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  1. ART GOLD – An Overview Launching Date March 2007 in a post conflict context Programme Areas North Lebanon (3 cazas), South Lebanon (7 cazas), Bekaa (5 cazas)and Beirut Southern Suburbs (1 caza) National Partner Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) International Coordination ART Initiative-UNDP Geneva Donors and partnerships Italy, Spain, Belgium, Monaco and Decentralized Cooperation

  2. Donors and Partnerships

  3. ART GOLD Lebanon - AGL • Forming a part of the ART International Initiative, UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon aims to support the Lebanese national government and local communities in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). • AGL utilizes the Local Development Methodology, relying on three main pillars: Regional Working Groups (RWGs), Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs), and Decentralized Cooperation (DC). • The program is being implemented in the four neediest areas (South Lebanon, North Lebanon, Bekaa Region and Beirut Southern Suburbs) where the scores of poverty rates mount high, and the socio-economic problems are enormous. • The program adopts the strategic planning approach to build an agreement on shared goals among territorial stakeholders towards the achievement of a balanced and sustainable development.

  4. Strategic Planning Approach • The strategic plan is a political, medium and long-term program for territorial development that uses a bottom up participative approach aimed to involve the local community and to engage it in thinking its own vision of the future and how and what do to achieve the aim. • The Strategic Plan’s main objective is to build a balanced and integrated territorial development program, shared by all the institutional, social and economic stakeholders. • Specific goals- Defining strategies for territorial development.- Realizing and coordinating global, national and regional guidelines Detecting available financial resources. - Supporting the ordinary territorial planning and programming instruments.- Developing a single reference document for all local development policies.

  5. Structure International Level The Art International Initiative promotes the articulation of partnerships through Art Gold country framework program by ensuring the exchange of experiences, best practices and innovation for human development and governance among the local communities of different ART program countries. The international activities are coordinated through ART Initiative’s International Office, as part of the Hub for Innovative Partnerships of the UNDP Liaison Office in Geneva, and ART Antennas in Rome and Seville, while UNOPS manages the international technical assistance.

  6. National Level UNDP ART GOLD national interlocutor is the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR). The implementation of ART GOLD activities is jointly liaised and closely coordinated with the national government through the National Committee (NC), established by a decree of the Prime Minister in December 2007.

  7. Local level UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon utilizes a local development methodology that relies on territorial networks and partnerships which are extremely poor in the ART GOLD target areas. With the aim to build-up and strengthen the relational and social capital of the target territories, the program established in its four target areas 308 Municipal Working Groups, 20 Regional Working Groups (RWGs) and 19 Thematic Working Groups. These working groups identify the local needs within the general framework of the strategic planning approach, with the aim to build an agreement based on shared goals among territorial stakeholders.

  8. AGL Strategic Objectives

  9. Strategic Objectives at the International Level • Promote international partnerships and disseminate the ART GOLD methodology. • Coordinate efforts of donors and promote partnerships between different actors of international cooperation within the multi-donor framework. • Multiply LED opportunities with other ART experiences according to the international networks.

  10. Strategic Objectives at the National Level • Enhance access to quality social services with focus on primary health care services. • Enhance the preservation of the Environment • Enhance the social integration and dialogue of youth. • Multiply LED opportunities according to the strategic objectives established at area level.

  11. Strategic Objectives at the Area Level

  12. South Lebanon • Enhance the preservation of the Environment: towards integrated water and solid waste management and increase in the use of renewable energy. • Increase income generation and job opportunities focusing on women and youth groups in agro industry and small scale enterprises (shoe making, pottery, glass industry, fisheries and beekeeping).

  13. North Lebanon • Increase access to quality social services with focus on primary health care and education in Akkar, Minnieh-Dinnieh, and Tripoli. • Increase youth participation in local development processes in Akkar and Minnieh-Dinnieh. • Increase income generation and job opportunities focusing on agriculture and agro industry (Milk, beekeeping, fruit and vegetables and fishing) particularly in Akkar and MinniehDinnieh.

  14. Bekaa Region • Increase access to quality social services with focus on Primary Health Care in Bekaa. • Enhance the preservation and quality of the environment with focus on forestry and water management. • Enhance the social integration and dialogue among youth within the Bekaa region. • Increase income generation and job opportunities in tourism and agro-industry with focus on dairy production, beekeeping, fruit and vegetables, and vineyards.

  15. Beirut Southern Suburbs • Increase access to public health care services. • Enhance the social integration of vulnerable youth. • Increase income generation and job opportunities for small scale enterprises (women and youth).