The Miraculas Moose Attack
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The Miraculas Moose Attack. By: Amanda & Maddie . The Moose Attack!.

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The Miraculas Moose Attack

By: Amanda & Maddie

The moose attack
The Moose Attack!

  • It all started when I broke up with my lady. Let me tell you, you say one bad thing and she goes all squirrelly. She bucked me in the butt. First we should start with the facts. My name is Chuck, after I got bucked I was so upset that I ran into Brian!

My half of the story
My Half of the Story

  • After I ran into the boy, I went off minding my own business. Then he tried to ride on my back. At that moment, I knew he was up to no good. So I made him learn his lesson.


  • The boy could not get enough so I left to try and get my lady back. The boy was supposedly a stalker and he kept following me.

Don’t even start it!

What’s up my lady?

My lady
My Lady

  • Then, I tried to make Brian stop following me, but he didn’t. So that’s when Brian met my lady.

My lady


He stole my lady
He stole my lady!

  • So, Brian was making googly eyes at my lady. Then Brian knew it was the last straw! If he messes with my lady, he has to mess with the man! So I scuffed my hooves on the dirt, got my antlers nice and ready, and BAM! Right into the lake.


That ought to do it!

Oh yeah
Oh Yeah!

  • Well, I knew that I showed that boy who’s boss!

Not again
Not Again!

  • He was going for my lady again so I ramped him straight into the lake. So he could not get to my lady fast enough.

The present
The Present!

  • I saw the boy fishing and I chose to take the fish and give it to my lady. Let me tell you he was not the brightest crayon in the box he tried to fight back!!

Got the bait
Got the Bait

  • Man, this is like taking candy from a baby. That boy never saw it coming, I think he needs his eyes checked. My girl loves fish she took me back. I am good with the ladies!

Thank you
Thank you!

  • This has been a presentation by the factory of Maddie and Amanda. Thank you and have a happy Thanksgiving!