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Welcome to New Tutor Training

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Welcome to New Tutor Training. Friday January 10, 2014 8:00 am – 5:30 pm. 8:30 -9:00 am. Overview of Sanger Learning Center. We are a university-wide learning resource dedicated to students’ mastery of course content and development of transferable academic and professional skills.

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welcome to new tutor training

Welcome to New Tutor Training


January 10, 2014

8:00 am – 5:30 pm

overview of sanger learning center

8:30 -9:00 am

Overview of Sanger Learning Center

We are a university-wide learning resource dedicated to students’ mastery of course content and development of transferable academic and professional skills.

sanger learning center services
Study Effectiveness TipsSanger Learning Center Services

Course Content Help

Private Tutoring

Math/Science Drop-In Tutoring

Math Refresher Classes

Math Exam Reviews

Learning Specialist Appointments

Peer Academic Coaching (undergrads only)

Study Skills Workshops

Study Groups (PLUS)

slc classes and workshops
Study Strategies WorkshopsSLC Classes and Workshops

Math Refreshers and Reviews

Algebra Refresher

Trigonometry Refresher

Calculus Refresher for M 408L/S and for M 408D

Third Exam Reviews: M 305G, M 408K, M 408L

Final Exam Reviews: M 305G, M 408K/N, M 408L/S, M 408C, M 408D

Time and Procrastination

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Preparing for the GRE*

Surviving Finals 101

Choosing a Career (CSACC)

Resume Writing (CSACC)

Finding an Internship (CSACC)

Register for these free classes and workshops on our website.

outreach presentations
Outreach Presentations
  • Student organizations and faculty members can request interactive presentations on a variety of topics:
    • Service overview or service overview with tour
    • Learning topics include reading; study smarter, not harder; test taking; time and procrastination; transition from high school to college; and writing
    • Various career topics (CSACC)
course specific study groups
Course Specific Study Groups
  • Supplemental Instruction
    • Optional weekly discussion sections for students enrolled in historically difficult, large format courses
    • Not only helps students with course material, but also helps them develop the skills they need to become successful and self-sufficient students
    • American Studies, History, International Relations, Government, Classics, Religious Studies, Math, and Economics
  • Peer Led Undergraduate Studying
    • Provides peer-led study groups for a number of difficult, upper-division courses (biology, biochemistry, and government)
    • Students can attend any study group at any point in the semester to review for an exam, discuss confusing concepts, or work through practice problems.
    • Preceptors: student group leaders currently enrolled in the class who provide a collaborative group study experience


Ed Fernandez



Ed Fernandez



Grace Pratt




Pamela Way


Pamela Way

Approximately 220 Tutors,

Graduate Writing Consultants, Undergraduate Assistants, and Student Associates

hours of operation
Hours of Operation

Appointment Tutoring

Every day (Monday – Sunday)

Flexible between 7:00 am and 11:00 p.m.

(last appointment at 10:00 p.m.)

Drop-In Tutoring

Monday – Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Sunday, 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

(closed Saturdays)

dates programs are open at dit
Dates Programs are Open (AT & DIT)


01/13/2014 through 05/02/2014

(although you are not required to do so, you may post appointments during finals – through 05/13)


01/21/2014 – 05/02/2014

at process outline
AT Process Outline
  • Open your available appointment times online (set your own schedule).
  • When a student books one of your appointments, you will receive an email.
  • Show up for your session on time.
  • Tutor for one hour.
  • Go online and document the status of your session.


  • Notifications and Messages
after the session is booked
After the session is booked
  • Contact your tutee by phone or e-mail before the first session
  • Your tutoring sessions must take place in the Sanger Learning Center (SLC) tutoring tables*
tutor expectations
Tutor Expectations
  • If you can’t make your session, you must let your tutee know 24 hours before the appointment (otherwise you are expected to keep the appointment).
  • If you have an emergency, let me AND your tutee know as soon as possible.
  • Only the tutee can cancel the session online.
  • Failure to show to a tutoring appointment will result in disciplinary action.
if you re a no show
If you’re a no-show…
  • Tutees should wait 15 minutes for their tutors.
  • Tutees will document you as a no-show, which generates a notification to you and TS administrator.
  • You must contact Ed within 24 hours of the notification – no exception.
  • If your tutee does not mark you as a no-show, LET ME KNOW so that I can do so.

Tutee Expectations

  • Tutees must provide 24-hour ONLINE notification to cancel.
  • If a tutee fails to show, he/she must pay for the appointment.
  • Neither you nor the tutee can arrange for a missed session to be documented as completed – this may result in your termination.
what if the tutee is a no show
What if the tutee is a “no-show”?
  • Wait 15 minutes (not 14!) for your tutee.
  • Leave a polite, professional note for your tutee on the Tutor Message Board.
  • You will still be paid for the session – but you must stick around for the entire hour.
  • Document the no-show online – NO EXCEPTIONS!
program reprimands
Program Reprimands

Following the policies and procedures for Tutorial Services is essential. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in reprimands:

1st missed session = verbal reprimand

2nd missed session = written reprimand

3rd missed session = termination

(within the same semester)

dit process outline
DIT Process Outline
  • About half of you will work in DIT.
  • If you work in DIT, you will have a regular weekly schedule (ex: T & Th 1-3 pm).
  • Show up for your shift on time, log in.
  • Help students who have questions.
  • Stay for your entire shift, log out.

DIT Layout (JES 315)







front desk




dit shift obligations
DIT - Shift Obligations
  • Tardiness policy
    • After 3 incidences your work history for the semester will be reviewed and you may face disciplinary action.
  • Absence policy
    • After 2 incidences your work history for the semester will be reviewed and you may face disciplinary action.
working in dit
Working in DIT
  • Work with other tutors, not beside
  • Talk with other tutors
  • Talk with TS team staff
dit question queue
DIT Question Queue
  • Students receive a “pin and chip” set when they log in
  • Students place the chip next to them on the table
  • When a student has a question, that student’s pin goes on the rod below all other pins
  • Tutors always take the top pin (highest in the queue) and find the student with that number
  • Tutors return the pin to the student when the question is finished
  • Students return their pin and chip set when they log out
dit table management
DIT Table Management
  • 3 to 5 minutes is an estimate for assisting a single student
  • You can stretch that time (5-7 minutes) when traffic is low or you are helping more than one student at a time
  • Sometimes it is beneficial to ask a whole table “would anyone else here like some help on problem #14?”
  • Always move from one table to another by some pattern
  • Use the whiteboard when it’s convenient, but erase your work or ask the students to erase it when they’re done
when you get stuck and you will
When you get stuck (and you will)
  • Feel free to stop and ask another tutor but always tell the student “give me just a minute and I’ll be right back to you”.
  • Ask another tutor, but please no table assignments: “Jay, go help that student”
  • When you get stuck and another tutor helps, watch that tutor’s explanation
resources in dit for all tutors
Resources in DIT for all Tutors
  • Textbooks, calculators, rulers and molecular model sets are located behind the DIT front desk, available to be checked out.
    • Tutors can take them to their AT sessions.
    • Students must use them in DIT
  • The computer on the outside of the DIT front desk is available when you are in a bind (Wolfram Alpha, etc.)
  • Students may access a public computer located behind the DIT reception desk
if you are running late
If you are running late…
  • You must notify us and let us know how many minutes late you will be, either:
    • By Phone: Call the DIT front desk (512-475-8719) and leave a message with the receptionist who answers the phone.
    • OR –
    • By Email: Send an email to p.way@austin.utexas.edu and explain when you expect to arrive.

(This does not clear your tardiness from the record)

if you cannot make a dit shift
If you cannot make a DIT shift …
  • YOU are responsible for finding someone to cover your shift.
  • Ask for coverage at least 72 hours before your shift starts.
  • Use the interface on MyUGS to request coverage (DIT Shift Covers)
dit availability schedule submission
DIT Availability Schedule Submission
  • You must submit a DIT availability schedule if you tutor any of the following courses:

M 408C, M 408D, M 408K, M 408L

PHY 301, PHY316, PHY 303K, PHY 303L

CH 301, CH 302

  • Schedule submission is done through MyUGS. You’ll soon get an invitation to submit your schedule and instructions for doing so.
  • Deadline for submission is Thursday, January 16th
dit important dates
DIT Important Dates

01/10 – DIT availability schedule opens

01/16 – last official add/drop day

01/16 – availability schedule due

01/18th or 19th – DIT schedule posted

01/21 – DIT opens

05/02 – last day for DIT/last class day

conflicts dit availability at postings
Conflicts: DIT Availability – AT postings

Review the times you have submitted for DIT

availability carefully before opening appointments.

Do NOT overlap your DIT available times with

appointment tutoring times/sessions.



11:00 am - noon

Starting the Session: setting up your sessionEstablishing rapport Getting contextual information about your student Establishing expectationsSetting the agenda


12:00-1:00 pm

When you return from lunch, sit at a different table


1:00-1:50 pm


Breaking the task into parts

Assessing prior knowledge


Explaining content

Checking for understanding


1:50 – 2:00 pm

Everyone Switch Tables!


2:00 – 3:15 pm


Checking for understanding (general)

Planning completion of work with student

Arranging and planning the next session

Ending on a positive note

work schedules
Work Schedules
  • Required to be available 10 hours each week
  • Not guaranteed 10 hours each week
  • Work hours = AT hours + DIT hours
  • Must work a minimum of 3 hours in AT
  • “Total work load” (# hours worked on campus + class hours) cannot exceed 39 hours per week between classes and work (International students = 20)
  • Undergraduates cannot work more than 20 hours in any given week
what courses can i tutor
What courses can I tutor?

Of the courses we offer, you may tutor only those

(or their equivalents) in which you have earned a

grade of at least a B

If you’d like to change (add/delete) the courses you

appointment tutor, please make the request to Ed in


For a list of courses we tutor, see the SLC section of the

UGS website.

hours of operation1
Hours of Operation

Appointment Tutoring

Flexible between 7:00 am and 11:00 p.m.

(last appointment at 10:00 p.m.)

Drop-In Tutoring

Monday – Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m

Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Sunday, 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m

(closed Saturdays)


You cannot work for another tutoring service, or as an independent contract tutor, for any course for which the Sanger Center provides tutoring.

You can work off campus should you choose to do so, but you need to notify us in writing.


Confidentiality is crucial

  • Do not discuss your student – work or personal - with others
  • Do not make negative comments about professors or TAs (or other tutors)

If there is a student situation you would like to discuss, please visit with one of the TS administrators.

going beyond tutoring
Going beyond tutoring

You may sometimes feel that a tutee’s problems go beyond academic content…

Please refer this student to the SLC main office for appropriate services.

yippee it s payday
Yippee! It’s payday!
  • Payroll cutoff is usually on the 15th and the last day of the month at midnight
  • You will get paid about 7 business days later
  • You must first create and then certify both your AT and DIT time sheets online in order to get paid.
  • Document your session within 24 hours.
  • All sessions must be documented in the payroll period in which they occur.
  • Go paperless and select direct deposit.
  • Questions? Just ask us.
tutor mailroom
Tutor Mailroom
  • Tutor mailboxes are located in the tutor office in JES A312.
  • There is also a computer and printer there for your tutoring-related work use only.
  • Announcements, paystubs, SA info, etc. will be placed in your mailbox.
  • Check your mailbox at least once a week.
the self assessment process
The Self-Assessment Process
  • In their first semester, new tutors complete a self-assessment process (SA).
  • The SA process starts Monday, February 3rd
  • SAs not completed by February 28th may result in termination.
  • In addition, Tutee assessment offers you another perspective from which to assess your skills
crla certification
CRLA Certification
  • College Reading & Learning Association
  • Levels of CRLA certification:

* Adjustments to Levels and Pay Rates are made only at the beginning of each long


** Grad student pay rates are $2.00/hour higher than those listed above

ongoing training
Ongoing Training
  • Ongoing professional development is offered through several campus venues.
  • We have a tutor Facebook page – send Pam an email to ask to join.
  • We have a blog: http://blogs.utexas.edu/ugs-slc/

You may attend these events or participate in the social media platforms to earn CRLA certification hours and pay increases.

who to see for what
Who to see for what:
  • Employment documentation – Chan Phan

(paycheck profile, I-9, SSN, etc.)

  • Change to courses tutored – Ed or Pam
  • CRLA certification/Self Assessment – Grace
  • Payroll issues – Ed (AT) or Pam (DIT)
  • Student issues – any TS staff
  • Complaints – any TS staff
next steps for at
Next Steps for AT
  • Log on and confirm your information on MyUGS database (e.g., courses tutored, email address, etc.). Also, review the various features on MyUGS.
  • When all your employment paperwork is complete, you will be able to begin posting sessions.
  • Questions? ASK!
next steps for dit
Next Steps for DIT
  • Pam will notify you to submit your DIT Availability Schedule
    • Schedule submissions due by Thursday, 01/16 
    • Schedule posted on Saturday or Sunday (you will be send email notification)
    • Schedule begins Monday, 01/20

(runs through last class day, 05/02