Initial expedition training
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Initial Expedition Training. Chapter 3 - Kit. Map. Compass. Whistle. First Aid kit. Rucksack and polythene bag. Equipment. Each member should have:-. Emergency rations. Tents and shelters. Group shelter Good for lunch in the rain. Two-man dome-style Vaude Good for wild country work.

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First Aid kit

Rucksack and polythene bag


Each member should have:-

Emergency rations

Initial expedition training

Tents and shelters

Group shelter

Good for lunch in the rain

Two-man dome-style Vaude

Good for wild country work.

Four-man tent

Comfortable, but not so good for carrying

Three-man ridge tent

Good for cadet expeditions

Initial expedition training

Kit adjustments

There are a small number of adjustments that will need to be made to any kit before it’s ready to use. Most kit is good to go when you buy it. We will look at the small number of exceptions:

● Rucksacks

● Walking poles

● Gaiters

By the end of this section you will know how to adjust your kit to make it comfortable and safe for use.


  • Make sure any Back System is best for you, and that the sack fits!

  • Size is in Litres

    • 35-45l is Daysack sized

    • 65-75l is good for overnight expeditions

    • 75l> is probably too big, but used by military

  • Rucksacks are generally NOT waterproof!

Load carrying
Load Carrying

  • Use a rucksack liner or big plastic sack to keep everything dry

  • Make sure fuel is sealed, bagged, and kept away from food

  • Don’t dangle stuff on the outside!

Initial expedition training


These need careful adjustment to prevent discomfort.

Initial expedition training

Walking poles

Good for taking some of the weight off your knees

Initial expedition training


Warm and waterproof – useful in wild country and when walking through wet vegetation.