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Moose. Mrs. Main Period 9 . Where can you find a moose?. North America and Europe. Movement. Top speed is 35 mph. Walks on four legs with hooves – front legs are longer than back legs. M ovement. Good swimmers – can swim up to 6 mph – can stay under for 30 seconds. They move in a herd.

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Mrs. Main

Period 9

where can you find a moose
Where can you find a moose?

North America and Europe


Top speed is 35 mph

Walks on four legs with hooves – front legs are longer than back legs

m ovement

Good swimmers – can swim up to 6 mph – can stay under for 30 seconds

They move in a herd

chemical activities
Chemical activities

Doesn’t have incisors so it has to rip off bark and uses hooves to scrap through snow in the winter for moss

Eats 40-60 lbs. each day

chemical activities1
Chemical Activities

Herbivores(they eat vegetation)

such as grass, plants, branches

and bark from trees

Warm-blooded mammal that breathes with lungs

growth and development
Growth and development

Life span is 15-20

Weight is 800-1,200 LBS

Size is 6-7 ft. tall

growth and development1
Growth and development

Male is called a “bull” with 4-5 ft antlers that they shed each year

Baby moose is called a “calf” – has reddish fur which turns brown

responding to the environment
Responding to the environment

Bothered by humans

Knocks them down to kick and stomp until they stop moving

Too hot, too many flies

Go into a pond or lake

responding to the environment1
Responding to the environment

Male threatens male

Show or fight with antlers

Females make a deep call

Males are attracted


Mating season is early fall and gestation lasts for 8 months

Usually have 1 calf

(twins and triplets are rare)


Gives birth in the

spring or summer

Calf stays with the mom until the next mating season

interesting facts
Interesting facts

Also known as elk – largest member of the deer family

Has a dewlap hanging from its throat

interesting facts1
Interesting facts

Hair is hollow to keep them warm

Good hearing and sense of smell – bad sight because they are nearsighted


Thanks for listening!

Hope you learned how a moose is a living thing!