jordan approach to sesame
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JORDAN APPROACH TO SESAME. MAHMOUD AL-KOFAHI Dean/ Faculty of Science Al-Balqa Applied University Al-Salt 19117, JORDAN. JSPS’02 Oct. 24, 2002. Talk Outline. Jordan: Quick Introduction Science & Technology Institutes Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) Physics Research in Jordan

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jordan approach to sesame



Dean/ Faculty of Science

Al-Balqa Applied University

Al-Salt 19117, JORDAN.

JSPS’02 Oct. 24, 2002

talk outline
Talk Outline
  • Jordan: Quick Introduction
  • Science & Technology Institutes
  • Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU)
  • Physics Research in Jordan
  • A Jordanian Approach to SESAME
  • Action Plan

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

jordan a quick introduction
Jordan: A Quick Introduction
  • Population: About 5.25 Millions
  • The land of Jordan has been, for eight millenniums, a center of civilization. The great wealth of history and culture appears all over the country.
  • The famous historic sites are; Wadi Rum, Petra the capital of the Nabataean Arabs, Jerash, Rabad, Azrak, and Ma'an.
  • Jordan climate is as diverse as its scenery. Mountains on the West, and desert on the East make Jordan's climate year-round pleasant.
  • Arabic is the official language. English is the second language and is spoken throughout the country.

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

science technology institutes
Science & Technology Institutes
  • Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research
  • Higher Council for Science & Technology
  • Royal Scientific Society
  • 8 State Universities
  • 11 Private Universities

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

number of scientists in the faculties of science in the state universities

University of Jordan

Yarmouk University

Jordan University of Science & Tech.

Mu’tah University

Al al-Bayt University

Hashemite University

Al-Husein University

Al-Balqa Applied University












Number of Scientists in the Faculties of Science in the State Universities

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

al balqa applied university bau
Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU)
  • Has 6 Faculties in the Main Campus at Al-Salt
  • Administers 16 University Colleges off Campus

Including Princess Rahma University College at ALLAN (SESAME Selected Site)

  • Supervises 7 Government Colleges
  • Supervises 10 Technical Armed Force Colleges
  • Supervises 18 Private Community Colleges

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

physics research in jordanian state universities
Physics Research in Jordanian State Universities

Main Fields

  • Material Science
  • Archeology
  • Life Sciences
  • Environmental Research
  • Magnetic Properties (Ferrofluids)
  • Mossbauer Spectroscopy
  • Ion Implantation
  • Nuclear Physics

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

Historical facts
  • Suggestion by H. Winick (Sept. 1997) that components of BESSY I be offered as a gift to the Middle East
  • First discussion in Nov. 1997 between G. Voss, M. Al-Kofahi and S. Mahmood in Torino, Italy.
  • Design discussions started by G. Voss and H. Winick (Nov 97)
  • Consultative Meeting called by UNESCO (June 1999) results in the formation of SESAME IC with 9 members and with H. Schopper as Chair.
  • SESAME name was invented by H. Winick at a Meeting in Berlin in Aug. 1999 & Design works afterward resulted in the Green Book
  • His Majesty King Abdullah II offered to host SESAME in Jordan during a Meeting with H. Schopper, K. Toukan, I. Khubeis and M. Iaccarino (2000).
  • Competition for site among 7 countries in Middle East resulted in a decision by IC to locate SESAME in Jordan (2001).


M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

approach to sesame
Approach to SESAME

Status Ante SESAME

  • No SR Research at any Jordanian Institution YET.
  • But XRF & XRD are used in research in many Universities in Jordan, like:

University of Jordan, Amman

Yarmouk University, Irbid

Hashemite University, Zarka.

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

jordanian action plan slide 1
Jordanian Action Plan: Slide 1

1- Form a Jordanian SR Group:

  • Scientists from Various Institutions
  • Graduate Students

2- Define Common Fields of Interest:

  • Material Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Archeology & Human Heritage

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

jordanian action plan slide 2
Jordanian Action Plan: Slide 2

3- Start Training in SR Facilities In Other Places:

  • Short Visits for Scientists (3-6 Months)
  • Work for a degree for Students (1-3 Years)

4- Do Our Part in SESAME When Time Comes:

  • Use SR in Research
  • Be a capable host country
  • Provide help to others who may need it.

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02

end of talk
End of Talk



I’d like to acknowledge fruitful discussions with N. Ershaidat and assistance from S. Kassaymeh in preparing the maps.

M. Al-Kofahi, JSPS'02