History of our Lyceum
  • The school that gave birth to our Lyceum was founded in October 1922.
  • The building was located in a former religious school. There were 3 classrooms( physics classroom, science classroom, technology classroom). The classrooms’ equipment was very simple. There was a stove heating in it.
  • Children all over the city went to school. 580 pupils were divided into 15 groups and studied in it.

The first Head teacher was StroginEvgeniy Nikolayevich.

  • During The Great Patriotic War teachers and students helped our Army.After lessons they cared for the wounded soldiers in the hospital, washed bandages and clothes.
  • In 1965 our school moved to the new building. Nowadays our school is located here.
2013 2014
2013 - 2014
  • Administration – 7 people
  • Teachers – 52 people
  • Students – 774 people
  • Number of grades – 32

First grade – 3

Second grade – 2

Third grade – 3

Fourth grade– 3

Total: 257pupils

Fifth grade – 4

Sixth grade – 3

Seventh grade – 3

Eight grade – 3

Ninth grade – 3

Total: 388 pupils

Tenth grade – 3

Eleventh grade – 2

Total: 129 pupils


In 2006 IlonaVladimirovnaSosnovskayahas become the Headteacher of Lyceum № 2.

At the present timeour Lyceum is one of the leaders of educationin Krasnoyarsk.

On the results of public and state examination in the context of National Project «Education» our Lyceumis one ofthe 15 best innovative educational institutions in Krasnoyarsk region and three times was the winner of this project.It is a winner in the regional competition of projectson the organization sport courts.

The average age of our teachers is 30-50 years(75%)

69 % of all teachers have a teaching experience for more than ten years

23 teachers get the highest category

13 teachers have the first category

1 is the Honored teacher of the Russian Federation

1 is the Honored teacher of Krasnoyarsk region

2 are Honored teachers in Public Education

9 are Honorary Workers of general education

lyceum s traditions
Lyceum’s traditions

Day of Knowledge

The first day of schoolbegins with solemn formation , students of the first and eleventh grades exchange gifts , the First bell sounds, artists represent theatrical performance , teachers, parents and guests make a speech . Then the students of each class get together, share their impressions after the holidays, make excursions, have meetings with interesting people.


Lyceum’s traditions

  • Lyceum award
  • Students who have brought glory to the Lyceum in various activities are awarded every year in May:
  • human sciences;
  • physics and mathematics;
  • science;
  • arts;
  • physical education and sports;
  • social activities

Lyceum’s traditions

Health Day

It is one of the most favorite pupils’ holidays.

Students, teachers and parents take part in a sport competition «My family is a sport family», different competitions, quizzes and educational games,prepare exhibitions.


Lyceum’s traditions

Teach a teacher

There is a project in which teachers and students change their activities .

Students teach teachers unfamiliar activities : dancing, football, basketball, boxing, capoeira, martial arts, playing guitar. A big performance happens at the end of the project. Teachers demonstrate what they have learned during the project.


Directions of activities


Every year students participate in the Olympiads, competitions and win prizes.

Students are provided by Lyceum’s teachers and high school teachers engaged in scientific – research activities.Their resultsthey represent successfully on various scientific conferences.


Directions of activities


Lyceum pupils are interested in volleyball, basketball, football.

Our teams are

prizes in various competitions.

There are sports classes. Children who practice swimming and gymnastics study in these spots classes.


Directions of activities


There are all conditionsfor the development of students’ creative abilities.

Children engage in the art studio «Mask», the choir «Canon», the dance club


the art studio «merry brush».


Directions of activities


A lot of attention is paid to the Lyceum patriotic education of pupils.

In our Lyceum is a military sports club «Patriot». There are events such as “Soldier's song festival", "Guard of the Year“, «Parade songs and order», meetings with veterans are organized.


Directions of activities


There are social events at the Lyceum every year. Students and their parents, teachers help children in adverse conditions, assisting the elderly and veterans, arrange charity events.