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MOROCCO. B Y MARY DOHERTY. FACTS. Capital: Rabat Area:446,550 sq km Population:32,726,000 Language:Arabic,Berber,French,Spanish Currency:100 centimes. History.

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  • Capital: Rabat

  • Area:446,550 sq km

  • Population:32,726,000

  • Language:Arabic,Berber,French,Spanish

  • Currency:100 centimes


  • The Moors: In 711 an African army of Muslims known as Moors crossed from north Africa into Southern Spain. Spain had been ruled for 200 years by the Visigoths but the Visigoths were weak and the Moors defeated them. By 718 the Moors had conquered all of Spain exept the mountainous kingdom in the North of Spain


  • Most Africans live in villages and small towns. Despite this there are large cites all over the continent with more than 1 million inhabitants. One of them is Casablanca in Morocco. Morocco is beside Algeria and Mauritania. Morocco is in the Sahara desert.

The atlas mountains
The Atlas Mountains

  • The Atlas Mountains span across 3 countries Morocco

  • ,Algeria and Tunisia .

  • The highest point is jbeltoubkel 13,671 feet.

  • The Dorcas Gazelle

  • Dorcas Gazelle is the smallest of all Gazelles but also has the longest legs. A Dorcas Gazelle can go through its entire life without drinking water because it gets all it needs from the plants it eats.

Fennec fox
Fennec fox

Fennec Fox is the smallest of all Fox,s.It has big eyes and huge ears which they use to keep cool and listen out for food and predators it lives in a burrow and hunts in night. It lives in the Sahara desert.