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  1. Morocco By:Anthony Rodriguez

  2. Morocco Map North of Algeria

  3. Morocco Literacy & Life Expectancy

  4. Human & Physical Features Morocco is 78% desert. The country was controlled by not just Spain, but France at the exact same time. Morocco gained independence in 1956. That was 58 years ago (if you read this in 2014). Morocco is located next to Algeria and south of Spain, which is odd because Morocco was about 3 times the size of Spain.

  5. Flag The Moroccan flag only has two color, which are red and green, the traditional colors of Islam. The flag only has one decoration, a green five point star with red in the background. Red is the color of the Moroccan dynasty, and green links between god and the nation. In conclusion the flag of Morocco is a piece of history.

  6. Government The march 1998 elections one government the coalition headed by the opposition socialist leader Abderrahmane youssoufi. It was also the first in modern political history in Arab and world that the opposition assumed power following an election.

  7. Religion The religion that Morocco mainly worships is Islam made by a prophet named Muhammad Morocco but it is worship in some parts of this country. Inconclusion,Islam is the main religion b. the second religion of Morocco is Judaism not munch of this country worship the religion of ut Judaism is still worship in Morocco.

  8. Timeline Spain took over morocco-1800s Morocco gain independence-1956 Man killed 17 people with bomb-2010 Man sentence death of the bombing-2011

  9. Animals,Plants,& Natural Resources The Acilius Duvergi that is an insect it can be found in Algeria,Italy and morocco. The Atlantic sawtail catshark is in the fish group it can be found in spain and morocco The bigeye tuna found in Africa America Morocco and Asia it is in the fish group

  10. Glossary Military : A synonym is army it is a royal armed forces like the US military. Age 20 and up to be moroccan soldier. Natural resources : a synonym is tools and Morocco tools a something helpful in nature. Obesity : a synonym is fat and it is being over weight and Morocco is 16.4% obesity Population : synonym is people number of people inhabiting the population is 32,52 million Area : a synonym is space any extent of space in history the Moroccans had to fight Spain to keep their area

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