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  2. MOROCCO • Morocco’s Suroundings

  3. MOROCCO what surrounded by morocco is Spain, Fez Meknes, Portugal, Casablanca, Rabat, Sahara desert

  4. The Mountains

  5. In Morocco I could see the western Sahara also big mountains like the high Atlas mountain there is also a strait gibraltar, two coastal enclaves, the Middle atlas and the high atlas have a Mount Toubkal north Africa’s highest peak at 13,671 feet, also I see medditeran sea Rif massif I see Rbia and ten sift rivers.

  6. What people got affected was hiv and aids. They got hiv because they don’t have brand new needles. There is no female nurses or female doctors. Also there area are dirty and their water.

  7. Moroccan languages

  8. In Morocco I heard many people talking different languages. They were speaking Arabic, French, and Tamazight. They practice learning the language of French because the French forced them to learn it.

  9. Morocco Food

  10. The most popular food is tagene, pastilla, seafood, and harissa. The arts are traditional music Eugene De La Croix painted in Morocco.

  11. In morocco they have a tree that gives them nuts that have oil that help there skin. The tree also helps morocco by keeping the desert away from morocco. the trees are like a barrier. It also gets people jobs. Mostly helps woman because in there culture woman are not allowed to work. It mostly effects woman who are single with kids because now they have a way to get money. And last the tree’s oil is being used for beauty products. And morocco is getting money from the beauty products.

  12. But morocco is helping the tree by not planting some trees of its own. Before people found out that the trees oil can be used for beauty products. It was almost extinct. But then they found out the oil could be used for beauty products and the it was saved.

  13. Morocco has many resources some of them are iron, fish, cobalt, manganese ,phosphates, lead, and zinc. Also Some of there exports: leather, woolen products, and phosphoric acid.

  14. Morocco has had a very bad history it included many wars and sicknesses. Morocco used to be ruled by France but then they had a war and morocco won

  15. Morocco

  16. Morocco is a very Fascinating country It has many unique Features and I hope It stays fascinating Singed, Manny and Osvaldo