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Sepak Takraw. Ryan Gordon.

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Sepak takraw


Ryan Gordon

Sepak takraw

SepakTakraw resembles a hybrid game of Soccer and Volleyball. Players use their feet, head, chest and knees, similar to soccer to launch a ball over a net, similar to volleyball. The game dates back to the 15th century in Malaysia, and is still played competitively today all around the world.


  • A match is played by two teams consisting of three players.

  • On each team there is one back player, who serves, and two front players, each taking their own side.

  • Each match must be officiated by a Match Referee, an Assistant Match Referee, a Court Referee, and 2 Linemen one each assisting the Match Referee and Assistant Match Referee respectively.

  • The side that serves first will serve three consecutive services, followed next by the other side which, then serves three consecutive services.

  • Service alternates every three scored points, regardless of who earns a point.

  • Any side who receives the first service of any set, will serve first in subsequent set.

  • At deuce, service alternates after every point.

  • After service, all players are allowed to move freely within their court.

  • A point is awarded when either the serving or receiving side make s fault.

  • A set is won when one side has earned 15 points with a lead of 2 points.

  • Matches can be play in sets of 3 or 5.


  • The server does not kick the ball on the service throw.

  • The player making the service throw plays with the ball after the call of score has been made.

  • Any inside player lifts his/her feet, steps on the lines or crosses over or touches the net while the ball is being thrown for the serve.

  • The ball touches his/her own player before crossing over the opponent court.

  • The server jumps off the ground to execute the serve.

  • The server steps on the service circle line before and during the service.

  • The ball goes over the net but out of bounds.

  • A player uses his/her hand or any other part of the arms to help in the execution of a kick.

  • The service ball thrower, throws the ball before the referee calls the score, for the second or subsequent time during a match.

  • Shouting at his/her opponent.

  • Any player touches the ball on the opponent side.

  • Any player’s body crosses over into the opponent’s court, except during the follow-through.

  • Playing the ball more than three times in succession.

  • The ball touches the ceiling, roof or wall.

The ball
The Ball

Some SepakTakraw balls are made from rattan, a type of palm leaves, woven together to create a spherical shape.

The ball must weigh between 170-180 g with a circumference of 42-44 cm for men, and a weight of 150-160 g and circumference of 43-45 cm for women.

Sepak takraw in action
SepakTakraw in Action

Click the picture for a video of awesome SepakTakraw play.