Data analysis document status for lisa pathfinder
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Data Analysis Document Status for LISA Pathfinder. N. Tateo 20/02/2007. Current status. The current status of document writing is consistent with the LTP Science Implementation Plan (SIP):. Time planning. The time planning is similarly consistent:. DA Requirement Document.

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Data analysis document status for lisa pathfinder

Data AnalysisDocument Statusfor LISA Pathfinder

N. Tateo


Current status
Current status

The current status of document writingis consistent with theLTP Science Implementation Plan (SIP):

Time planning
Time planning

The time planning is

similarly consistent:

Da requirement document
DA Requirement Document

The DA Requirement Document has been delivered (Iss.1.0).

Latest evolvement in DA, including consequences of previous meetings,can be implemented in a revised issue.

Da design document
DA Design Document

The DA Design Document,not issued yet, is ready and contains the S/W architecture as stated in the LTP SIP.

It’s a review of the DA topics discussed so far, plus the definition of science data channels to be analyzed.

Da design document1
Da Design Document

While it contains a preliminary definition ofthe Quick-Look Analysis tool (QLA) andthe definition of the GUI to be implemented,

it’s still lacking the summary elements description,i.e. the concise and defined examination of algorithmsand functions to be enclosed into each package.

This part is now intended to be included in the“Software Requirement Document”.

How many documents
How many documents?

In the latest meetings and following communications different documents were mentioned:

  • User Requirement Document (URD).

  • Software Requirement Document (SRD).

  • Implementation Plan (IP).

  • Architecture Document (AD).

    Given that the DA Architecture is already covered bythe DA Design Document, remains to be clarifiedthe content of the AD.

User requirement document
User Requirement Document

About the URD, the LISA Pathfinder Science Implementation Plan (LPF SIP) states:

Is there another URD?

Software requirement document
Software Requirement Document

It’s also stated that the Operations Scientist (ESA) willsupport the writing of Software Requirement Document:

Software requirement document1
Software Requirement Document

Supporting who?The definition of the necessary tools to be developed,now intended to converge in the SRD,according to the LPF SIP should be issuedby the Project Scientist:

What kind of “inputs from the LTP PI Team”?

Software requirement document2
Software Requirement Document

In the LPF SIP there is also:

What exactly are the “STOC Work Packages”?

Implementation plan
Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan (IP) should describe“how, by whom and when this S/W developmentis going to take place”.

Who’s responsible for its writing,and by when it’s intended to be delivered?

Questions to be solved
Questions to be solved

  • What kind of document, and which contents mustprecisely have the Software Requirement Document?

  • Who’s going to write the summary analysis elements description, i.e. the precise definition of sub-functions and algorithms to be included in each package?

  • If the SRD is responsibility of ESA “with inputs from LTP PI Team”, which kind of inputs?

  • By when is intended to be delivered the SRD?

Questions to be solved1
Questions to be solved

  • The Implementation Plan must be a standalone document, or can be incorporated into the DA Design Document? And the Architecture Document?

  • By when are to be delivered the IP and the AD?

  • How to distribute the future work, among actual analysis functions programming and document writing?

  • The last mail (Texier, 09/02/2007) noted that“the URD is already in good shape”, against what stated by the LPF SIP (“no URD will be written”).